Donating to Streamers ONLY if they do THIS...

Objavljeno 20. jan. 2021
Donating all my life savings to famous twitch streamers & more! But they have to do THIS..
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  • You will never find out >:3

  • Charlie should pick up the BASS. I know he would kill it as a basist

  • I heard k-on somewhere. I press like.

  • That harpist/singer was incredible!!!!!

  • David your eye. they are sign that you a losing your vigour

  • Evad, the japanese slapper and the girl harper was really good. Sick if u collabs with em

  • Davie donates 69€ to hikaru Hikaru: we could go rook e1

  • Вау , а неплохой дуэт вышел из вас )

  • The Nakamura's react are the best hahahaha

  • O Goulart tá diferente kkkk

  • Well... I need a bass noow @-@

  • Harpist was awesome

  • This is why you are number 1.

  • I came here to see the harp getting broken but actually Davie checkmated me

  • You brainwashed me. Now i can't help but have to slap 👍 button on every clip. Very persuasive.

  • Dude i bet when you donated 69 dollars to Hikaru he was thinking of 69 different samurai ways to checkmate his opponent. He is the boss himself 😂😂

  • Their reactions are so awesome hahaha

  • I did slap the subscribe button and the like slap finger stuff. But as a good poor Brazilian, I know to play bass (and I love it) but I had no money to buy one. So, if you see any lonely video of mine in tiktok, pls be happy with the acoustic guitar or the ukulele.

  • I'll start streaming bass on twitch, doesn't matter that I only know 2 songs

  • OMG I got scammed

  • 2:47 k-on still living

  • David504 Where Do You Get All This Money From?

  • Davie you're a legend

  • 2:35 is the most Japanese thing that ever Japanesed

  • haven't heard bella ciao in so long

  • kinda miss watching k-on now 😔

  • The woman playing harp should be a star

  • usd dollars

  • 2:34 sounded so familiar, had to search it up. Thanks for reminding me about K-On.

  • What's up. . .slap

  • 자랑스러운 대한민국의 변태 오빠가 코쟁이의 거대 자본과 몸을 섞, 아니 방송을 석었군!!!

  • YES - ENJOYED !!!

  • U have problems and i like u for that

  • Harp girl was awesome

  • Nooo 9M subs Pls 10M subs

  • This is the greatest donation of All Time

  • Is it just me or didn't Hikaru literally even care for your donation?

  • get slaped :(

  • that harp girl looks like she's got angel wings on her back. it doesn't help that she plays harp and sings like an angel too.

  • your videos make me happy, if anyone hasn't slapped like do it now!

  • Is that why i prefer Magnus Carlsen, Chekmate!

  • That song is not Italian I'm sorry it's from an Spanish serie

  • What does a sub cost ?

  • Dang.. that Korean dude is epic!!

  • I like that he grooved with the drummer! OMG

  • ı stopped listening to anything with harp after Harpo Marx passed away

  • 7:39 relaxing and sip ☕ 4:53

  • You're awesome dude!

  • 6:33 yoooo why does Davie right here look like CaptainFlower the League of legend caster? 😂😂😂

  • 8:23 My fav

  • The Enormous Room, Mr. Manring. Do you need to get Zon bass free? or is this song with zero slap beyond you? not saying i'll full pay for the base, but, i'll donate to ANY crowd funding effort to get you to play the ZON bass

  • the only one I knew was HJFreaks, I'm so sorry.

  • 3:33 instant money heist flashbacks

  • I cant Play any Instrument except for Piano without Scales and notes. But i Love to Play Funk Bass so donate to me for bein da real wiwhsjaiallalaöaöyix

  • ❤️


  • i enjoyed this video

  • Davie the most funkiest funk of the God of funk. You're awesome

  • I play bass too

  • I play music terribly but I’ll screech into a microphone for you for donations

  • Will you please open the earphone

  • I NEED to slap this LIKE x9999999999

  • I eNjOyEd ThIs ViDeO

  • I wanted to do slapp like u

  • he dismissed big q

  • what- why is quackity there-

  • I wanted to slap my bass but remembered I don't have one so I went over and slapped my neighbour, I don't think he appreciated it as much as I did!!!! Great video my man.

  • Nice

  • qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq

  • "The flesh light streamer"

  • U said “WISE WORDS”

  • U can speak japan??????

  • Very well-done Davie. Sharing your subscribers and $ with others. You can do no wrong sir.

  • Rip quackity

  • 4:04 who else knows him?

  • the day u posted this it was my birthday lol

  • I play bass, playing original songs for my mate. You're the man

  • Davie is an AAGG.

  • Hikaru: "I don't get it chat" face

  • 4:59 wow

  • 5:58 🤦🏻‍♂️Hikaru doesn’t get it

  • You’re such a nice guy👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • My favorit part was the japanese guy playing hintai🤣🤣

    • the korean guy ?

  • This was probably my favorite stream video yet, some really amazing people!

  • DUUUUDEEE that hentai slaptastic jam was AMAZING!!!


  • Harp made me goosebumps 😍❤❤

  • JAPANESE WORDS.... davie: Wise words... JAJAJAJAJ

  • Really wished could afford a bass

  • I played bass in high school my music teacher got mad at me for slapping my BASS

  • Harp-Girl 👏👏👏👏EpiCO 😎👍🏻🥂DanDrum groove 👏👏👏🤔EpiCO 👍🏻

  • I will checkmate you if you buy me a bass I will learn it and will epic battle you !

  • I enjoyed this video.

  • I play guitar. I am very much considering going and buying a bass tomorrow

  • Jam with live drummer was soothing

  • I don’t see smashed harp but I watched anyways *checkmate*

  • quackity got bruh

  • i like the sound of the harp :)


  • Epic