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Italian guy who wants to share his passion for slapping the BASS.

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10:01These North Korean Bassists Need to be STOPPED
Goodbye.Ogledi 994 tis.Pred 2 dnevi
0:34bass solo that got my stepsister stuck
bass solo that got my stepsister stuckOgledi 609 tis.Pred 8 dnevi
‎‎Ogledi 785 tis.Pred 8 dnevi
8:56Cat Plays The Bass Guitar
Cat Plays The Bass GuitarOgledi 706 tis.Pred 15 dnevi
2:40One SLAP Man
One SLAP ManOgledi 983 tis.Pred 15 dnevi
9:39These TikTok Bassists Need to be STOPPED
These TikTok Bassists Need to be STOPPEDOgledi 1,8 mio.Pred 29 dnevi
0:30so uh basically...
so uh basically...Ogledi 793 tis.Pred mesecem
10:30This Has Gone Too Far
This Has Gone Too FarOgledi 775 tis.Pred mesecem
3:15Balding Lights (Official Video)
Balding Lights (Official Video)Ogledi 2,1 mio.Pred mesecem
7:38Bald Pianist TROLLS Strangers on Omegle
Bald Pianist TROLLS Strangers on OmegleOgledi 838 tis.Pred mesecem
1:04what's this bass line?
what's this bass line?Ogledi 745 tis.Pred mesecem
3:36i play the synth for the first time EVER
i play the synth for the first time EVEROgledi 971 tis.Pred mesecem
10:00so... this happened...
so... this happened...Ogledi 2 mio.Pred mesecem
4:01bass guy VS bald guy
bass guy VS bald guyOgledi 3,1 mio.Pred mesecem
10:27only 0.00000000000001% can play this
only 0.00000000000001% can play thisOgledi 914 tis.Pred 2 meseci
8:37I Speak with my Real Voice
I Speak with my Real VoiceOgledi 1,1 mio.Pred 2 meseci
9:48Why Is He Playing BASS Like THIS??
Why Is He Playing BASS Like THIS??Ogledi 842 tis.Pred 2 meseci
3:40Demon Slayer but it's on BASS
Demon Slayer but it's on BASSOgledi 1,2 mio.Pred 2 meseci
10:10I Speak Normally For The First Time EVER
I Speak Normally For The First Time EVEROgledi 3,6 mio.Pred 2 meseci
2:14send this to your crush (1000% SUCCESS RATE)
9:55They Said She's the BEST BASSIST IN THE WORLD...
10:01I Paid Celebrities To Say THIS about Bass...
9:50Donating to Streamers ONLY if they do THIS...


  • Germany could be fun

  • Germany! <3

  • i am not a slapper but i am a guitarist.that is cooler than a bassist like davie 504

  • irannnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  • 존나 다 어딘가 꽉꽉 막힌느낌이냐 시벌

  • mfw 50% of North Korean viewers are subscribed to davie504

  • INDIA..

  • “Epic dance moves” 🤣

  • Thedooo won that battle for sure but to be honest really how u did the editing and stuff it looked like u were both just making a guitar and bass song like are u sure that was a battle and not a musical guitar and bass song

  • Indonesian, davie Help up this country

  • Davie addicted to Bass

  • Morocco

  • Please do Brazil!!!

  • Bangladesh

  • React to malaysian bassist

  • Malaysia

  • Oh, so that' the so called "asiana level"

  • Philippines

  • Philippines

  • Philippines 😞😞😞😊

  • Next india

  • Philippines 😆

  • Philippines🇵🇭

  • sir i am a big fan of yours from bangladesh and plz make a video on this

  • S L A P P

  • Switzerland?


  • 🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵Nepal 🇳🇵♥❤💖

  • In this comment section . I am looking for North Korea ppl comments.......

  • twomad!!!

  • United States of Brazil

  • *A hen is not a cock..., and the hen played by pecking on the lights that are embedded into the keys on that beginner's keyboard, which light up in sequence to assist beginner keyboardists...*

  • *A hen is not a cock..., and the hen played by pecking on the lights that are embedded into the keys on that beginner's keyboard, which light up in sequence to assist beginner keyboardists...*

  • Davie, you should do Australia next.


  • will be cool if u will do video about Ukrainian bassists, a never saw good bassists in my country.

  • 4:29 Davie504.exe has stopped working... Click "Fix" to fix error.

  • Portugal has BASS

  • Italia!

  • I think next country Most be Russia

  • Is there david can you check our country phillipines i know we have many bass player here

  • yo davie watch french bassist

  • Davie504 사랑해요!

  • UK x

  • 🤎

  • Vatican City... I want to see a cardinal play bass

  • If you become the only bassist in the world, then you will have no challenge and you will end up bored. Just like Yujiro Hanma in Baki.


  • USA

  • I slapped like before the video started. can I get a trophy?

  • Davie you should review Bangladeshi bassists! You won't be dissapointed sure

  • Common people in north korea doesn't have access for any media outside their country. So congrats davie. Kim jong un has watched your video!

  • I love to see Davie504 reacting to Zild Benitez one more time so Philippines pleaaase 😭

  • Bass is too op

  • INDIA.... Big fan bro ❤️❤️❤️🔥

  • Bass = Be arround supreme slappers ?

  • B A S S

  • No 1 fan in phillipines me

  • i am from czech but i know english pretty well and i think in english most of the time

  • Germany

  • Fun Fact: the videos are of South Korean people but mislabelled to North Korean

  • India please

  • u suck at basss ;) OMG !

  • Bassc/dc

  • Review Sri Lanka plz

  • No therapy moment?

  • Russia Nikita Marchenko

  • You should review Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Any Bngladeshi fans? 🥺

  • Only one person from North Korea subscribe Davie504, u must know who that guy is Davie. He’s watching u... call the police.

  • Ei thats a good anime too davie you should check it out.


  • Philippines!!!!!!!

  • Genuinely terrifying watching children play that well on full size instruments while synchronising head movement and staring at camera with a smile.

  • 북조선은 유튜브가 안될듯~ ^^;;

  • 4:45 I don't know I'm expecting some epic sax player sudden appearance

  • 1 subscriber from North Korea OMG 👋

  • Wakanda next

  • Next, another country. :D

  • Next, another country. :D