i play the synth for the first time EVER

Objavljeno 28. mar. 2021
Playing the synth keyboard for the first time ever.. also im bald
slap like = 1 new hair and leave comment = 10 new hair
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  • which instrument should I play next? leave a *bald* comment NOW 👨🏻‍🦲

  • The first arp synth thing sounded so much like "It's been so long" I thought it was gonna drop to that lmao


  • He looks like Seth Everman lmfaoooo

  • One comment

  • The perfect combo doesn't exist Davie Evermann: Hold my Bald!

  • Nice playing but great video editing. Che bello!

  • You should play the concertina!

  • Nice shiny head saitama

  • could u play on Ottobasso?))

  • Italian Seth Everman

  • Lol I didn’t know him being bald would be canonical 😂😂

  • Bald davie504 more like bald cap David504

  • 0:42 sounds like a song of trickfinger (John frusciante)

  • I fucking love it its catchy

  • Sounds like Jazz Jack Rabbit :-D

  • 0:21 the man behind the slaughter ???

  • Hill climb racing

  • Is this on Spotify? It sounds great

  • Hears the first arpeggioed synth Thinks about fnaf

  • what's the song name?

  • eee ma Waaaaaao 🙉 🙉 🙉


  • Davieeverman on that piano... My life is wholeosme

  • MORE PLEASE!!!!!

  • Ciao sono italiano sei un grande

  • I think you should try playing bass, you might like it

  • I Love You 😘

  • Man that baldcap is annoying

  • bald

  • Instrument: Joe

  • Uno che suoni una canzone di Elio e le Storie Tese....

  • I love this so much, I'm gonna use this as my new Ringtone 👨🏻‍🦲

  • Rockstar Games should use this song for GTA 6 Trailer or something 4sure

  • saitama

  • stevie wonder is much happeh

  • Acoustic guitar pls

  • 0:54 regular show opening

  • The intro reminded me of the song "Stand on the world" by Keedz, cool song :)

  • I like you cut G *slap*

  • Play a Bass recorder

  • The hell is this? A crossover episode?

  • they way his fingers and hands look while playing just hurt me

  • That was fuckin sick!

  • Been away for a minute...why is he bald?

  • It's all bad ass sharps up and down!!!!

  • Jazz Jack Rabbit 2 themes in a nutshell

  • EPIC

  • why do i hear FF8 caraways mansion when i hear this song NotLikeThis

  • Now put it in a game soundtrack.

  • You are a very good synth player.. U should also try bass.. It is also a good instrument

  • imagine him being actually bald lmao

  • look like you came from another planet

  • Lol

  • Try the talkbox

  • As someone who loves synthwave, I approve of this.

  • Nice creation 👍🏽👌🏼

  • uhh Slap Synth lol

  • Mano que som massa da porra. Quem é BR da um like ae. Noiz.

  • The bald cap is too obvious at the beginning of this video. 🧐 Wouldn't it be better to just shave and actually be bald? 🤔 Not having to style the hair daily (or the bald cap for that matter) should be a huge plus and be worth it... 🤷‍♂️

  • Next instrument should be washtub bass Bonus points if you do a jug-blowing melody

  • Next I wanna see a TAH TAH TEETEE TAH rhythm stick solo.

  • play stringed bass I dare u

  • That was awesome broo plase play Death Note themes

  • Very impressive

  • 40 seconds in and already hear a new fnaf song

  • Funky af

  • Hellfire!!!

  • Does someone know the name of the instrument at the beginning

  • Does someone know the name of the instrument at the beginning


  • This is giving me 1990's Sonic the Hedgehog Sega Genesis music vibes mixed with old school super mario platformer games crossover vibes

  • When he tried to do a vibrato on the last note 💀

  • Bald

  • Somebody should sing to this

  • That’s sick

  • I love it how his right thumb is about to slap it out of that synth

  • That was some funky synth! Have 10 more hairs!

  • Bald davie

  • this man is so hilarious 😂


  • Anyone noticed the octave black keys?🤔 synth hack.

  • I leave for 2 months my nigga is bold now...

  • Nice

  • Wow

  • Upload this to Spotify please!!! It is really EPICC!

  • I challenge you to play the Bolivian 10 string ultra piccolo bass also called "Charango" ... And slap on it. O te cuerres!

  • Davie504: I’m playing the Synth for the first time Me: I seen your old videos

  • Is it me or he looks like squidward??

  • Drums

  • ENDERMAN OF 26?!



  • ENDERMAN OF 96??!

  • Baldbass

  • I see you. Going ham on the black keys, eh?

  • Very Impressive.

  • 0:21 kinda sound like a bit of "the man behind the slaughter"

  • very impressive

  • David, the first and last melody sounded like EL Rey Azul! D: