bass guy VS bald guy

Objavljeno 22. mar. 2021
An epic Bass vs Piano battle with Seth Everman (the bald guy) and me (the bass guy)
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  • i'm the bald guy

  • Me, someone who plays the 🅱️ass and the piano 'my goals are beyond your understanding'

  • Literally no one: Ken Watanabe: Let them fight.

  • Dave, your best collab by a mile!

  • 3:23 - the most evil smile that i saw in my life

  • now both are the bold guys :D

  • I can honestly say that this is the best bass vs piano battle that I have ever seen, ever!

  • its to stupid not to laugh.

  • Can Someone tell me what is the music at 1:09 , I Can remember the fucking name, please ! Thank you guys !

  • Cat wins

  • The winner is the cat!

  • omg this cat is so cut

  • Adidas vs Nike

  • La parte norteña👌🏼

  • song ref. 0:47 - 0:57?

  • after watching this im starting to wonder is that real battle or just some re used clips?!

  • Groovy

  • the cat is the winner, i vote the cat

  • Aceita o desafio do Kleyton Farney

  • Reage aos vídeos de Giane Rangel

  • Ахах сук ору налысо постригся

  • And Seth said not a single word

  • As soon as I heard Wii theme I smashed like

  • Pokemon battle Which pokemon do bald guy have : piano And bass guy : bassssss.s.s.s.s..s.s.s.

  • no wayyy bro... super video ahahah

  • No Rick roll? Disappointed

  • They trained so much and after hard training their hair fall just like Saitama

  • OMG

  • 2:51 seth looks at the piano, he recognizes this. he knows what to do, his fingers coming into position and then the key changes, muscle memory kicks in and it's all downhill from here, he can't stop

  • 2:35 min I got goosebumps 😌😌😌

  • Jugalbandi

  • Who knows, next battle might give hairs to Seth Everman.

  • Adidas Vs NIKE

  • "It is said that long ago, the 4 nations lived in harmony"

  • Meanwhile Daniel creeping in the background: Soon.......soon......

  • That resulted in balls guy

  • Someone make an fnf ver of this

  • 1st time I saw seth actually looking at his keyboard while playing

  • O que é isso? Metaforando gringo

  • What song at 3:00 anyone know?

  • Bang kok lu kayak botol(botak tol-)

  • Metaforando vs Mario do Tim Tim careca??? 😳😳

  • 1:14 What is the song?

  • More amazing is that it's a four string bass not a six 🔥

  • This is how men make friends. First fight, then beers.

  • i want all 20 digits on my body.....

  • He smiled!!!!!

  • 2:40 song name?

  • 1:59 ayo what the cat doing tho

  • EPIC

  • Adidas VS Nike

  • The most intestense jam session I've ever seen goddamn

  • 1:28 help, what's the song?

  • Would've been dope if a bass line got added to to Seth playing Dr.Dre

  • Nintendo wins allways.........

  • I see Seth had to pull out the kittycat to try to win...

  • the cat won

  • Типичная стрелка типичных питерских гопников.

  • Que recuerdos, cuando uno escucha muchas músicas inevitablemente a la hora de crear una se van uniendo melodías de otras músicas de acuerdo a tu experiencia.

  • 0.00 all the pinis

  • This.. Adidas vs Nike

  • They keep going back to blinding lights

  • The demons inside my room freaking dancing near the bathroom so I join.

  • What's the song at 2:40

  • bald guy doesnt care about copyright

  • Back when Davie still got hair...

  • I'm simpin on balb guy

  • Super saiyajin

  • Rigged bass ;)

  • And now the bass guy became the bald guy


  • Best anime fight 2021

  • In 3:20 i was like Kore ga... requiem ka?

  • That wasn't a battle! That's how a universe is created. Two forces coming together to make some amazing

  • Bald Guy vs Bald Guy

  • Now Davie got all the power

  • 1:24 that's sensational from Seth!!!!!!!!!

  • You and I are not so different after all!

  • you should try this battle with megalovania in the background

  • And the winner is, the cat who participated in 3 seconds

  • *0h m g*

  • I love them both! Together they sound really good

  • Bro I'm over here just abosolutely jamming out of my mind

  • What's song on 2:37 ?

  • can someone list most of the songs below pls???

  • Bald guy staring at your soul

  • Yup the twin

  • The cat is named Ron

  • Hey its cheating. You took help from the cat

  • Ok cool milk

  • This video went from "Top 10 anime crossovers" to "Death Battle" out of nowhere

  • Ti giuro, ti preferisco pelato che biondo.

  • Dave the best pianist is animenz

  • Cancer??? That´s not funny my friend

  • Love your work guys! Thanks for the EPIC battle!

  • Noice!

  • There’s only one thing to say EPIC

  • Now its become Bald guy vs SethEverman🤣🤣

  • Never did I ever think that I would hear Davie SERIOUSLY say "His bald head is too strong!"

  • Bald guy vs bald guy*