I play the PIANO for the first time EVER

Objavljeno 19. dec. 2020
I play the piano for the first time ever on this channel
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  • i'm the *piano* guy

  • Bring in the Drums 🤘

  • PLAY IT ON BASS (because I can't😢)

  • Have you ever heard about Chonguri. 🤣🤣 Georgian traditional BASE. you will love it.

  • please please electric guitar and play enter sandman!!!! or acoustic guitar and play despacito!!!! damn good bass player davie 504 from the Philippines!!!

  • EPICO!

  • Very impressed. You'd be a great jazz pianist.

  • Till 34 seconds I was thinking why didn't u say SLAAAAAAAAP....

  • Play Eddie van Halens guitar solo from beat it ...... on your bass i bet you can never do it

  • He can play every instrument perfectly

  • Is the sheet music for this anywhere?

  • NOICE BUT NO PEDALS USE (anyways legend of all time)

  • Why I am such a talentless loser

  • Wow, looks like he made it to day 2 of Simply Piano!

  • But it was pretty good

  • I do not believe that he played the piano for the first time

  • Clarinet

  • What are the name of the songs?

  • Synth piano

  • That was my instrument bro! Piano and bass are great!

  • That thing is easy

  • I Am Also A Piano Guy! BUT, On Android Phone! Can't Afford Real Piano!😭

  • So nice

  • Of course... The first song he plays...🤦

  • Ur PanPiano!!

  • Fun Fact: Piano is 88/230 strings bass No. He is playing a bass.

  • He revealed his ears😂😂😂👏👏👏👏

  • I'm in Vinheterio's side now

  • Hi. I think trumpet is a good idea!

  • headset?

  • *EPIK*


  • No you not piano guy

  • I wish musicalbasics also commented '-'...

  • Bass!!

  • Wait... So... that was a spoiler for what will happends. Kind of.

  • You should play Rush E on the piano!!

  • Piano = 88 strings bass Unfortunately, my piano has only 61 strings (with 6 C notes and 5 of each of the rest 11 kinds of notes), but it has enough strings to sing my favorite songs

  • This guy looks like Davie504 but with hair.

  • O M G, but can you play the piano with bananas?

  • is that a Japanese Piano?

  • Non hai messo i sottotitoli io come faccio a capire ora

  • Bad hand posture

  • God bless you guys!

  • Dayummmmm 🤩 I have been playing piano for 2 years and can't play this good ✋💀 😭😭😭😭😭 ✋😀

  • Saaaax pls

  • You could but that’s not the first time

  • Impressive but I think someone like him would have the basic notes down. "he did piano as a Teenager."

  • Try harmonica

  • You can admit you like piano better and prefer it to bass and that piano is superior to bass. Also that piano is the harder instrument.

  • Never play piano again please.

  • There's no way this is real. If this is your actual real first time playing then there is no way you are this good for a first time. This means war for pianist who feel like participating.

  • Still Dre cracked me up.

  • What song was he playing

  • Piano is really good music from ears Me as a pianist be like : nani?!! music in piano is so cool

  • Man, I'm waiting for the song on the 1:10 it's so sick sounding

    • Ik davie made it but does anyone know if it was in a video before?

    • It was a piano 🎹 slap OMG

  • What are all the song’s names?

  • but can you play this song on the bass?

  • Darn mate you are so talented that you make me envy (in a good sense) ;)

  • what is the name of 2nd song

  • what is the name of 2nd song

  • Ok this is what i like to call an epic gamer moment!

  • Davie finger can react till the last bar😆

  • Why are his headphones on? Any1 wondered that?

  • C’mon these are the easiest versions you can choose of, that moonlight sonate didn’t even sound as moonlight sonate to me

  • 2:06 I knew he will do it😂

  • Klarinet

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  • 2:18 u always do that....... I love it

  • Septuple camera angle guy?!?!

  • Unlucky me In my birthday playing piano HATE IT LOVE CLARINET

  • 👀👂👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👊

  • this is just a 230 string bass

  • You play nal dolak in nxt video

  • You’re a monster! You can play any kind of instrument and sound perfectly, amazing! Music trough the vein, EPICO!

  • Thought you'd never play such an instrument SLAPPER!

  • U play well man!

  • really impressive

  • What were the songs he played called?

  • ngl i'm starting to believe Davie is Pan

  • Davie's hands are like the president who plays piano in "Monsters vs. Aliens"

  • Hey i will not slap the like if you not play Rush E

  • hay whatever instrument davie plays, iz just a 100000000000000000000000% always for me

  • This dude is programmed to play all type of instruments

  • the most talented guy

  • I really wished he would play Bohemian Rhapsody

  • That went from depressing to jazzy to memes to megalovania to jazzy to depressing. Nice.

  • can anyone pls tell me that which music is this 2:23 after megalovania i just love it

  • The long fingers of his help him a lot

  • joe watch this plz

  • Ho capito che sei italiano, come me, hai un look a metà tra "L'incorruttibile Lupin" e Celentano. 2:58: questa la suonava anche Bosso: "La 12°stanza". Sei NOTEVOLE.

  • It was fun

  • I was waiting for giornos theme

  • Whats the name of the first melody he plays??....

  • Slap the piano

  • u look realy pail

  • Spoiler: Crossover in the coments..

  • Zither

  • Moonlight sonate

  • so this means learn BASS = you will know how to play every other instrument.