Donating to Streamers ONLY if they do THIS...

Objavljeno 20. jan. 2021
Donating all my life savings to famous twitch streamers & more! But they have to do THIS..
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  • I need to find that song on 06:50 which the drummer was playing and the harp singer sang beautifully. Lovely video🙏❤️ the bass player was amazing

  • We've been click baited? Lol

  • 5:03 EPIC fall in love time code.

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  • You have made me sub to your youtube channel. Thank you for making my day bruh 😂

  • my dad got rid of BASS and go my worse enemy the GIUTAR!

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  • The harp thing was amazing

  • I can't slap to save my life

  • Can someone please tell me the song Lizz Vega sang/played at 4:59? I'm blown away and I need more of that in my life

  • You will never find out that im a bass player hehe

  • pog sykkuno

  • The girl who plays the harp. I hope someday she'll get famous. She's so amazing and mind blowing, she sang the song like an Angel.

  • K on wow😍😍😍🙏

  • Comments are now 6.9K *NICE*

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  • Hentai slap bass song name???

  • You should just play along with these streamers more often. That was awesome.

  • If it weren't by you Davie, I wouldn't even be aware of those people. Thanks for featuring them.

  • 6969 comments.. OMG!

  • The duet groove thing is really cool.... You should do more of these.

  • Ayyyeee it’s the queen Lizz Vega. She’s amazing.

  • Damn Hikaru is so arrogant

  • davieXhjfreaks when?

  • M1 30

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  • Ma lord davie🔥🔥

  • Yes that's dude is right your a youtube bass slapper royalty

  • Poor Quackity 😂

  • Thank you for telling us about so many talented musicians and artists! You share so many super people with us.

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  • epic lulz

  • To many streamers play RUST

  • Nice jam 👌

  • I enjoyed the video. 🎼

  • 4:57 beautiful girl with a talent ❤️ Well that's new!

  • USD Dollars lol


  • I like the anime the most... Scary

  • M1 D28

  • Next video: donate vtubers so they can sing a song!

  • This was really cool content! Keep it up!

  • I got a sub for charlie :)

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  • Are this comment popular if the KoRn bassist and davie504 should have a bass battle

  • Bella Ciao at 3:33. Bene

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  • poor quackity didn’t get any gift subs lol

  • Who is that girl on the harp? Does she have a youtube channel? I need to listen more to her.

    • It has a channel called Lizz Vega

  • So many talented people, very nice

  • M1 D25

  • Hy bro I love to slap like when you say ❤️👋


  • M1 D24

  • I never knew he won’t censor swear words

  • The drum part was my favorite!!

  • It's so cool how you support other musicians! Makes me want to start my own channel... Maybe Markie489?

    • @Siddhant Sahu yes, yes she is! Thank you! Her name is Ash. Named after Ash Williams... Killer of the evil dead! 🤓

    • Ur dogge cute

  • 2:31 lol :D

  • i like how he support musicians


  • Davie please play my favorite bass line. GOT THE LIFE from KORN. solid fans here from bohol philippines. Thank you.

  • Brasileiros ouvindo a musica Bella Ciao KKKKKKk

  • Congrats on your 9M Davie!

  • M1 D23 congo for 9million

  • 7:17 very EPIC. Please do more of THIS.

  • Just came back to this channel after a few years..

  • did he just understand the korean language ??

  • You are crazy supporter salute

  • Bro that harp girl gave me semi when she started singing

  • Ok but can we talk about how freaking C R I S P the harp girls audio is.... that’s some c r i s p y audio.

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  • lizz vega is so talented. i’ve wanted to play the harp for years but i can’t afford a harp lol

  • The harp girl gave me chills, wow

    • @sofi villa ok

    • @DameX Yes!

    • Did you get the notification of my like?

  • pls upload whole song of harp girl...

  • Play GOAT by Polyphia on Bass😐

  • Epic!!

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  • I am 9 millionth subscriber

  • hjfreaks FTW

  • ROBSON BAROLI! 🤘😁❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Wish I was in a position as such. Amazing dude

  • Why is the harp girl not a millionaire!!! Horrible rappers and pop stars with no talent are making millions.

  • sorry but does no one remember h.jfreaks here? i fucking dropped my beer when i saw him.

  • 2:20 True veteran weeb

  • @Davie504 watch @Mattias Krantz bass grand piano.

  • @Davie504 watch @Mattias Krantz bass grand piano.

  • Davie504 watch @Mattias Krantz bass grand piano.

  • @Davie504 watch @Mattias Krantz bass grand piano.

  • @Davie504 watch @Mattias Krantz bass grand piano.

  • OMG

  • Some streamers are more deserving than the others it seems

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  • I play piano and that is horrible I hate the bass and I like piano

  • USD dollar ?? 😄

  • Smh hikaru nooooo this man was probably too focused on a game to react still an L

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  • wow sick men :D

  • 3:33 rosin please 😭😣💔