I Draw My Life... (Childhood Reveal)

Objavljeno 8. jun. 2020
My Childhood Reveal, life & More.
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0:00 EPIC Intro
0:35 Childhood Reveal
6:22 Discovering BASS
9:15 Tough Choices
10:00 SLnumber & Life
12:00 Today
13:04 Next EPIC Reveals
14:11 OMG

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  • epic drawing skills reveal...

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  • Epic.. I will suggest that your strength's might come from something called Asperger's ... look into it if you haven't..

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  • "Reacting with OTHER girls"?

  • What you always saw as "flaws" where the exact tools needed for success. It pains me that people judge each other and treat each other badly because they may seem a bit different . But lets be honest the some what different people are most often the pioneers of our our society. Thanx for all you do Davie I have immense respect for you!

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  • "We all really loved our cat i love cats but since that day we never had another cat the pain of losing him was too strong and we didnt want to experience it again" I can agree but also once u have a pet, u just basically cant live without pets, it just feels, different. noone is there to accompany you when you're sad and stuff I had a cat for like 4 - 5 years and we lost him because we had to move to another house and he didnt want to come. It was one of my worst decision ever to leave my cat in the old house. at the new house my family found a new group of cats (containing 3 cats) and sadly after arround 2 - 2.5 years one of the cat just went missing. didnt have any death news, we asked the whole neighborhood to find the cat, none of them found the cat. and after about 2 - 3 months another cat (the most loved one [we all loved all 3 fairly but this one is just in our opinion the cutest]) also went missing, the pain is still in our hearts and theres still 1 cat and we are trying our best to not lose him.

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  • the saddest story ever.

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  • Hey Davie.. just know that each of us have had our struggles on our path to where we are going... some find themselves, and others keep trying. It’s beautiful to see how you’ve flourished and overcome. Love ya man, keep Slappin the [B]ASS, and I’ll keep watching and slappin like dude. Epico.

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