Objavljeno 25. mar. 2018
Got so many requests about doing a video playing a guitar so...
Here it is :) Playing a funky jam using the Rob Scallon 8 String Signature Guitar :)
TABS and Backing Tracks: www.patreon.com/davie504
Special thanks to Michael Buckle, Jhon Bob, Serge Rudakov, Pat Teglia, Jakob Dannesboe, Brian Jenkins, Alex Ramos, Kiilani goo-vidinha, Jacob Bisby, Ben Bundy & all my patrons

Many thanks to Chapman Guitars for giving me this beautiful instrument :)
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Hope you'll like it!
See you soon and Stay Funky! :) electric guitar bass solo guitar cover guitar solo song


  • First video playing a proper electric guitar... Hope you'll like it! Any suggestion for the next video? Leave a comment :P

  • super bro

  • Love it. The beginning, Mega Super duper Amazing

  • Muito bom, devia fazer mais desses! :o

  • The shit you're able to get from a guitar is ubber brootal! Congrats bro!

  • 😘👌

  • Davie.. how could you betray bass like this😔

  • Nice !

  • The cops are on their way.

  • i see a P I C C

  • how do we delete memories?

  • With a pick and without the headphones? OMG!!!

  • He is playing slap on a guitar Playing slap on guitar is FORBIDDEN

    • more like Epic

  • Djavie504

  • tiny bass

  • *sight* Only when i thought of when I was good at playing guitar.

  • Wait who am I looking in this video

  • Siento que te quiero

  • The only thing than i got to say... Fucking beautiful

  • Pick. Illegal footage.

  • Whoa he using pick in my eyes .. 10000000000% and slap it

  • Wait did you stole THAT

  • Smooth as Santana, funky as flea.

  • Wait! This is Illegal

  • A guitar, a pic, more than 4 strings... i just can see the most illegal video of this account... This is EPIC as well


  • OMG! A pick? Police called.


  • Am I the only person who is getting Ichika Nito vibes

  • That moment when Davie play guitar on a video but he plays it nearly same as Bass Guitar :D

  • That necks lookin thic

  • Where can I find more music in this groovy style?

  • This aged well

  • Does it

  • That's beautiful

  • 1:13 I feel like I've heard that exact played in a different song, I can't remember which one.

  • Wow. Not esay

  • This guy makes me want to learn basss

  • i watched ten videos of you , i thought , man he´s good but why subscribe. I subscribed now..... sry for being late !

  • alguien sabe el nombre de la canción??

  • By very good music Davie you are the best

  • Someone knows what the real song is called

  • Awesome but you hate picks and guitars

  • 0:20 I think this lick is from one song... I can't remember the name of that song... Anyone..?

  • you should have kept this, it is more of a bass than your current guitar

  • but does it djent

  • That´s not playing guitar. Thats playing bass on a guitar. 0 impressed

  • Not wrely a gutar solo

  • This is, just beautifull

  • Oh, so the top 4 strings are bAss and the down 4 strings are guitar. That means Bass Guitar ! Impressed !

    • the real Bass Guitar in ever existence

  • Who is here after his last video where he can only play a guitar until he gets 9 Million Subscribers?

  • This video is illegal. I'm calling the police RIGHT NOW

  • 0:37 Yo he started slapping the guitar like a bass 😂

  • *H E R E S Y*

  • Davie playing guitar? OMG that's ILLEGAL I'm calling The police NOW

  • "8 string guitars are for metal"

  • Please upload this to Spotify, i am literally begging for this to happen I know you probably won't see this comment but this is just such an amazing song, solo, jam, whatever I am in love with the melody and even if you ain't uploading it anywhere that's fine i'll still listen to it endlessly here on SLnumber Thank you for "embodying" the mood of my life, i love you so much bro

  • Davie: **slaps a guitar** Me, a guitarist: ILLEGAL

  • So, I see it takes a bass player to properly play an 8-string guitar. Makes sense.

  • hmm... expecting a great performance and seeing somebody using a plectrum on an 8 string is a turn off... pull yourself together!

  • This is fking elegil ARE YOU USING A PICK!?!?!

  • Wow... you should Play guitar more often, this solo is really nice

  • Very impressive, but can you play the drums?


  • I just hope this type of great quality fresh ideas will come to the channel!!! :please:


  • Wow.....

  • My eyes are bleeding, destroy that guitar NOW or I will call the police

  • Knowing Davie........ he prolly used bass strings for the first top 4 tbh

  • LeTerminator21 just got Slapped!!!

  • 2:67

  • it was just ok

  • What's song??

  • Bass and guitar

  • Stay funky bro😎😎😎

  • OMG


  • Interesante... Pero se nota que el wei éste no es guitarrista por como ataca la cuerda y hace el vibrato. Pero está chingona la mezcla... 8/10!

  • WHAT!!! Davie Play guitar that's illegal, I should call the police NOT EPICCO

  • ILLEGAL FOOTAGE ....!!!!

  • 0:37 when your bass teacher says you can play a guitar too

  • its weird that davie hates guitar but is better than like 70% of guitarists on guitar

  • Omg is that a pick?

  • Hmm... It sounds like Ichika's " I midd you"

  • It was at 665 dislikes and I took the opportunity. I did enjoy the vid tho ;)

  • That guitar sounds like a bass.

  • I clicked on the video cause the guitar looked familiar. Anybody else recognize it?XD

  • Play meshuggah-bleed

  • Admit it Davie, you enjoyed it !

  • wait, that's illegal

  • Wait, that's illegal!

  • He used a stick wtf

  • This is ILLEGAL

  • What's the name of the music?

  • Gentlemen, we got him.

  • This is not davie!!Wtf

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