These TikTok Bassists Need to be STOPPED

Objavljeno 18. apr. 2021
I went on TikTok and reacted to some of the most popular bass videos...
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Mina GF band
Bass & beatbox

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  • bassists with hair need to be STOPPED too

  • someone plz tell me which one is the first song

  • what anime bg is this

  • little faster fingers hhum,

  • KKKKK vito metaforando careca

  • Johnny no sins


    • I dont say its bad but WOW... What a change!

  • JUAN

  • Addams Family ??? I mean..Do i know to play? Tnks Fester, i say Davie..see u

  • Juan

  • The main theme from JJK tho👌

  • They are good so that's why they are not on TikTok OMG Slapped like

  • omfg ate yazmine on davie's video!! 4:57 also it is translated (not exact but okay) as "You're a bassist? I think bass is not that important in a band, i cannot even hear it"

  • Ei thats a good anime too davie you should check it out.

  • 4:54 "You're a bassist? That doesn't seem important in a band, you can't even hear it" that's what it says. It's a sad meme lol but that's true many bassists here are underappreciated because of this stereotype

  • Wth happened to your hair? Better question is why? Lol

  • 5:35 can anyone tell me the name of that song please? It's from....Tame impala...maybe?? Been listening to too much different stuff lately i dunno at this point

  • Davie looks pretty down lately

  • 0점

  • The inexpensive cathedral anecdotally observe because rod concordingly suffer pro a clumsy harp. able, upbeat november

  • 4:58 I can understand it cuz Im a Filipino

  • Sei un bravo ragazzo. Grazie per tutto

  • 3:15 i can see that


  • “angwy”

  • hi saitama sensei

  • 3:28 name de la rola xf

  • How can I invest in Davie504?

  • The Language that u didn't understand was.... "Your A Bassist? Bassists are not even needed in bands and we don't even hear bassists playing in bands."


  • Davie's video editiing proportions: Combining clips 10% Sound effects 5% Stretching and zooming his face 100%

  • Tanta mrd para no tocar el bajo xdxd

  • U need to be stopped with these clickbaits

  • Trans men and nonbinary people: oh so i don't have a dick cause I'm meant to be a bassist? That makes more sense.

  • If one punch man had a bass

  • tik tok... wth is that!!!?

  • E G G H E A D

  • 🅱️

  • Shiny head

  • You guys know Miyavi? He slaps too, but with a guitars

  • 4:54 it's that a filipino Bassist

  • 0:25 melhor banda pra músicas em AMV

  • Throw a mustache on him and he's Sasha Barron Cohen

  • Why did he shave that some?

  • 4:57 better understand us Philippinean bros here... Just like Pewd says

  • Filipinos : saw the filipino tiktok clip *Filipino Pride*

  • Everytime davie slap in the end of the video me pretend get slapped....😂🤣

  • The JUAN is stronger in this one.

  • 3:23 aye that’s me


  • The caption in 4:48 reads: "are you a bassist? It doesn't even seem to be important in band since they can't hear you so why bother?" Just in case you guys still don't understand the whole context, it's a about a bassist that being mocked because of her role in a band.

  • Why does he look like a Sasha Baron Cohen character?

  • You are liar You make fun of bald people This is why I will slap you and the like button Because we all know That bald people Don't exist

  • Translation 4:57: "You're a bassist" it's not important, since it's inaudible. Or something in the lines of that.

  • Japanese rock has terrific bass lines, Dir en Grey got me into bass

  • Alex Moukala is so fucking good

  • “Tiktok is a place for half naked people” That is a fact

  • jujutsu kaisen opening doesn't sound good on bass

  • I wonder how many Filipinos he just summoned by saying that he couldn't understand the caption

  • your head is shining more than Rihanna's Diamond

  • 0:04 our boi is the best

  • Something seems off, did davie shave his beard

  • I was fucking impressed when I saw Mina from GIRLFRIEND.

  • Did anyone notice the subtitles lol

  • Hey,,,,that's Jujutsu kaisen theme song and I'm a big fan ... You made my day.

  • Go back to Italy and collab with Khaby Lame

  • Davie playing Jujutsu Kaisen is epic

  • Wow!! I didnt know saitama played bass

  • Can't wait for Jujutsu Kaisen S2. Loved the anime. 7:32 what song and from what series assuming its an anime.

  • first girl is going to get carpal tunnel before she turns 22 lmao

  • The less hair you have, the more head you get!

  • 4:54 it says"are u a bassist? Your not that important in a band tho because the audience cant hear u"

  • filipino fbassist 4:54

  • Anime Music is interesting

  • yes tik tok is very riky it is realy bad and the safty is bad to

  • 4:54 davie speak about the language Me: it's tagalog man I am a Filipino but I am good at english

  • The language you said you can't understand means You're a Bassist I think thats not important in the band, We can't even hear it.

  • I am 6666th comment ( I hope)

  • You need to be stopped too lol

  • lol davie make tik tok video just to teach people how to slap

  • Love you BassGod💙

  • I have been a musician for most of the 60 years I have been alive, and have seen and heard many bass players. While a select few come close to the level of Davie504 when it comes to tapping, strumming, finger playing, and pulloff skills on the bass, I think Davie504 is definitely the 2nd best ever when it comes to SLAP.

  • One Slap Man Stage 3 😁

  • shhhhhhh 🔥🔥😯

  • Eve's bass lines *s l a p p*

  • DUET HIM ON TIKTOKK !!!!!!!!

  • That mii channel one is pretty damn good

  • i dono why but is that a bold cap or did he actually shave it?

  • hahaha at work we got a guy named Juan

  • In 4:49, the caption says: "Oh, So You're A Bassist? Bassists aren't even Important in a band, we can't hear it." It's in filipino by the way.


  • juan.

  • Your takes are always cleaner than the challenger's and I love it

  • Hai vinto fratello ❤️

  • Senza capelli hai raggiunto il livello finale

  • so many left-handed bassists. THEY MUST BE STOPPED!

  • You are the best bassists ever 47 !

  • Bruh when he goes bald?

  • i subscribed!

  • Meanwhile the first one is sped up. Davie: this is not a problem