Snoop Dogg RAPPED with Me and my BASS

Objavljeno 12. okt. 2020
I played bass with Snoop Dogg and he rapped with me! it finally happened.
very emotional times
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  • M&M next??? Slap like if you're spittin fax too

  • Soon 500.000 likes.

  • Why you are not smiling oh come on 😁🙏🏻

  • love the trumpet kid and the Stay Weird shirt.

  • i wanna hear more jam sessions

  • RAW REAL TALENT!!!!!! except the doggy dog..

  • Harry Mack Marcus Veltri and theDooo should make a song with this guy!!!!

  • I think snoop was the worst 😂😂😂

  • 4:00 I just loved his performance he's a beast ❤️

  • 7:16 there it is

  • Does anybody know why 504??? Hay alguien que sepa porqué 504??? Cè Qualcuno che sa perché 504 ???

  • we almost hit 500k likes man

  • That hurt my soul so bad, because the majority of the people who send you a rap it's white...

  • I like how davie504 is just nice to everyone n doesnt criticize people who give him their performances. I thought i was nice...nah d5 kills em w kindness, i wonder sometimes what he really thinks or if hes toally real w his responses. Like yea we share the same mystery humor, its a slippery slope....this guy.... or you, davie, if you actually never read this, again, youve got a cool attitude... Itd be a trip to chill w you, the gold string stingray is choice, it makes me miss my rickenbakkkablahbla blah

  • Mc paul barman should do an album w davie504 if that 1st guy was unironically davie504's favorite choice

  • What a waste of time rapping about your cat.... you should rap to your cat using only words your cat knows, n cat sound....thats what I do, at least.

  • You slap me like 69 times EPIC

  • OMG ❤️

  • Hey Davie, cosa significa 504? Hey Davie, what does 504 means?

  • number 1 was the bass

  • "O my god"

  • 4:00 was 👌🎤

  • slap

  • The first guy is next Eminem, and second one is next Mike Shinoda, I'm telling you guys!

  • snoop dog is the best

  • snoop dog lol

  • Love from Australia 🇦🇺

  • Awesome 😆😆😆

  • That guy that was playing the drums and rapping\singing was awesome. Also would be awesome to see you hit 10m you seem like a good person and actually have REAL TALENT compared to some of the "top 30 artists" right now imo

  • The first guy reminded me of Weird Al....

  • FU... Davie504: ( shows holy slap ) Me: Oh shi I mean a shoot sorry won't happen again

  • Guaaaaau qué hermoso

  • mass debate?!? xD

  • This is an important video

  • Snoop dogg looked genuinely high lol

  • Epic

  • Lol 11k likes left

  • Snoop Dogg was my favorite. Its smooth and rolls like some weed.

  • Snoop Dogg is on team bASS

  • The catty part sounds like RHCP, and I love it 🤣🤣

  • heard you might be selling signed bass guitars . . . well? "SLAP!" how much

  • wait why is snoops actually nice to listen to

  • Hez smokin weed👀

  • Drummer wins

  • wow ! Groovy! So many great artists. Thanks Davie to bring them up. That kid bassist jamming whith you....... Epic. No, really F...... Epic.

  • ending of the song at 5:16 is epico, davie you rhymed it and slapped it.

  • 4:02 my personal favorite he nailed it

  • SnopDog 6,5/10 other persons 9,5/10

  • the second was the best rap by faaaaaar

  • lol snoop dog phoned it in

  • we are almost at 500K likes.

  • how on earth people rap? I can't even talk normal.

  • Laurier

  • Beautiful beat!


  • Epico

  • I love drummers like that, solid fundiementals, can hold a beat for hours . Mike choe was dope. Good stuff all around

  • EPIC

  • "Rap and swear words don't fit together"

  • you paid snoop for that rap? shit he should have paid you that was weak on his part :(

  • That rimed perfekt 5:10

  • Wow i really felt it when he said "this is christian channel"

  • My fav was kittyguy

  • One weed later

  • I read: "Snoop Dogg RAPED me with my bass"

  • I’m a pro rappist

  • Snoop dogg was bad

  • Mmmm bass.

  • H O L E Y W O W , verrrrrrrry kool bro

  • Just found Davie504 - thoroughly enjoy his SLnumber persona! Noice Davie!

  • Ok that piano solo was awesome

  • I thought the first two were the best

  • 2:11 dance award :)

  • 2

  • There needs to be a mega cut of all the raps together.

  • This one with the cat was amazing

  • Loved the piano and trumpet!! And cat guy

  • 4:43 it was Machoman Randy Savage who was the cream of the crop rising to the top, not Hulk Hogan. Sorry but can't look past that.

  • 2 atom boomb

  • Dude just put all them verses together an u have a song

  • The bass line that Davie made kind of sounds like Got to be real

  • 7:09 😉

  • snoop dogg rap- wait im dyslexic

  • Check yes yes show its same sound Hey my name is vinci And im neat I love pretty girls And i love to eat I made this rap from my mind And im very very kind

  • Lets try 2pac nex on 1000000 likes

  • 3:22 was my favorite. The drums and singing at the end put it over the top for me, but I enjoyed the one right after quite a lot.

  • Lots of good rappers. Need to get paid.

  • this channel makes me so happy, seeing people enjoying themselves and making great music. Not just that, you keep it classy, disqualifying the F Bombs. Its true. You dont need curse words for good music. Davie, you really inspire people, and you are a master of your craft. Thank you for your channel!

  • Cat guy.

  • All of them did good

  • holy shit he almost got 500k likes

  • Epico!

  • Where does he announce these kinds of events? :)

  • 4:44 ..... Hulk Hogan wasn’t cream of the crop. That was Randy Savage. And you best pray to Macho Man for his forgiveness lest he snap your neck like he snaps into Slim Jims.

  • long hair made me think of FrankZappa,give me your dirty love

  • Uh Davie I think you should make a version of this combining all the best parts where they're layered playing on top of one another. A medley of sorts

  • What if m&m played bass? ps i slap like every time. ps my phone screen broke, slapped too hard

  • 4:00 killed it..


  • Ooof I wish u had Harry Mack on here too :D