This Is The Only Bassline I CANNOT Play...

Objavljeno 22. mar. 2020
Attempting to play some of the hardest basslines and bass solos on the internet... Will I succeed?!
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Bass solos I reacted to:

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  • What was your favorite *bass* solo??? leave a comment *NOW* and *SLAP like* Do it now

    • Play a bangla song with base. I challenge you... You can't do it @davie504

    • 4

    • My favourite bass solo is the one you put your hair back on

    • 8:51 that was sick.

    • Im from philippines "gwapo si davie" = "davie is handsome"

  • I'm in the Philippines Idol hehe, Nice video idol hehehe

  • Dirty Loops.

  • D is off THE RAILS on this one!!!!! Whoa, Whoa, Wa, Was.......👍👑

  • Amazing

  • I am a filipino bakit kasi kaylangan mong malaman

  • Oh yeaj

  • Cooooo

  • nice

  • Lol have these people not seen him playing both the accompaniment and melody of giornos theme?

  • Big law

  • slap on Philippines yeah!!!

  • hi Davi504 can you tell me your mail so that i can send you a bass solo you would'nt be able to play

  • Where do I find the video at 2:34?

  • there is a group called "El Trio de Hoy" and the bass player is pritty awesome.

  • I hope i can modify my sampan become a Bass..

  • Ito, nag-like at comment na 'ko.

  • He really is a king of base🤩

  • my favorite davie video

  • Nice haha iv of spades

  • 🅱️ASS

  • Him flipping us off is his only way at getting back at us for playing a copyrighted song lol

  • Idol

  • 0:51

  • 0.:51

  • Hi Davie, The only one you didn't provide the link to, is the guy with the guitar strings, could you tell me who he is please. Thanks a lot. Simon

  • min 8:51

  • not from PI

  • It's the law! to leave a comment if you are from the Philippines!

  • Which hand is harder to handle playing bass, left or right?

  • i’m from filifins

  • OH m g...EPIC!

  • epic

  • Well im late to this shindig it more fun in the philippines

  • try this guy Meshuggah - Combustion by Martin Rygiel

  • nice

  • We think he’s an average player but sheesh... he really is POGgers.

  • 🇵🇭💜

  • try to challenge john myung.....??? ahahhaha

  • 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭 Rock on bro!

  • Davie Sakalam ❤️

  • Ahah you're a good bass player, but most of it you'are hilarious, I like this kind of dark humour :D "slap like"

  • In football, a Davie504 is called a Zlatan !

  • Sup

  • lary graham is the goat!! 😍😍😍

  • I'm in philippines hhahahah

  • Really like that last one

  • Comment anyway

  • I liked your version of solo 2 but really solo 2 was more staccato. Solo 3 the guitar strings scared you. 5 also was more crisp than how you played. 6 the five strings scared you. 8 the pick power scared you.

  • You should play peter hook from new order

  • Awesome man! lol

  • Oke

  • Play close to the edge by yes

  • I can’t believe David just showed up Joe Dart , imma cry

  • Philippines.

  • You missed a note.

  • I have seen your videos for three months and I would like to know why are you talking like that?

  • 8:13

  • hey davie give me a bass..and teach me how play it..:-)

  • 8:13 it’s to remind myself of this epic bass

  • its da law

  • Yea

  • I had my 3yo listen to the solo at 4:17 and he looked up at me and said, "Is he slapping that bass?". I kid you not. I'm so proud right now...

  • Congrats you have summoned the Filipinos 👏👏

  • Abraham Laboriel si the best

  • I'm from Philippines , your the bass god😍❤️

  • Surprised I didn’t see any jaco

  • Wooten’s solo was the best - true mastery in his playing. waa. Julia’s was a wonderful second. you are right - it was just about perfection. She gets better and better, too. The only thing you didn’t nail on the Wooten solo was his incredible use of dynamics. You’re forgiven, tho. You are still a young slapper. You will mature. Just keep practicing.

  • Did Davie504 rip off AVGN's intro song?

  • Plot twist: he just copied all the base solo’s from the video and pasted them over his audio.

  • Dudes weird af

  • Flea, fo sho!

  • buy me a bass hahahahahaha

  • Buy me a bass, i liked and subbd :D

  • Wtf... even he's having some haters? Why?? Dàmn.. whyyy?

  • Да пожалуйста, мне не жалко, вот комментарий, если так нужно.

  • Pinoy here😤

  • I wondered if Davie had ever seen Julia. Randomly found this one.

  • excelent my brother from chile congratulations i follow you now

  • Silvester stalone???!!


  • Does he ever played cliff burton's solo in For whom the bell tolls?

  • i like bass solo with the pick!!! WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT DAVIE?

  • From the Philippines here

  • If I do it on piano are you sure you can do it


  • Im from phillipines 🇵🇭 can i get some of your bass lodi DAVIE 504?

  • Bass god. Smacka dat sub button people. This man is damn good

  • 🇵🇭

  • Davie was feelin that Vic Wooten solo... Should have kept going!

  • Zild Benitez

  • A fan here from the pinas

  • 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  • When he see unusual bass he ignore it dont do it bro

  • Ahhh zilds bass solo

  • ...that was a great slap festival. You're a master of the bass-and you're an excellent comedian....CHAPEAU!

  • Well, I'm Filipino, so since you threatened me with a gun, here's your comment


  • You're so great Davie I love your videos💓

  • Nawng igit pero idol gihapon haha