Bass VS Guitar Battle with TheDooo but we are GIRLS

Objavljeno 11. mar. 2021
I met TheDooo on Omegle again... this only means one thing: epic bass vs guitar battle.. but we pretend we are girls too. OMG. slap like if you're shocked
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  • mind-blowing 😳

  • Top 5 most epic anime fights. Number 1:

  • my last 2 brain cells

  • Epicccc

  • Sounds like something from Friday night funking


  • Lol🤣

  • This is THE BEST VIDEO EVER😁❗❗ Enjoyed! Slaped 👍👍👍


  • I think the real winner is anyone watching this! Epic bass plus monster guitar makes the dopest times. I'm slapping like while my pick sweeps me over to the next video

  • Davie504 you need to battle Dr funk!!!

  • Guitar

  • *Epic.*

  • TOP 10 epic anime battles, where enemies become friends

  • Guitar won

  • O M G

  • 3:38 hehehe

  • Epic 😎👌

  • The last one was great combination

  • Is this real, or an edit?

  • Even with the Holy Slapp, Davie can't win against the Dooo. Sorry Slappers.

  • Can you guys please make a band?

  • epic

  • Wow so wholesome. Watch to the end lol

  • Thebooo won

  • When need Davie, theDooo and Seth Evermann to do a collab

  • Creppy ending

  • Over here sounden like crash bandacoot

  • i feel like there playing through the fire and flames by dragon force

  • Ur both insane honestly


  • It’s not about competition it’s about making better musics between two legends

  • thedooo got real nice fingers tho.....

  • them both: battling to death me vibing:

  • 3:16 faze_bassgirl use only the 0,001 of hers bass strength

  • The dooo is the best

  • What is the first song called?

  • i love guitar always as we get more strings and thus more sounds

  • You are the best bASS

  • Are no one going to talk about the "you both like davie504 and thedooo"?

  • Who won? Who's next? Find out next time on the Epic Bass Battles of History!!!

  • 5:25 is so satisfying , I cant stop listening to that part

  • nooooooooooooooo this is cursed vid slap the doooo for changing davie from bass to guitar religon

  • Ahahahahaahah you have been left ahahahaha lol

  • Soy tu fan david

  • Best finger style indonesia, alip bata 4 milion subc, check it dave slape ...

  • Keep slapping that bass

  • Best video ever, Wanna cry

  • Me: *get ready to just gear some music to fall asleep to* Also me: *Sees this video* Now it’s 2:30

  • 2:24 for the battle replay button. keep up the content davie :)

  • Bro davie packin dem tigolbitties

  • Davie with a guitar isnt real he cant hurt you

  • I think I am gay

  • the Dooo is the winr.

  • the Dooo wer

  • 3:48 just leaving this here for me

  • 2:34 what's a song?

  • awesomeee

  • Amazing

  • Unplugged bass..

  • Kyle Brian on drums, then Davie504 on bass, The Doo on lead with Jared Dine shredding alongside to.

  • The doo wins man 😅 still both sick but I'm a guitar guy 🎸🤘

  • Freaking epic. Absolutely epic.

  • If a Mario song was bass and rock guitar

  • What was the dooo playing at the end before he disconnected

  • Epic

  • This was such a surreal dream, and I can't be happier that happened. But imagine if they do this as a charity online concert for at least 1 hour! It's a win-win and everyone feel better for helping kids in hunger and listen maybe the most EPIC concert of this year!

  • oh yeah.. ok no yo aqui luciendome :''v

  • 3:41 pls full version! :D

  • The world best thedooo

  • At this point, it's a fetish. A veery specific fetish involving drag and strings.

  • I Think you both winn but for me Thedoo has a realy nice Sound and that i like it. So for me has winn thedoo

  • Nice 👍

  • 2big plot twist


  • 3:14 I'm so speechless at that part

  • What were all the songs tou played against him in the 2 battle

  • What was the first song you played and he copied

  • Go on omegle with the girl cosplay and play tbe guitar

  • finally the war ended

  • Bro I'm dying. Imagine a Bass Guitar channel having this much Retention and entertainment with every video, and every collab. Good halesome content as always.

  • *w h a t a s h a m e*

  • Ya know, Davis 504 is the only guy that can say 69 and I don’t feel any sexual tension when he says it.

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  • No one slaps on Omegle like Davie but no one shreds on Omegle like TheDooo. We need to find an Omegle drummer.

  • davie sinned by playing guitar :0

  • Me in a SLnumber video spiral, starting with cute video cats, then minecraft videos, skate it videos and ending in Davie videos

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  • Love how they always coordinate the color of their instruments haha

  • 4:10 someone knows the name of this song? or he created this for this video?

  • TheDooo won!

  • Where do I get the MP3?

  • Slap the like

  • and i love bass and i am your fan davie

  • i play giutar

  • Bass VS Guitar Battle With TheDooo but we are hode (Trap)

  • Cool Epic battle Bass Vs Guitar

  • Both

  • Why does Davie talk in my head like Borat

  • 4:58 is it an actual song? if so what is it

  • my face is starting to hurt from all that slapping

  • TheDooo just got it man....