These Pianists Said I Couldn't Play This on Bass.. So I Played It

Objavljeno 19. mar. 2021
These pianists challenged me to play these piano parts on bass... they thought I couldn't but...
Joe Jenkins:
Daniel Thrasher:
Mattias Krantz:
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  • *checkm8*

  • i love your videos but i just want to say this i play piano and bass and my hands are fine i know that saying that piansts cant play bass is a joke you can play any insterment you want idf you put time in it i love this youtuber and i know he was joking no hate i just wante to say

  • Bass!

  • Bass!

  • Alright, I might be the only one who cared, but here 1:36 , he showed Jotaro instead of Giorno

  • In a word, "bass."

  • The piano wars, begun they have

  • 🅱ASS Supremacía

  • Loved the river flows in you bass. Just wow.

  • I bet you can't play in front of more than 50000 people in a stadium

  • damn bass river flows in you sounds so sick

  • I’m a huge fan of both but I admit that sounds incredible!

  • 1:36 Patrick. That's Jotaro

  • I will take an 808 over a piano

  • Davie can you play piano

  • Bass sounds 100x better

  • piano

  • pienist?

  • Davie invented harpsichord before it’s own birth. That is a Chuck Norris move.

  • Base is better but I play guitar I wish I could play base

  • 1:35 "Giorno Giovana's Theme" Proceeds to show a picture of Jotaro

  • Man’s just reverse psychology these pianists Abandon piano, resort to bass

  • Yeah but its cause of those fingers. I mean he could probably reach every button on the remote without moving his hand. Loved the vid btw, heelarious!

  • Bass

  • Ok it does sound better one the bass tho

  • Gotta go with the bass on this one. You really kill it davie🔥💯

  • Can I give 5 likes for that Giorno's theme?

  • Omg bass 69ined piano

  • Guitarists nails

  • Try to put a capo on your epic bass menn

  • Bass ❤️

  • Bass

  • Attack on Piano

  • Piano is way more better

  • Davie is invincible

  • Sei il numero uno

  • When are you giving that musicman bass away🤘

  • i have respect to all musicians who love music

  • slap like now

  • In fact all the instruments are by the nature "sound" no one is perfect in everything so never judge anyone by only seeing them .

  • @RajeshCherthala pattuoda thendi ninakku ❤️

  • Piano

  • Sorry but i think piano is easier than bass😁


  • You know it is not ok to to judge people in the first place and insult musical instruments😔😔and like I like your songs and that sound good but like insults is something I don’t like it is just plane up rude😔😔😔

  • Piano slaps harder than base.

  • Im a pianist who don't know how to play piano 🤣

  • The moment he said any song will sound better on bass was the moment I realized... this guy has no soul.


  • 3:37 yours was an octave below :(

  • Haha nice JoJo!

  • Base was invited in.... Davie: *-Base was invented by ME!*


  • He actually slaughtered that Jojo song

  • Lesson learned, never challenge a bass master, unless you can bring the heat. Also, nice work on the JoJo theme 👍

  • Can't comment can't play either I'm very useless at music but both are cool 🙂

  • This is so sad... I will ask my mother to make soup for you

  • why can't i like this twice?

  • Banjo is prettty lit

  • You are Legend ...

  • Nice

  • Good pranks bro

  • Sorry but I hate you. Pd: kono Dio da!!!!!!!

  • Hahahahaha you the coolest guy I've seen for a loooooooooooong damn time hahahaha love it...

  • Ok this is fun and stupid.. But what he does is incredible he's could be one of the best bassist on earth at the moment.. Tecnicaly speaking!

  • I love your bass version of in the river flows

  • that picture wasn’t giorno it was josuke

  • 3:08 Guitar be like ✨ tf did I do? ✨ no fr , guitar are amazing POINT BLANK PERIOD ✋😌🤌

  • I totally support you Davie504! Whoever disrepect other music instruments are total idiots! It's like you disrespect music as a fact! You are the true music lover! You play bass well with all your heart, I bet you can play other music instrument well also!

  • Bass

  • Has anyone seen how long his fingers are

  • bassoon gang

  • Which tune Joe plays in 2:47 , i have listened the song once but can't remember it.

  • Epic!

  • says gorino jovanna and show jotaro👍

  • Base

  • You put up a picture of Jotaro when you said Giorno Giovanna. Is this an ironic joke?

  • Plot twist : they are working together to get views. Yea i said this because, all of them didn't give a song that have super much chord

  • I like more the BASS flows in you version

  • Bazz

  • Never thought all my favorite youtubers will do ww3, sad.

  • Davie I need lessons how to do slap

  • wow. Davie is a beast

  • not even going to lie, I play guitar, piano, and bass, and I would say that base is a harder instrument to learn, and a superior one.

  • That base, love it.

  • I’m a pianist and idc if he plays the piano and I won’t attack him. For it

  • 🅱️🅰️SS 🅱️ETT🅰️ Dan Pl🅰️NO

  • I highly disagree with all of this but I guess people have different opinions.

  • Bass sounds better

  • Pianist-Gang!!!!

  • When he zooms in on his face doesn't he look like Rocky Balboa

  • Yeeeee Dave

  • he has incredible hands...could have been a great pianist!

  • Says giorno giovanna, but puts a picture of jotaro kujo. Smh

  • I bet he can’t play moonlighting sonata movement3

  • When he still had hair

  • The E is one octave higher

  • Piano

  • Play 10 notes on the piano with both your hands at the same time. Checkmate Davie.

  • Straight up badass. GJ