I Paid Celebrities To Say THIS about Bass...

Objavljeno 5. feb. 2021
I went on Cameo and hired 10 famous celebrities, from Floyd Mayweather to Lamar (GTAV) & Steve Harvey and asked them to say this about the BASS guitar.. let's see what they sent me..
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  • *omg*

  • bald

  • The most motivational celebrity was Johnny Sins.👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🔥🔥

  • One day Davie's slap will ruin Mayweather's perfect record :^)

  • You can literally tell that chuck read a script lol

  • 8:45 He rickrolled us

  • Came for Johnny Sins, stayed for Cox

  • Hey Davie i went to your channel and SLAPED the button to see your magic but instead of going from red to grey , it went from grey to red**NOT EPIC** . I am confused what to do, help me 😭

  • *Mayweather* Gives motivational speech *Davie* He didin’t even say BASS

  • When the only celebrity who is actually in tuned with people is a porn star. I figured Mayweather or cruise would be the most expensive: they are full of themselves ha ha

  • So you pay famous people to speak to you on cameo?

  • Johnny sins slaps bass too but the B is silent

  • yeah keep slapping as#

  • O.M.G

  • Now that you're finally under Chuck Norris' protection, you can smile sometimes. Thank you for everything you do. You give me the strength to survive this difficult time easier. Greetings from Bosnia.

  • Johnny Sins message was EPIK

  • Maaaaan, respect +++!

  • When Davie is trying not to laugh, that gives me life energy.

  • 2:23 is that the guy that i met with my mom wrestling?

  • "It's all about the Bass" damn 😌

  • Lamar predicted the future telling Davie to cut his hair

  • "B-ASS" 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ngl I'm Here for Johnny sins

  • Floyd is a fool, Davie has perfect BASS!

  • Chuck Norris

  • *gets excited* *slaps like*

  • I find these desperate sell out celebrities, to be absolutely pathetic. I love davie and slapped like but this is his only video i can't watch, as its too cringe.

  • gotta listen to megalubina bois goodbye

  • I wish Sir Paul McCartney was also in this list

  • I liked this video for steve wolf.. Only true fans would understand 🖤

  • Slap like johnny. Check mate

  • Dat YEE YEE ASS HAIRCUT. Glad he is BALD

  • 2:13 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • How much did u pay these guys to cap so much😂

  • I figured it was Floyd. But hell yeah my fave would be Johnny's XD Keep slappin that B Ass! LMAO!

  • Dropped hear to see Johnny's Cameo and also got Penn Jilette... That is quality service...

  • Favourite: Johnny Sins Most expensive: Floyd Mayweather (duuuuh)

  • All righty then.... I'm sure Tom Cruise is doing some drugs :D

  • Lamar, Franklin 🤣😢😢😢

  • Chuck norris looks pretty old... I know it's a set up. He wants to look weak, but he can slap everything and eliminate us all in the process lmao

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  • Fuiyr

  • Make a collab video with jhonny sins 🅱️ASS

  • I thought, in the end, you were gonna say: "actually they didn't accept any money, and even when I sent them, they sent it back". I know I'm naive, but I really, actually, truly thought that they didn't accept anything for such a short message :D But really, I know celebrities are not charities, I mean they really do some charity and philanthropic stuff, they donate tons of money here and there, and it's actually okay, I think, if they do accept or even request some money for making a personalized video for you. Everyone's working for their own money, some of us are "normal workers", while some of us are "businesspeople" engaged in our main activities like boxing or adult entertainment or other stuff AND other small stuff too, like doing some advertising, giving lessons in whatever we do, and it's okay if you won't do the small stuff for free. At some point, your name and your face also become an "asset", a "tool" or a "device" (call it whatever you want) for making your own money. And also, at some point, our society accepts that they CAN ask for money for such small stuff, while others, like a policeman, a firefighter, an ambulance driver etc. they are just happy if their work is appreciated every once in a while (when there's a national/international holiday for them, or when they help you, you thank their work personally [if you're not upset, because that happens too, especially nowadays, that people are mad at those who try to help them]). But the same goes for an engineer, a truck driver, a nurse, a factory worker, the director of a small local company - it would be strange or illogical if they asked for money for making a specialized video, or for a selfie with them. This is how our society currently works, this is what I am made to believe to be normal. It's okay like this, I know I'm just a dreamer that people would work in a different way, I know I'm the one with a defective way of thinking :) But I still hope they will give this money to a charity.

  • Mayweather's message is just like his boxing style.

  • Heyy! Where's Trevor from gta 5?

  • Johnny sins sounds like a minecraft SLnumberr

  • Omg epic😐

  • It feels so wierd when you think they are so much paid.

  • he actually got rid of the yee yee ass haircut

  • Chuck Norris' message suggests he took the time to look at your channel, not just recorded whatever for a quick buck.

  • ♥️

  • Floyd still need money?

  • “They are both bald so they look similar” *1 month later* Davie504 turns into Johnny Sins

  • Dammit Davie why didnt you specify with John C's McGinley's cameo to do it in the style of Dr. Cox... Do you know how many views that would have gotten you?

  • That magician guy had more jobs than johnny😂

  • that message from jhonny sins was so funny hsahsahshasasa

  • ебать, как ты их заставил???:D

  • omg, anche il dottor Cox!

  • BRO, i just slapped for you NOW and i hope you got 69% of notslapped viewers. ,))))))))))))

  • What about Vladimir Putin or Dmitry Medvedev?)

  • Chuck Norris can play BASS with his chin behind his back.

  • WHAT!?!? No Travor message? I'm calling the police!!!

  • I like franklin more >;v

  • Is that really Tom cruis

  • I don't think any of these "celebrities" know who Davie504 is. They were told of his 9.2 million subscribers by their publicists and sold out. Fortunately for them, they are now tied to Davie504 forever; and regret their lame messages. All of them wish they could re-do their videos to be more cool. Like the bass. Bass players have no need for words of encouragement, and they certainly have not been sad because of Covid. Bass players play even more well when the Titanic is sinking. I'm told that the bass player on the Titanic was still slapping his bass in the water of the north Atlantic.

  • These were all very cool messages. You should do Cameos for other people, you'd be great at it!

  • Keep slapping the bass... 😍 😍 😍

  • Wait Johnny sins?

  • I loved Not Tom Cruise 😆 😅 🙃 😂


  • 2:07 laugh reveal

  • Lmao floyd Mayweather eco is too high

  • Deselect Bridie's do cameo because they spent all their money on their cocaine addiction

  • Mayweather doesn't slap... I'll bet manny pacquiao can though...

  • Johnny sins had a very sweet message but Knowing that davie paid him for it kinda ruins it

  • Johnny dada

  • Cox😍


  • I cant believe Lamar predicted that yee yee ass haricut

  • Steve Ogg when?

  • To be honest, I didn't know much about Johnny Sins personality and find out he's such a nice guy is very wholesome

  • Mr davie i first watched your video when i was at 10 th grade at one of my frends laptop it was the 24 string bass and from this video i started loving bass even more and the video that made me fall in love with bass is that is ukulele bass video but alas then i had no smartphone to watch your videos and hear abaout this give away I own my smartphone that is 40.5 $ even it was a gift from my friend from 8 monts ago. So i really like to lern bass and i love it But in my country bass guiter price starts from 160 $ its very cheap to you and others but i cant even effort the cheapest model due to my financial problems You might have given some of your basses to who can buy 2 or 3 bass at a samw time but i cant buy even an pre owned one. So if can even send me one of your broken or old bass i will try to fix it and lern bass 🤩🤩 from a fan of you

  • Why is my neighbor on this video

  • 6:17 this time davie can laugh💥💥💥💢💪😆

  • Hahaha different bASS lol

  • The magic trick worked different for me. So I went and clicked the red button and it turned grey... Then I had this sudden urge to burn my guitar and buy a BASS...

  • Ngl I only came here for the chad johny sins

  • Wow I'm magician, I clicked the subscribe button and mine went from gray to red. Thanks for the trick davie😃

  • The divergent anteater ultrastructually fetch because carriage probably stain against a tall gosling. disastrous, perpetual paul

  • It was funky!

  • Bang the dog house HAHAHA

  • wholesome message from Johnny sins 😁

  • Skip. (Except for Norris, that is).

  • Harvey was the best.

  • I like when davie breaks character and laughs. I'm sure I'm not the only one.

  • Lol

  • It's must be johnny sin😂

  • Mayweather

  • You can tell the video from Pen was huge for davie. Especially if you’re someone who’s followed what he’s talked about from his life experiences. That was a full circle moment and I felt that shit