I play the PIANO for the first time EVER

Objavljeno 19. dec. 2020
I play the piano for the first time ever on this channel
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  • i'm the *piano* guy

  • nice

  • What is this music that starts in 1.10?

  • Ukelele

  • Music names pleasse

  • multitalented

  • Real EPIC PLAY

  • Download simply piano than can you piano learning

  • 🅱️assssssss. Play 🅱️asssssss

  • sitar

  • i heard a ton of songs. For some reason I could hear Attack on Tinal final season op 1 a bit and damnn i got really excited when I heard it.

  • Imagine that finger can reach 🥲

  • I always love seeing people who normally play stringed instruments trying to do vibrato on a piano, I don't know why but it just makes me so happy xD

  • Davie being racist on other instruments (that's weird for me)

  • there is a hand held electric piano which you can play like guitar, it was used in the 80s music videos. Amazing beautiful music i enjoyed; and your use of the coffin meme music suits you perfectly and brings smile.

  • Wow its that real?!

  • Hey! It's My Instrument!

  • you should try playing trumpet!

  • Thats Kawai👀

  • As a pianist, I AM JEALOUS OF THE BIG HANDS. 🤣🤣

  • Min 2,40 touch on heart

  • 😳♥️

  • can you play "sape"????? i think NOT 404 hffffh

  • Could you put this on Spotify?

  • davie slowly turning in rob scallon

  • Does no one know the fact that hes piano has the word KAWAI=Cute

  • Thought he was making an attempt at moonlight sonata at 2:57 got confused af for a sec

  • Ah yes, coffin dance. *The satisfaction*

  • I am severely offended that piano is one big joke for him. I mean i literally learned all of these songs in five minutes each

  • why isn't he slapping the piano?

  • bro, you play all the instruments very cool, even though I myself am from Russia and do not always understand what you are saying, but how do you play it just clearly continue in the same spirit

  • moonlight sonata in wrong tonality kill every pianist

  • why are you playing moonlight sonata in a different key?

  • The memes are too strong.

  • Very cool!

  • Distroy the PIANO slap The BASS SLAPPES!!

  • Toca el Violoncello

  • 1.11 song? Or is that a thing that he make?

  • เก่งสุกยอดเลยครับ

  • Omg

  • Not bad,you do need to brush up a little on technical works tho,but overall its nice.Those HUGE hands tho-

  • No one gonna ask why he wearing headphones?

    • He was wearing headphones because the instrument would be loud

  • Whats the sad first song hes playing name?

  • Yes you are 😚

  • play kazoo

  • I really want the sheet music for the song :'v , and I think I'm not the only one?

  • Ukulele plsss

  • Cool

  • Wow good piano man

  • You can play coffin dance?

  • Good piano music

  • 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • this guy makes no acknowledgement of the fact that his size makes such of a massive difference in difficulty.

  • 1:44 coffin dance I love it 😍😍😍

  • You similar a Victor Metafimose after 5kg of cocaine :D

  • 2:17 only joe has the rights to play that

  • Hey can you upload this piano solo to Spotify

  • Did he write this?..

  • From now on this should be piano channel

  • please make a guitar video lol

  • *billy joel.*

  • vinheteiro?

  • Giorno's Theme :(

  • try to play beethoven on piano

  • Play baritone guitar

  • Did you notice that the most important thing for a musician is to play in time?

  • Good edit😉

  • Your REALLY Good I like it Keep it up! :)


  • Kawai

  • this is so cursed

  • Way too easy bud stick to the bass

  • You betrayed davie

  • And here in the comments, you can see a rare appearance of the Piano Trifecta - Vinheteiro, SMB and Rosseau

  • 2:23 what is it? name of the song? i am Italy

  • Boogie

  • If that was the first movement of the moonlight sonate he played it in the wrong key haha

  • He submitted to Joe Jenkin threats

  • Your really noob on piano

  • was this suppose to be a response to Joe Jenkinson? lol

  • Bass

  • noticed the KAWAI

  • I´m Gonna Get Suicide then I will come to coment... WTF ... Horrible

  • Somehow he slaps without bass too..



  • Now play violin without editing(faking). . . .Can you? Haha

  • What songs did you play

  • am i supposed to be impressed? that’s very easy to play

  • what's the song at 4:00

  • This is so beautyful 😂👌


  • Dammm

  • baritone saxophone!!!

  • Thank you so much for putting it at an angle that we we cant learn it :*)

  • I want you to play 🅱️ASS how about that?

  • Davi please play .. 12 string guitar !!

  • Bass

  • Love brooooooo

  • Thank you Davie 504, I learned your piece on the piano, this is a very very interesting piece