Bald Pianist TROLLS Strangers on Omegle

Objavljeno 4. apr. 2021
i went on omegle as the bald guy and trolled random strangers with my piano
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  • what's up *bald* slappers

    • *BLAND*

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    • Can you slap you *bald* head in the next video pls? That would be epic

    • @EggBruh HAHSHS

    • S L A P T H E B U T T O N

  • You have became bland was epic

  • Finalmente uno italiano

  • You have became Bland!

  • 2:54 HE SMILED

  • 700,000 views .... you gotta SLAP those numbers up those are rookie numbers.


  • You have become bland

  • going bald

  • Bald life matters

  • Firstly shaloin cme in my mind

  • 3:00 ok that got me good

  • 6:20 Johnny Sin hmm

  • you have become bland

  • 1:32 You both like guitar. CHECKMATE, DAVIE

  • Its crazy how we can differentiate Davie from Seth lol

  • song at 5:07?

  • OOOOOoooooooooMmmmmg

  • It’s my impression or the girl in the thumbnail is Davie’s girlfriend

  • Davie sei pellato scaco matto


  • "I'm your biggest fan from India" "I K N O W"

  • Nice shiny head saitama

  • Bald life's matter ,,new world new start

  • He ask who is johnny sins 😂😂

  • 3:14 he knew...

  • the first piano kid is so wholesome and the bald uncle is just going "Do it. DO IT."


  • Bald life matters😂😂

  • Feels so good seing davie smiles and slappin that weird base of his..

  • Se suoni il clarinetto diventi ufficialmente squiddy

  • "i'd give you some standing applause but i'm crippled" 😂💀😭

  • Bella sono Italiano

  • Is that davie's girlfriend on the thumbnail?

  • Davie, you made baldness a cool thing. ÉPICO.

  • no one be talking bout the insane blinding lights remix

  • When you slap the piano.

  • Soo its official ,he's not bald anymore ,he is BLAND now

  • 6:45 “Bald Lives matter” 😂

  • The first time Davie504 has EVER laughed 🤣 3:52

  • the thumbnail changed, hmm *thinks*

  • Tell me how much time that indian guy says Davie ...without rewatching the vedio ....

  • Davie: Do I look different Stranger:You look bland

  • One Slap Man

  • Play Ome tv

  • Bald lives matter.

  • what's the song at 5:45 ? i don't remember the name :( hElP mE

  • 1:08 smile reveal

  • 5:30 look it this

  • I love you so much

  • Bland lives matter

  • *wholesome* *epic*

  • This one Piano will keep the coffin dance alife, hes our last hope XD

  • make a “master of BASS” playing master of puppets on bass like how u did smells pike bass spirit and sweet bass o mine

  • Nice jaz licks

  • I’m trying piano actually

  • 2:55 smile review,check

  • Thumbnail guy looks like "Anto Playz"

  • Dude u agent 47 playing piano Lmao😂😂😂hitman

  • 6:13 you know Johnny sins he is a doctor, plumber, everything 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Por fin.... enloqueció 😥

  • Omg epico slap like now

  • no one Omegle: bans Davie504 Davie: bald lives matter👩🏻‍🦲


  • 6:13 johnny sins fan

  • If johnny sins is playing piano be like but much better

  • Fai felice un big fan, tuo e loro..suona qualcosa degli Elio e le Storie Tese...cheers

  • Do you know Johnny Sins?

  • where can i find the notes of the song at 5:15??

  • Dude at 5:35 looks like Eamon from The Chats

  • Bald lives matter🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • well he is not bald actually. He has something on his head to hide his hair ig!!

  • Challenge with @alexlofoco please!!!!!!!!!!

  • trololo lets go

  • 1:09-1:10 Davie, you have a nice smile!

  • "Bald"LM

  • Stay bald bros

  • 5:35 see that poster? Cultured man found

  • ♥️

  • 5:50 "both liek anime"

  • did anyone noticed you both like guitar!

  • 4:46 ftw?

  • +7:01 always.

  • plot twist: davie is going through chemotherapy

  • Can someone tell me what songs are these? 5:46 and 3:08

  • I am drawing a major blank, what is that song a 5:35

  • nem sabia que o vitor metaforando sabia tocar piano

  • Tiap omegle di banned mlu njr

  • its so cool how the fist guy he met had a plan for when he met him.

  • You guys should know who is Johnny sins

  • Davie504: Maybe I should wear some sunglasses to disguise myself even more. Some random indian fan: Genjutsu of that level doesn't work on me.

  • b*ld guy

  • POV: you were waiting for the girl on the thumbnail

  • Frosono white is Épic

  • 3:33 wht this sound ?

  • Omegle match(you both lik guitar)😳

  • 3:41 @Madox

  • now that was some good Davie. . . even without bass

  • Davie conosci Noemi,Annalisa,Irama?

  • You have become bland