36 STRINGS BASS SOLO (World Record)

Objavljeno 20. okt. 2019
Playing the only 36 Strings Bass Guitar in the World.
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    • 100,000,000 bass strings do it

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  • hold the barre

  • *checkm8*

  • Davie504: Mooom I need new strings !! Mom:Screams softly

  • How I fuking cool

  • that was cool ok were is the 50 string bass solo

  • Me: can't even afford cheap bass hahahaha lol

  • 18 string: jared dines 20 string: stevie t I'm not sure tho


  • EPIC!

  • Vitor Metaforando?

  • yes, bald. Now, his head.

  • *"How many strings can u play bass with?"* Davie: *YES*

  • I want to give more likes! Amazing!

  • That bass got SLAPPED hard

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  • 1:25- 1:41 This sounds very familiar to me, i dont know why

  • How do people NOT like this video?

  • That's not really a 36 string bass. That's just 6 - 6 string basses on a single slab of wood. You would need an incredibly long neck with an angled bridge to create a 36 string guitar. And it would span from the lowest bass tones imaginable to probably soprano tones.

  • lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this guy is a mad genius

  • Ma quanto ci si mette ad accordarlo? Seriamente voglio sapere

  • Now 1M like

  • He says "36 strings bass" (or at least the 36 part) at 0:36

  • I wish Davie have 6 arms to play that 36 strings bass😂😂

  • Someone was born by a condom break, someone by a bass cord slap🤣🤣👋🏼

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  • I don't even play an instrument. I just come here to be abused.

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  • Nice Bass

  • Well done on building up your amazing talent. Respect

  • Omg. Mindblowing.

  • 10m views 1m likes 10k dislikes Satisfyingly beautiful

  • BALD

  • Add link to 69 string bass lmao

  • Oh my god he actually did it

  • This guy is extremely crazy 😎

  • Dann, how long does it take him to tune this thing?xD Wait, ok, he's Davie504, probably he only has to say"bass, tune you" and it does by itself haha

  • World guitarist check (Alip bata)

  • try to open the world guitarist (Alip brick)

  • I have heard Sad But True - Metallica and Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana in this video.

  • This guy is extremely talented

  • can you do some jazzy stuff

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  • Where is 69 lmao string bass, I slap you🤚🏻

  • VERY VERY impressive... but can you do a 69 strings bass solo?

  • good bass GUITAR

  • Lmao he is bald now

  • Let that Ukulele kid try this 🙄


  • ...That's just 3 9-strings glued together lol

  • "Video uploaded on Oct 20, 2019" "1M Likes" 4:21 "If this video gets 500k likes, I will shave my head bald." What a foreshadowing... :D

  • my man playing a table

  • davie is God of music, he should start doing shows and become a Millionaire

  • wow this video has only 1k less dislikes than likes

  • Slap Bass genius...

  • Impressive but can you do 52 string bass solo

  • i love thia crazy guy

  • But why?

  • Davie channeling Rob Scallon, I see

  • How do you even tune that thing

  • Good but can you play a 69 string bass

  • where is the 69 string bass?

  • ur the best 36 sting bassist of the world

  • imagine tuning that thing -_-

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  • Legendary Epico!

  • Davie~ the likes are 1M

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  • Wait some of this sounded like Red Hot Chili Peppers...I SWEAR.......lol

  • Hol up this ain’t 36 strings

  • must take a while to tune it up ...

  • 45 strings bass ?

  • Playing 36 strings bass= EPIC! Playing 69 strings bass = LEGENDARY!

  • can you play 100 string. I know you cant do it 😂

  • 36 DIFFERENT strings. C'mon man. No dice. This doesn't count.

  • Oh my god the fret markers are so funny

  • That's so amazing bro Always strong to make channel 👍🏻

  • NICE

  • So legend

  • Frank Zappa 2.0

  • This entire thing is stupid seeing that its just a multiple tuning series of necks in a sandwich really its not really a 36 string axe its 4 different guitar's

  • Why so many people dislike,? hes awesome ...

  • 1:38 sorry I laughed 😂

  • Make a full song of 2:05 or i will but iit will be alot easier for you to do it then me

  • Is this real

  • Im from indonesia. Thank you

  • he hates guitars but a 36 string bass is more a guitar

  • 1M likes and still waiting for 69 LMAO strings bass

  • What is the song in 2:25

  • where is the 69 string bass davie? where is it huh?

  • Davie is the only boi long enough to wrap his arm around a 36 string bass

  • Wow! OMG

  • next level 69 strings bass solo