Billie Eilish said WHAT about BASS??

Objavljeno 31. jan. 2020
Billie Eilish said this about BASS... unbelievable news in this EPIC episode of SDAIAY
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  • It says slappers

  • 🎸🇮🇹

  • 🤌🤌🤌🤌

  • Whatsup slappers

  • What does smh mean?

  • I don’t have a bass but can u somehow bless me with one all mighty bass god

  • hopin to own bass davie!!

  • I have respect now for Billie for recognizing the bass

  • it says what's up slappers

  • The best subreddit ever is Ling Ling 40 hours

  • 黒: state your business. Davie504: I challenge YOU to a bass battle NOW! 黒: if you can beat Iori Yagami, in person, I’ll consider your offer. BEGONE BITCH!

  • Girls:I'm having periods this days Davie: It always happens to me

  • I play Shoulder Bass.

  • slapper

  • just got my first bass and starting to learn. Need to improve the strength in my fingers though, clearly.

  • 🤌

  • During Therapy Time... Me: I went on a date and I wasn’t interested in his pp Davie504: that always happens to me

  • here is my comment to summon a bass for me :x

  • Leon Le Proffesionel! :D Shoot it! Slapp it! OMG Portmann!

  • 3:45 to 4:24 rivolta per cancellare il video mettete like se siete con me e se siete italiani

  • 8:21 Slappers

  • This video hit well over 350,400 likes. Are we getting a Bass PP playing video?

  • When she said bass, i think she meant it generally. Yeah bass is still bass, but like bass drums and 808s are probably primarily what she means

  • Therapy session: Me: "I wish my sibling didn't get shot to death" Davie: "Very fun times"

  • send bass

  • not gonna lie I was gonna buy a base for 50$ but the guy pawned the bad boi, WHO PAWNS THERE ONLY BASS needless to say my soul was crushed

  • 9:30 yes i can

  • Me who likes dubstep

  • 1:26 si è confuso con il Contrabbasso

  • More therapy time please 😭😭😭

  • BASS

  • Therapy time Me: Did you kick your toe was a child? Bass Slapper: I remember that, I wish it would happen again

  • I don't have a bass

  • I want to play bass. Teach me and video it. P.S. You'll have to send me a left handed bass!!

  • I have a bass guitar but i dont have amplifier its very hard to learn 😪

  • Give me bass now! Or i will call the police.

  • So anyway my question is: Ya like jazz?

  • bass

  • Good video

  • me at therapy time : btw i slap like

  • bro can you help your accent please , it's really distracting.

  • The caotions said "whats up slappers"

  • Hahaha What a therapy

  • I don't even play a guitar but I love bass. Hehehe

  • omg

  • >pineapple pizza Never subbing now

  • Even though I like violin becuz it is easier and classes are available bass is the hardest

  • 4:58 For Billie 🕷

  • I have BASSresorder

  • Yes

  • 9:55 - Me saying sorry I just disliked your video. Edit - I didn't. Checkmate

  • 8:28 No Davie, it's an M4A1 Bass and I'll use it if you don't play a Höfner Bass.

  • damn, now I need a bass really bad

  • My respect for Billie 📈📈📈

  • 🤌🏻

  • It said what’s up slappers know checkmate

  • Davie504 captured on camera really gives slapp to everything XD

  • Incredible!!! OMG!!! EPIC!!! Cringe. Checkmate. PP.

  • yes sir

  • Whats up slackers

  • Me: Die Davie: I get that everyday Me: LMAO



  • If i make a band davie will my bass main 😂

  • Me : I don't have a bass Him : I know , it can be scary Me : I always get yelled at for not flushing the toilet Him : Always happens to me Me : By the way , I'm subscribed Him : I'm sorry to hear that Me : Wait what? Why?! I love your videos and I like commenting on them! Him : I remembered Me : erm..ok . Anyways , I failed my final exam today :C Him : Very fun times Me : wha- Him : I wish it would happen again Me : I HATE YOU ;( Him : I like that Me : bruh...I literally failed my very important final exam , why you so happy about it Him : Keep doing that , it's very good for you , trust me. Me : Okay , you are being weird right now . I just farted... Him : what , you did what? Me : I said I farted :/ Him : I am proud of you Me : for...farting? Him : You should do it again , and again , and again , and you will go very far... Me : WTF?!

  • One year later, we are finally able to understand the meme at 1:00 Evergreen always looks behind

  • Thumb up if you came here in 2021 to watch Evergreen at 1:00

  • 4.8k dislikes thats gonna be a lot of assault charges

  • Therepy time~you did what-i ate my grandmother~ I'm very proud of you you should do it again

  • dont forget to leave a comment

  • 8:06 bruh that's Davie504's girlfriend phone

  • He said 'slappers'actually

  • i didnt sleep

  • OK I thought that Billy Eilish was going to say "bass is crappie" not a big deal

  • Say what

  • BALD

  • I had to leave a comment, its the law

  • It said slappers

  • I love you so much Dave504

  • 🤌🏾

  • Davie smilesss

  • Thumbnail Bass is @# @#$@$ Me in mind: so boring

  • Subbed Liked Commented- am learning to play the Bass Kazoo (I do a pretty good darkk humm) If I don't get on, there will be a reckoning. Will reveal after editing skills catch up with musical aptitude.

  • Minuti 3.55 ho lanciato il telefono. Ora ha lo schermo crepato :(

  • Me Telling Davie about that time my dog died when I was a child during therapy time. Davie right after I said that: "I hope it happens again."

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  • I wonder if Davie ever shoes emotion

  • The subtitles said whats up slappers

  • Kemist

  • hey davie this vis has well over 350400k likes where bass playing pp

  • Okay so this video is amazing but I just have one question. Is the intro song thing played with a guitar???!!! It kinda sounds like it. But I don’t think you would fall that low so its probably a bass (that is really impressive tho)

  • Like this video pls

  • Teropy is like a sad story

  • Somebody teach me bass

  • I hope I can dream about slapping a bass tonight!

  • Turned on captions said what’s up slappers quality has improved EPICO

  • #3:04 oh no

  • we slape like now pp

  • Is ukulele a tropical bass 🤔🤔i will be owning that soon