How To Cook The Best Spaghetti EVER

Objavljeno 6. dec. 2020
Cooking a new incredible spaghetti recipe that will shock you

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  • part 3 at 200k thousands likes

  • Now in india this is Maggi

  • Do you peel the tomatoes?

  • No Dio cane

  • 0:51. WHAT, did you just say to PUNCH the like????!

  • We need CARBONARA next

  • Anyone else actually open their mouth at the end

  • 4:31 Well you did it and i'm not even one of the subscribers.....sad times bruh

  • Made this earlier. It tastes like 🅱️ASS

  • I will pay 500 bucks to eat this

  • Adoro quando fala em italiano e eu consigo entender

  • Ohhhhhh.... I'll try to cook this one


  • "Don't use too much oil, or the USA might invade your house". 😂

  • In my opinion, this is the wholesome version of HowToBasic 😊

  • Thus is probably the best video thing i watched from davie504

  • Epic 🤣

  • Am I the only one annoyed by that one half tomato he didn't cut?

  • That looks tasty and healthy

  • Ummmmmm did you put any salt?

  • Spaghetti Trashonara

  • does it actually taste bad? im scared to try cooking this now dammit davie

  • Btw you forgot to add this video in your cooking playlist

  • I'm watching these videos that didn't get more views than others after the real personality reveal vid I actually don't know what's boring with this video

    • I really like Davie's recipes (and spaghetti too)

  • Ketchup

  • Davie504 fills the pot with water. Also Davie504: "Let the Knife do the work" 🤣

  • Where do you get Italian weed?

  • :)

  • Imagine davie suddenly throwing eggs

  • I’ve noticed it appears you’ve lost a lot of weight. Please remember to eat lots of spaghetti and stay healthy! ♥️👍

  • sphaget

  • No meat? but i appreciate the fresh tomato sauce. 🍅💯

  • If Davie really is only 145 lbs, then my boi underweight. BMI of 18.1.

  • Anyone else annoyed by the one white hair sticking out on the right side of his head :D:D

  • I guesm

  • I immediately reached out my hand to stop Davie 6:13

  • you are crazy?

  • you are crazy?

  • Aglio , olio e sto cazzo

  • Italian weed lmao

  • Parmesan cheese would've rescued it Davie!

  • nice ears Davie


  • 3:37 epik

  • He's reached 9Million followers!!!!

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  • Si ma non hai assaggiato le focaccine dell'esse lunga, sicuro😏🤣

  • Con quei pomodori sarà venuta acida a bestia 😂😂😂 nonostante tutto quello zucchero

  • Finchè non pubblicherai un correttivo non mi iscriverò.... Sto piangendo alla vista dello zucchero e al pomodoro verde che al massimo potevi usare con l'aringa. TOgliere l'aglio è come togliere le corde al basso... (cry fo my bad english) i am no subscribing until you made a video to correct this i am still crying because of sugar in and garlic out!!! green tomatoes are admitted only if you cook things like herrings Ok ti perdono ma mi iscrivo più avanti

  • i didn't slap u punched how dare u

  • I love when he said Bass in the ingredients but he showed a picture of a fish attached to a guitar

  • No one : Davie : Italian weed(basil)

  • Omg

  • i made this tonight it was very very nice thank you

  • "basil"

  • Pralerò in italiano così tutti i tuoi iscritti tranne tè non ti capiranno

  • M A Q U E S T I S O N O S P A G H E T T I D I U N I T A L I N O ! ! !

  • Scallion Pie when?

  • Don’t put too much oil or the USA is going to invade your house 🇺🇸🤣🤣🤣🤣❤️

  • Only one piece of garlic? AND REMOVING?????? I'm disappointed with you Davie because I'm KOREAN

  • basil is not originated from italy but india, C H E C K M A T E , even tho mediterannean cousin like greek or italian use it the most

  • Giuro che ho aperto la bocca per mangiare🤣

  • tomato sauce

  • No, you're wrong! My friend's code is the best spaghetti in the world.

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  • i still prefer the tiramisu :P

  • REAL? DAVIE? where are u from? spaghetti ever? from italie!!!

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  • Bass bass play bass

  • Can you please make a video on how to make how to make pizza and you're my inspiration please 😊

  • non ci siamo per un cazzo se vuoi imparare come si fa la pasta al sugo contattami pure

  • Perché...

  • Ma è una porzione per bambini? Meno di 300 grammi la polizia ti revoca il passaporto

  • De Cecco oil for the win

  • Hey Davie , plz help me I also play guitar and have a channel on SLnumber but u can check my viewers and subcribers 😭

  • i guesssed recipe right eze

  • muy rico rodo, pero me cago de hambre con esa porción :(

  • Also Davie searching : How Gordon Ramsey cooks Italian dishes

  • I just cooked this recipe, incredibleeeeeeeeee, i did not have cherry tomatoes so i used regular , but it worked :P

  • But why are the tomatoes looking like skittles colors?

  • Una valanga di sale, una valanga di zucchero, l'aglio messo via, i pomodorini verdi... NOPE NOPE NOPE!

  • I eat this quantity of spaghetti just to test if they are done ...

  • Fai altri video di cucina!!

  • no bass

  • That's a lot of work for four bites of spaghetti.

  • I can't stop watching 🤣🤣

  • thanks davie!!! the spaghetti was really awsome!! our family had a nice feast!

  • No meat! nasty! 69/420

  • Quella è la quantità che in italia usiamo per assaggiare se la pasta è cotta.

  • rare photo of davie

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  • I prefer cutting, rolling it up is boring ;-)

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