Playing Bass on Omegle but I'm an ANIME BASSIST (GONE WRONG)

Objavljeno 1. feb. 2021
I went on Omegle disguised as an Anime character and played some of the best anime songs on BASS.
Incredible moments here
hoped I could meet thedooo again for a battle part 2... :(

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  • *nani* ? ! ? !

    • Hey Davie504 can u do a full version of gurenga song ? I would love it if u did.

    • Another omegle anime pls

    • Davie 504 can you the Demon slayer intro on drums??

    • Ore wa Emilia ha suki da

    • I’ll just be one of the last people who can reply to this comment if you don’t mind...

  • Scussior seven or Demon slayer

  • Actually, I need him stay cursed once.

  • prison school


  • 7:00 my favorite anime WATCH S4

  • 7:42 what song shazam dont detect

  • 5:40

  • How do you make yourself anime like that?

  • 何? What software he used to change his face Σ(゚д゚lll)

  • David makes all the anime fans getting spilling blood from their noses 😂

  • Nani...he said from dragon ball but you play jojo's bizzar adventure

  • laku keras maang

  • A R E Y O U T H E D O O ?

  • One of the guy on Omegle was Hated Tarun....

  • 2:18 he’s an omegle utuber i know him

  • can u tell me? what this song 1.35

  • Nobody's ganna fucking talk about twomad? 😂

  • did someone watch AOT

  • Trigun opening

  • PART 2🙏

  • What's the name of 4:54 song?

  • Chocolate rain.


  • Davie: Dragon Ball Z for you Guy: That was good: Me: THIS IS CLEARLY JOJO

  • NA NI

  • Can someone tell me what that song is at 5:41

  • best video ever

  • Quale canzone suona dal min 5.40? L'ho risentita da qualche parte ma non mi ricordo il titolo

  • I'm slappin' everytime before you say "SLAPPERS"" ;P

  • Oh love the bass play

  • 4:14 is that a replay of ma brudda or is actually him?

  • I laughed my ass off when he said DragonBall z and you started playing jojo

  • I like Attack on B A S S


  • The most incredible part starts here 7:03

  • 8:45 Best Face jaja

  • Muka nya meresahkan

  • Caro Davide,bleach morning remberance. Grazie

  • Ooooo that was hatred tarun in the dragn ball Z theme.... He is also a great youtuber

  • WoW Hated Tarun Cameo in Davies vid

  • hentai504

  • Demon slayer

  • "Anime Song Only and Hentai too"😂😂

  • 3:12 4:41

  • 6:22 🤡🤡

  • Can we see Hentai504 someday again he's very handsome

  • 1:15 what song is this?

  • H A T E D T A R U N !!!

  • Tbh bass cannot make the perfect sound for demon slayer opening ..some go way differently from the music

  • I feel disrespected when he played JoJo theme instead of DBZ

  • 4:13 Isn't that TwoMad?

  • i like you davie and i'm from indonesia

  • Did anyone see him winkin in 2:56???

  • Ragazze: Suoni la chitarra? Davie: Ma andate affanculo

  • Code Geass is my favorite anime

  • Ken's theme at 7:40 😔💕

  • gravity falls

  • 2:12 Davie504 laughing revealed 😁😁😁

  • 4:14 you are welcome

  • Marvel at the greatness shown at 4:14

  • Transform into a WHAT character???!!!!!!!

  • @7:40 Hearing a loud Shout of SHORYUKENNNNN !!!!

  • SK8 the infinity


  • The "massive titties here guys" dude 4:14

  • 2:36 That was not dragon ball z, it was “Giorno’s Theme” from Jojo: Bizarre Adventures

  • 2:23 this is a jojo song

  • David mode goro of darling in the franxx

  • I slapped like just for the case closed theme. Hell yea. You muh hero davie

  • 2:25 nice dragon ball z lmao

  • Hace más videos con temas de anime porfavor o algún tema de Eve

  • Imagine the happiness of all those who got their request fulfilled x)))

  • no waifu no laifu

  • Ypu slapped that Demon Slayer opening.


  • "i'm the dooo, this is my face reveal video" lmao i'm dead


  • Yes, thanks for bringing NGE, still the best anime I ever saw (probably 4-5 times), but AOT is great as well^^

  • 1:29 She's so cute and beautiful! Damn.. Her smile is heart-warming! :)

  • I wish i can shoryuken the like button because kens theme is my fav street fighter theme!!!!! Play the full theme plsssss!!!!!

  • Suoni la chitarra? Mi é venuto un ictus

  • The AnimeBassMe bass was a nice touch.

  • @hatedtarun oh bhai yaha

  • I mean where is naruto 504.... wheree... ???

  • 6:37 to bless ur day

  • Staying an ANIME is a curse ?

  • My favorite anime was naruto

  • naruto is my favorite anime

  • - Are you The Doo?? - I am The Doo, here is my face reveal. had me hahaha

  • Tatakae Just tatakae

  • Rickrolling using bass Huehuehuehue

  • If Davie would have a stand it would be Emperor hentai

  • 4:48 i swear ive heard that in one of my childhood anime's.... Is it detective konan?

  • Davie504 anime worth more than house

  • What was the song at 4:54 and 6:00 ?

    • It were actually two song first was detective conan theme and second is i am searching here in all comments.

  • "I am The Dooo, this is my face reveal video."

  • god why Detective Conan theme song

  • best demon slayer opening cover ever!!! i cant stop listening to it

  • First time watching, first time being fascinated