only 0.00000000000001% can play this

Objavljeno 15. mar. 2021
Reacting to the hardest & most impossible bassline in existence...
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  • only 0.0000000000000001% can slap like on this video & subscribe... give it a try

    • Ciao sono italiano e ti seguo dalle origini

    • S L A P P E D

    • Thry playing crossroads robert j.

    • I challenge you to play a Rabindra Sangeet in bass.

    • Just ignore the guy above me 👆 It’s probably a scammer

  • I'm dead when he said big black fluid

  • Tripple carmera guy version 2 at time 6:37 lol

  • Whats up slappers!

  • Try & check-mate Dr. Funk :-)

  • Davie is the only bald person on this planet that can play it perfect. 5:35

  • Haha! This was very entertaining!

  • Your good AND you are FUNNY

  • Hey Davie504 why don't you form a band?

  • The first 45 seconds I feel like I am tripping

  • When music becomes a sport without any feeling whatsoever !

  • 5:18 LMAO!

  • im actually interested in playing chess with you!

  • O canal mais divertido do SLnumber Você italiano como eu e é perfeito, mas não tanto quanto eu, errou 0,01 milissegundos aqui e aqui kkk

  • My hardest Baseline really? as in BASE?

  • Hahaha bro this chanel is funny

  • there is a misscalculation 1/ x 100 isn t equal to what davie write

  • That was hilarious and great bass playing!

  • Fracture by king crimson?

  • 4:16 "What Slap?"

  • love the bass- love davie504- a great bass player- musician- comedian!!

  • Hilarious! Thanks for making my day more enjoyable and to all the contributions on a rather hard piece to play.

  • Bro, I used to play the piano, but now it's my dark past, thank you for show me that way of bass, that way of the true power

  • Nobody: The guy at 8:48: I'm gonna end this man's whole career

  • Thry playing crossroads robert j. Bass style

  • Sorry, the percentage is wrong. It would be 1 in a 100.000 trillion persons, which don't exist yet.

  • I liked the dude with the rat on the wall, thought it was very smooth even tho he may have missed a note/technique, just another opinion.

  • 5:34 SPEED UUUUUP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nice

  • No hacks allowed

  • Where your thumb go? In thumnail

  • i feel these videos are OverEdited these days

  • What is that hand drum thingy the one guy uses??

  • The last bassist was not a bassist :P

  • OMG I just understood that I need to give U a slap in the end in sync))) Goddamn... that was sooooo cool man. soooo cool

  • Sounds like Super Mario soundtrack :v

  • Me: Gets guitar tricks ad Davie: Slap the skip button

  • @Davie 504 please keep on diong this, you are just so amazing!!!! really loveyour videos :) usuallly I play guitar but just went on and bought a bass so I can checkmate you in the next live :D :D :D

  • I can't stop laughing at the intro


  • epico

  • This guy is possessed.

  • You made me laugh.

  • Slap like now!

  • Impressed. Humbled. Slapped. Subbed. Inspired.

  • You% can't spell...Bassline - NOT baseline

  • How could you hear a phone call with headphones on your ear really Davie?


  • baldi >:(

  • If there's ever a vote on who is the most annoying person on SLnumber, you will win in a landslide

  • 0.00000000000001% of 7.7 billion is a little more than seven-thousandths of one person, so not even one finger...

  • 1:29

  • Remco's Groove Lab , this youtube profile can~

  • my favourite bassist was and is u. 2 years ago i discovered u and one year ago i saw that we are both born on 5th april and that told me that i should buy a bass and start to learn it. for 1 year i played it every day but i still can't slap. PLS MAKE A TUTORIAL INTITULATED "how to slap the bass like a pro".

  • These videos are brilliant/genius...

  • No there are 8 billion people living on earth

  • Бруно ты ли это?))

  • ireally like how you got this dude ,#2 , to focus and concentrate.1:47 That means your right about its a tough bassline

  • Modulus players UNITE!

  • 2:04 Davie's "mhm"

  • 1:31 c0ck btw

  • 0.0000000000000001% of earths population (about 8 billion) is 1/80,000,000 of one human. So tell us, which part of your body has the skills.

  • How do you zoom in and out of your face while recording video?

  • The thumbnail: what are you doing step bass

  • 9:04 Approved'nt

  • Actually, it’s 0.0000000001% Or (to be more specific) 0.000000000128205% and diminishing per second. 👊🤓

  • I "slapped" that subscribe and like button!

  • I am GM so i don’t think i can get checkmated by Davie

  • I did slap subscribe.

  • i played this bassline..... on youtube...

  • Expensive bass guy wins

  • Does anyone know what kind of drum controller the guy in video #3 is using (or the name of his channel)? I can't quite read the name on the top... looks like Rambo?!?!?!

  • Love the humor on this XD Your favorite was also my favorite. He nailed it.

  • you shall not laugh

  • am i the only one who thinks he sound like levi

  • 👏

  • Stay funky bros :D

  • This guy is so fun hahahahahaah !!!!!!!!!!

  • imagine if all humans died and this is the only proof that we existed..

    • @jonafumin yes

    • Oh hey it's the guy who won't leave my recommendeds

  • I want the bass that the Expensive Bass Guy is using.. IT IS SEHKSY!!!

  • Ok you are just the Bassplayer .... but for an Bassplayer pretty funny :)

  • you really going to make me buy a bass and try to SLAP your neighbour from france

  • I'm illegal for years watching and not subscribing! Not anymore Davie504, checkmate

  • Meh,do he know 0.0000001 is how much person?

  • Only 0.00000000000001% can give mokkai to others

  • Mom 2021 isn’t bad 2021: someone made Davie think that there’s is better

  • 5:23 hmmmmmmm

  • О! неожидал что москвин тоже учавствует))

  • Me only playing bass for 4 weeks: HOW DF ARE THEY DOING THIIIIIS???!!! O________O

  • Tem algum BR no vídeo?

  • The thumbnail

  • Wait, this guy has hair. False advertising

  • best blowing job award

  • Davieee can you play careless whisper like marcelo feldman The bass wizard 🙂

  • He smileeeeed

  • Give that dog a second chance!

  • This guy is so annoying but I can’t stop whatching him I swear 😭🤣

  • Did someone see the OMG at 10:24 ?

  • "send that bass and i will make you the winner" LMAO ahahaha

  • One millisencond! Terrible mistake! LOL! :D