I Paid Celebrities To Say THIS about Bass...

Objavljeno 5. feb. 2021
I went on Cameo and hired 10 famous celebrities, from Floyd Mayweather to Lamar (GTAV) & Steve Harvey and asked them to say this about the BASS guitar.. let's see what they sent me..
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  • *omg*

  • I hear to much disturbed amplifier

  • Play bass with slash from guns n roses

  • Pay some famous actresses to talk about bass


  • yes yee a** haircut

  • Money Floyd Mayweather gotta diversify lol

  • YES!

  • I use a pick

  • Haha that's not Tom crush xd

  • Tom cruise not acting scares the shit out of me

  • 2:15 Idol ng mga alien

  • "there are two things are perfect God and my boxing record"

  • EPIC

  • Haha! you should call your magic "subscribe magic".lmao

  • Floyd Mayweather: I'll play bass if you survive 1 round in boxing.

  • Love u

  • Davie is amazing. Hes single handedly making bass more popular than 6 string guitar.

  • Floyd mayweathers was clearly made up of pre recorded generic clips, that had been crudely spliced together. What a rip off.

  • I don't think Penn knows how good Davie is at B A S S . . . .

  • Lamar *Roast* Davie 😂

  • "woah that guy sounds exactly like Franklin from gt- OH THAT'S WHY"

  • Who is Johnny sins? i'm going to search it...

  • Interesting concept Davy, enjoyed the messages, the one from 'Not Tom Cruise' was very funny. Hope it wasn't too expensive.

  • Idk y I laugh when Davie tries to hold his laugh💀

  • And yet it feels like they're not really saying it sincerely :/ But you are still nice)

  • The famous celebrity is goona be in the thumbnail so its correct. ⚡️⚡️

  • Johny sins slapp bass yes seriously

  • Not Tom reminded me of 2006 Willy Wonka on adderall and Lamar had me straight up dead

  • Lamar Davies 😎🔥🔥🔥

  • Keep playing that instrument, my man!

  • Tom cruise omg so annoying

  • Johnny and davie have in common: BIG PP

  • Its been two weeks and im still laughing at the thumbnail

  • we both like to bang the doghouse uwu ;-; ololololololollllllll 69420 skrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr yeyeyeyeyeyeeeeeeehhhahahahahahaah

  • You paid a lot of many for this didn't you?

  • Lamar should roast him

  • You coulda paid us to make you a video comment. $50 a piece; we would have done way better.

  • Okay I was totally fooled by that tom cruise impersonator...although I knew he looked super young at first but I thought maybe it was just a filter. Anyway the real Tom Cruise is a douche bag Scientology nutjob so you probably got lucky.

  • Penn actually plays bass, and I bet he actually does know who you are too.

  • Johnny Sins may be a good bold star, but he still has morals and can be a good role model minus the porn.

  • im happy he didnt approve floyd. self proclaimed greatness lol

  • I cried when penn showed teller 😭😭😭

  • I liked lammar the most and his boi franklin was the most expensive

  • Jonny sins is actually so wholesome. It is great

  • c o s m i c c o i n c i d e n c e

  • Johnny Sins: "do whatever you want, not whatever someone else tells you to do" Yeah, but you are always following orders from your movie directors, SLAPP MATE!

    • They may tell him what to do, but he always wins in the end...

  • Tomaste lmaooooo

  • Wowwww

  • Tom cruise looks like Jim Carey

  • Davie, friggin love you man. You're hilarious.

  • Chuck reading the script lol

  • bass and drums are like brothers)

  • Wait this is actually amazing wtf 😭😍

  • Epic games

  • How come you spend so much money, my man? Peace

  • 2:15 blizt

  • Why Tom Cruise look so young?

  • This video is at 696,969 views right now jk its at 696,960 but close enough

  • Every other celebrity: i slap bass Johnny Sins: i slap ....

  • We get it Johnny, you like slapping them cheeks

  • Johnny Sins is one of those guys you can't not like, he's up there with Keanu

  • "I am dangerous" I fking died

  • Davie challenges you to play bass against Steve di Giorgio

  • 3:49

  • 690 000 view *omg*

  • 5:04 when u lost in the mall and there a stranger

  • wtf..... Johnny Sins wtf........

  • Epic

  • I think Franklin and Lamar are the best😂😂

  • Yeah video was great but why nobody talking about the fact that you can really hire the celebrities lmao


  • Jhonny also love bass but b is silent 😂

  • Im here to see Saitama Ive Watch es so many of his life action I like it when he goes under cover as a doctor and crap.

  • I recognize the music in the background when the vid starts. Is jt come from 1 of roblox game called "Arsenal," right?

  • I like Chuck Norris the best

  • Celebrity: Gerry Scotti


  • Hehe man of culture.

  • I cane from hun

  • Mio akiyama is my inspiration

  • Johnny unironically seems like a really cool and inspirational guy

  • scendi dal piedistallo Davide

  • Rainn Wilson, Pls!

  • Ciao sono italiano

  • Do what you want -johnny

  • Johnny Sins is my hero He teach me how to be a man

  • I love you

  • This is pretty crazy even though you gotta pay them money

  • Davie should invite Lucy Lennon, Lexi Lore, Elsa Jeans and Kenzie Reeves and Pipper Perri since he invited Jhonny Sins.

  • Johnny w3nt to my school. Spc

  • Steve Harvey *makes gargling noises*

  • I cant stop laughing At lamar one 🤣🤣

  • Franklin really hopes David is Successful 😂😂😂

  • Johnny Sins LOL. What a nice guy :D

  • I guessed Steve Harvey and I feel pretty stupid right now

  • Alip ba_ta

  • Alib ba ta

  • What?

  • I challenge you to play gta 5 but only using bass