I Hired PRO Bass Teachers and Pretended to be a BEGINNER...

Objavljeno 25. nov. 2019
I took some bass lessons from pro bass teachers and I faked and pretended to be a beginner... but then I started SLAPPING the bass like a pro and that was such a checkmate moment
Bass Teachers featured in this video:
Riley Hagan: slnumber.info
Special thanks to Jeffrey Thomas: jeffrey-thomas.com/
He offers a free bass, guitar and ukulele lesson on Skype! It's really worth it.
Tell him I say hi!
Thanks to the teacher Karina Auday , she teaches on skype and here: preply.com/en/tutor/87648/
web: karinaauday.com/ youtube channel . slnumber.info
Spotify Album . open.spotify.com/album/4uPH2MjZdqzC71nTOlrk7p

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  • teach me how to *S L A P P*

  • Маскировка конечно гениальная

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  • what bassist doesnt know davy504. *not approved.

  • Davie: *gives me the stare treatment* Me: Oops I forgot to S L A P P like

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  • Comment

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  • Send Bass


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