Balding Lights (Official Video)

Objavljeno 8. apr. 2021
Blinding Lights by The Weeknd but it's on BASS and i'm BALD so the title is "balding lights"... get it?!? becuz im balD!!! ! !
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  • *bald*

  • I always thought Bass was lame. I have been corrected^Z^Z^Z^Z^Zslapped.

  • Dude your just amazing a true Artist!

  • That's not only the bass that he plays like a legend, but he also does the editing like a legend aswell.

  • I'm actually disappointed at the video for ending

  • blinding light is a good song but meanwhile *B A L D*

  • Hi


  • Seth Everman wannabe smh

  • Solo and upside sunglasses is what made it.

  • Davie Everman

  • I’m the bald guy, wait...

  • "Balding lights" makes every one bald Poor hair dressers : my time has come

  • I like the drum kit lol

  • I saw the glasses in the thumbnail but forgot. I died at 1:39.

  • abel would be proud

  • Bald or Davie 504 either way dude too much. You are above and beyond too much. Good show ole bean

  • h a gyu wf fuc ydbts uxwty

  • 555

  • 333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

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  • hfgdgsgaggagagaGagag

  • I feel dumb for falling for the baldness when I rewatch this

  • Hey bald man

  • Slap the bald like

  • i thought thats seth everman xD

  • why you typing number in the first place boi XD

  • hey man!! just bought my favorite bass, sterling music man, sanded it down and stained it!! love your videos man.!! keep it up

  • 24 years ago

  • 1:46 Seth Everman disguise ahah 🤣🤣

  • Davie504: bald _SethEverman wants to know your location_

  • *Seth Everman would like a word with you*

  • I love the bald power you bring!!


  • ♋?

  • How do I get the tab!?

  • So you practically copied Seth's original video... Good job 😂 Is creativity missing already?

  • Can someone tell him to teach me how to SLAPP ,i think it would be funny for evicting sinners off heaven

  • Can only hit the like button once. Shameful

  • 24 years ago is the mean sos

  • That reverse sunglass is fuckin funny.

  • 1:41 I didn't know Joe Satriani could play Synth! I legit thought the thumb nail was Joe haha

  • Anyone here after Davie ended his baldness?

  • Here after seeing him say goodbye to his bald self, 0:00 *how did we not realise he was faking being bald*

  • n o t t h e v e v o

  • im sorry, i really am.. but fuckin epico!!!!

  • 4,5 OH MAH GOD!! *SCREAMS*

  • Amazing.... He's not looking at the instrument, just playing it. It's no exaggeration to say "blindman lights".

  • I keep staring at your bald head wondering if it's real. I didn't even hear the song

  • Yah realizing I'm a noob for using bass as a drum kit

  • calvooo :D

  • That was EPIC.

  • Davi504 is like billie illish that never smile

  • I undestood the reference

  • Been playing this over and over again. Great cover, Davie! Epico!!

  • Wtf why u shaved ur hair

  • Very impressive

  • I miss him already.

  • My fav vid

  • Beast

  • Are we not gonna talk about the advantage this man gets with his HUGE hands and SUUPER long fingers

  • You are liar You make fun of bald people This is why I will slap you and the like button Because we all know That bald people Don't exist

  • NICE

  • *bald*

  • You neex to try to recrate Brian Mays guitar solo in Bohemian Rhapsody, I think it'll sound fantastic.

  • You are using wig

  • You Are not bald

  • New version of Davie504

  • Thumbnail: Joe Satriani Parody Project

  • it takes alot of baldness to be able to play this good on camera

  • I just wanna ask... At level 2, that are intervals right? Correct me if im wrong

  • You have to slap the synth.

  • *blad*

  • Seth everman wants to know your location

  • wait he's not bald

  • At this point I'm not sure if i'm watching Seth504 or Davie Everman

  • Legit can you upload this to Spotify so I can put it into my 'vibes' playlist?

  • oww, this was amazing!!! congrats from brazil!!

  • you can see from his expression that he really enjoyed making this

  • Epico

  • That stare into your soul tho.

  • Pray for Palestine

  • One Slap Man

  • So catchy

  • Why he bald?

  • God your funky bass sound is just so glorious to behear.

  • Not a fan of song, but cool

  • one slap man bass

  • I'm disappointed.....WHERE IS MY MF SLAP SOUND EFFECT...feel jiped

  • My daughter 2,5years loves this video. Especially when you're wearing your sunglasses the wrong way! And when there's two basses. She slapped like on this video.

  • I like the way he wears the sunglass upside down

  • are you bald

  • Epico

  • SethEverman : Hold my Couch

  • except your BOLD, everything is perfect :D

  • Don't you have to look while playing at the guitar 🙄

  • 00:04 wait it was written 24 years ago

  • I think there hair under the plastic masking on his head.. lol

  • I just realized your not really bold

  • That was a nice jam! stop starring at the camera, look at the BASS....

    • Oh Im bald too, but naturally