Try Not To Laugh Challenge * IMPOSSIBLE *

Objavljeno 12. dec. 2020
Attempting an Impossible Try Not To Laugh Challenge.
I beat this challenge easy. what about you?
SLAP like if you laughed. Do it.
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  • ha ha

  • 5:30 oh snit RUN AWAYYYYyyyyyy!!!!

  • 10:00 Brazilian funny memes are the only certain you got!!

  • He has no HEADPHONES!

  • 1:44 She's the queen of the floor 😂😂😂

  • Thats not funny guys... thats VERY funny

  • omg i might had of poop my pants haha ... OMG

  • 9:56 BAGRE SKOL

  • I laughed at you laughing

  • That fish drinking from a can is from Brazil and I literally die everytime I watch it, what makes it funnier is that he is drinking beer and the man says "ok, enough, now you go home" and then slaps the fish lmfao

  • Just to clarify that the capital of Brazil is Brasília not São Paulo

  • WEEEE DAVIE sei molto simpatico e poi parli un inglese molto ben scandito così lo possiamo capire anche noi italiani

  • I did the perfect timing in breathing in

  • The capital of Brazil its Brasilia not São Paulo.

  • I laugh but I don't lose

  • 4:27 he went to the minecraft void HAAHHAHAHHAHH😂😂😂

  • 3:02 - OK this one got me. Oh my goodness.

  • Skolzinha Nhami Nhami Descendo redondo

  • Not funny.

  • 😂

  • I was doing so well until that ice cream one.

  • "shrek, my favourite ANIME of all time"

  • Win it was easy

  • meanwhile Davie (sniffs): Not funny at all!!

  • 'the coins gone'

  • 3:53 laugh 3:58 gottem face

  • Whatta hell are did your hair?! @Davie504

  • Make this seiries (i forgot the spelling) And call it YTTL You try to laugh

  • Min 3,05 Il mitico Roberto Da Crema !! Rip

  • *Gaystation 5*


  • I found the fart sound effect very funny

  • Hey @davie504, do a cover to a cat vibing to Ievan Polkka

  • Definitely lost lol

  • His face be like:meh

  • 9:55 Fiquei o video todo sem rir, até chegar nesse hahaeguhaeughaeughaeuguaehgeaug

  • seriosly this is imposibble :O

  • 5:36 Agree

  • Moments when Davie almost laugh 3:53 8:28 9:50 10:01

  • *"gaystation"*

  • 2:48

  • 8:40 I'm from Brazil 😶

  • I didn't laugh until you said "help" right before the ad lmao

  • Davie is look like rambo



  • 😂

  • 10:11 “Did you laugh or did you loose.." High iq.

  • I really laughed here 0:40

  • What brand is your chair Davie?

  • 3:50, the best moment.

  • I'm glad to know that the last video is from my country (Brazil) and the one of most come closer to make Davie504 laugh

  • lol i lost when that guy said "they put a mother board so they can track u and ur mother" *laughing emoji here lol*

  • Phil Swift got me 😭🤣


  • That bass drank a full beer. Best video on the net lol. Should be davie504 vs bass that drinks a full beer 🍺

  • I liked the one with the facemask. "This way they can track you, AND your mother."

  • oh you Davie looked Omco(FatTV)

  • what is the video of the guy jumping into the water?

  • Come to brazil

  • I win💪💪

  • 2:35 can somebody told me what that songs is

  • Did.'t laugh

  • Im better

  • I think i blew out my throat a couple times

  • Hahahahhaah

  • (\__/) ( • - •) />🍫 Choclate is 4 u

  • 😂

  • Davis reactions are funnier than the memes

  • "I bypassed the compressor." *Shock* BOOOOOOM That one was ONLY for bassists...

  • Very good, but can you do a try not to grin or laugh challenge>

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • so when will be the bass grabing thought the wall video?

  • pepsii cola moooooooo yeet i want muffin but muffin

  • I won . This video is not funny

  • :| I laughed (emoji)

  • 😂

  • I lose ✊😔

  • At least u laughed a bit but i didn't

  • I slapped the like button even tho I didn’t laugh

  • 9:55 why does this remind me of the time my brother got his roommates hamster drunk at a party and it couldn't stop running into shit with it's hamster ball

  • 😂

  • Put a 😑 emoji if you didnt laugh 😑😑😑

  • I am so honest, i laughed on the part where the horse was holding a green ball🤣

  • There was nothing funny enough to laugh. It's not funny when someone get hurt, or things are cute. There is a big difference. Btw, I play guitar and I just have found your SLAP channel Davie. I think you are great bass player and you probably can play guitar very well if you want. But sure it's true, only with bass you can use powerful slaps and amazing finger technics. Sharp clean almost metallic sound compain those playing technics, bass riffs, solos, so on, bass sounds incredible.

  • :-D

  • 😂

  • not funny at all

  • 3:29 i laugh so hard for no reason😂

  • that first Star Wars clip was !@#$ing brilliant

  • The last video is brazilian Epic kkkkkkkk

  • Very small brain to post this

  • Yeyfyfkhdhchjfgggjdjfjfjfkfjfhfjhcfjfkfjfjfkkffjfjdjhhdjdhxhxjdjdjjdjfjfjdjfjjfkfkfkfjdjdjdkdkfjfjkddjjfjfjfjfjjdjdjdjdjjfjfjfjfjfuejjdkkdjfjryfufu

  • 😂

  • I used to think that he was saying "What's up slap us"

  • 8:16 @omco

  • ninguém resiste a um peixe tomando skol kkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • That's bosnian youtuber and I KNOW HE He has 2 million subscribers That joker with cheese from brazil And I am TOO from BOSNIA Do you eated "BUREK"? And I AM LOSER

  • hahaha so funny I'm dying rn

  • quando inizierai a mettere la traduzione in ita qusndo parli??