This Tik Tok Bassist Plays BASS Better Than Me??

Objavljeno 3. apr. 2020
The most EPIC bassists on TikTok... incredible reactions here. omg.
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Going on Tik Tok, searching for BASS and found many bassists! But many comments claimed that she is playing something I cannot play.. what is that? let's see.
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  • *cringe*

    • i know that song..... STUPID BY THE STUPIDS .... SSSS LLLLL AAAAA PPPPP HIM

    • BRO your intro getts me EVERY TIME with the scene with you on the bed under the covers SLAP'n it HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


    • The only pervert we know is YOU.

    • 1 year later, still cringe.

  • Sou do Brazil e você é fera demais!!! Congratulations! I meet you by my little syster Kalitsa Sarine.

  • Bravo :D :D :D "Disgusting" hahahahahahahahahahaha


  • Greetings from Brazil !

  • This dude looks like and sounds like he's us using downers and is on some junkie rockstar shit...

  • That one girls hip movement was next level.

  • Aqui é brasil crlh

  • Song at 4:40?

  • O seu canal é sobre baixo, porém é melhor que os de Guitarra que tem por aí :)

  • Cringe slap fringe

  • Manda um salva pros br

  • espero que o continente africano como Brasil seja puro meme kkk

  • my god is that brian eno's cat


  • Quit slapping me my face is red. And (pfft) to you too. I still really like your channel.

  • Isn’t that blue DeTiger?


  • Cringe ×100000000000⁰000000⁰0000000000

  • I would've Slappped the LIKE button but I liked the SLAPP button instead. 👍 keep up the great videos. Epppic

  • A gente sabe que você errou o mapa do Brazil de propósito! Né?

  • olá davie!

  • Xeque-mate, sou brasileiro

  • You would have to do a few other people on that one

  • 69 69 69 69... SLAP IT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW (bruh)

  • Haaaaaaa man. That moment XDXDXD 3:12

  • In Brazilian anyway.

  • oh for f’s sake . . . 0:37 seconds. . .

  • Gênio !

  • Brazillian here, slap!

  • O Davie disponibiliza legendas,rs

  • The guy playing bass a 5:55 is from the band "The Omnific". Really great band. 2 Bass players and occasionally a drummer.

  • I got to 31 seconds and that’s it. Wtf is with that guy. I can’t even keep going on the vid.

  • The tapper is the buckethead of bass 4 real!

  • Davie, we need more TikTok vids of you slapping man

  • what kind of fool isn't already subscribed here?

  • Cheguei... leaving a comment em brasilian pq sim kkkk

  • Vamos todos falar em brasileiro

  • epico

  • gooooo brasil estamos juntos irmao

  • ÉPICO kkkkkk muito bom

  • Checkmate human, you lost, IORI is waiting. I told him to wait.

  • The one saying the thickest string is E mine is actually a low B checkmate

  • Brazil loves you

  • 0:37 Muy bueno 😁😁😁

  • We are here david, brazillians are in everywhere

  • É cringe falar cringe

  • 🍋

  • 3:11.... but the likes are on 169K... LMAO

  • Does anyone know the song name at 4:39 ?

  • eai davie slv de goiania

  • Very original and funny! Keep up the good work. Very entertaining.. lol

  • Obrigado in brazilian

  • Meu comentário em "brasileiro" pra você Davie. Xeque-mate.

  • Brazilian bASSist.

  • krl brasileiros sendo reconhecidos, chorei

  • I tremble in my boots when Davie says “what” with reverb

  • In Brazilian

  • Obrigado

  • Vai BRASIL!

  • 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 Tamo junto parça!

  • De nada

  • 4:33 davie im really disapointed with u maybe they can be not only brazilian but also portuguese and second brazil isnt in africa. very bad times. checkmate you

  • Leave a slap like 😊

  • Nao esto brasileira, pero falo pouco portugues por o jazz e bossa nova. Non ce italiana, pero parlo poco Italiano per cantar l'opera. No soy latina, hablo poquito Espanol... vivo en Arizona. Je ne suis francais pas, je parlais un petit francais pour chantant l'opera.

    • Tem bastante gente que fala português e mora aqui no Arizona! Checkmate California

  • Duet with Toasted Bagel on TikTok!

  • If you're brazilian... Then proceeds to show a map of africa 😆

  • on the black guy he just play a two note!?

  • OMG do Brasil!

  • 🇧🇷

  • One of the best cats to ever exist. It wasn't moving from fear or surprise, it knew that the keys made noise... Just saying.

  • Sacrilege! That guy threw that bass! Somebody get the pitchforks 😆😆😆

  • Estapeie o botão de like agora

  • From Brazil :)

  • 2 million views cuz its a girl bass player and shes dancing... Welcome to the internet!

  • Jaque mate deivi

  • Tô viciado no canal, vou ter que comprar um baixo pra aprender agora.

  • Imagine really comparing that girl to Davie

  • 3:30 why do women listen to such garbage?

  • As Brazilian, I have the obligation of leaving a comment here and say you showed the wrong map, @davie504

  • I'm Brazilian!!!

  • Que isso Davie mto cria mlk

  • 😂😂🤗

  • De nada. (too)

  • 1969, very lmao times 🤣

  • I love bass and i have one


  • I'm brazilian and I'm leavin' a comment... :p

  • We Filipino fans always watch Davie's videos. Checkmate ♟️

  • "if you are Brazilian leave a comment" DAVIE COME TO BRASIL

  • Assisto para morrer de rir, o cara consegue ser comediante e sem mudar as expressões faciais. Boa.

  • Comment

  • *cringe*

  • *L*

  • I slap a like!!!


  • What no pimples?

  • Thats is not Brazil... btw... thats Africa...

  • Omg and Epico are my favorite words Btw I'm from Bangladesh and the whole quarantine I'm watching your each videos 😅 Slap like if you're reading this 😒

  • Obrigado