They Said She's the BEST BASSIST IN THE WORLD...

Objavljeno 9. feb. 2021
Reacting to some of the best bass solos EVER.. they said she's the best bass player... let's see!
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Video I reacted to:
Victor Wooten:
Clay Gober:
Billie Sheehan:
Esperanza Spalding:
Diviniti Rox:
Les claypool:
0:00 Intro
0:18 First bASS Solo
1:33 2nd bass solo
2:40 3rd bass solo
3:30 Anime bass solo
4:04 5th bass solo
5:07 6th bass solo
5:44 7th bass solo
6:19 8th bass solo
7:07 9th bass solo
7:41 10th bass solo
8:55 My favorite bass solo
9:28 Outro
9:53 OMG

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  • *omg*

  • She has gorgeous tatas

  • I have a $hitload of respect for Victor Wooten but I think he is so talented he just shows off in most videos I've seen... reminds me of Michael Batio on the guitar front. Skill != composition.

  • The Girl Bassie was the Best !!!

  • Has a nice rack system 😉

  • Tal wilkenfield, mostly because she is Australian

  • all of them were great but Mio the anime one is still my fave lol

  • 0:18 if you look closely, you can see a Base.

  • I wanna Korean Subtitles!!!!

  • Claypool

  • Where was Mohini Dey?

  • she don’t even have a bra smh...

  • Yoooooo miooooooo

  • I'm leaving a comment now.

  • Wow!

  • That moment when a guitar ad plays in the middle of a bass solo video 🤣

  • Ya know, there some people out there who evaluate bass players by criteria other than soloing ability. Or did the intentional irony go over my head.

  • Was I the only one to not look at the bass and notice she wasn’t wearing a bra?

  • The girl that could sing and play base was frickin hot Yeah she played good too

  • Misa the barefoot assassin.

  • Davie504 you not easily impressed at all. and that's a good thing.I trust your musical judgement,because you can duplicate any bassline in the world!!!!!!

  • You want the best you have to go back to Stanley Clark.

  • Wow Ayemu! So complex, so fast, but such clarity of each note, and such a crazy clean tone!

  • Love Tai Wilkenfeld.

  • damn lucky base.


  • Davie watching girls playing bass and complementing them? *Simp.*

  • I clicked for the free tiddy

  • I’ve been following Tal for years now... Australian Girl makes it big time...

  • Maxwell Murders, Rancid, By Matt Freeman.

  • Nathan East bass master.

  • The 5th one left me like. 🤪🤨😛🤪🤨

  • You have to stand in awe, of the universal and unparalleled power to draw and hold attention, of the nipple.

  • What a dweeb!

  • All great bassists plus les clay pool who is really in his own place above everyone else , he plays bass on some instruments that only look like a bass in passing lol

  • Jeff Beck and Tal combo...... best.........

  • I miss sdaiya intro

  • Did anyone notice that the first girl was also playing bass?

  • I think she eats pineapple pizza

  • Love the slaps 🤣

  • You need to check out The Warning Muse - Hysteria (bass cover). 15 year old Alejandra.

  • One word. Nipple.

  • Whenever I see a video of Tal I always turn it on HD so I can hear it better

  • No Mohini Dey?

  • I think Jack Bruce is the best bassist ever.

  • I think it's fair to say... Shes clearly enjoying herself. 👀

  • What am I lookin at...? oh nuthin.. ...just playin man thanks for the vid Davie, i was in a very foul mood, now i feel less foul

  • I like master bassers

  • Now I know what the cutouts on top of guitars are for.

  • yall down too bad

  • Tal makes me want to burn my house down with my bass inside it.

  • Not gonna lie, when I saw the thumbnail, I almost thought for a sec that he was gonna pull another skirt from his special closet

  • Davie pretending not to smile

  • Knew who this was from the thumbnail!!!

  • OMG I didn't know it's a like that big field Tq 🙏 to introducing me

  • Those headphone ear cups are getting pretty scuffed homie

  • Geddy Lee.

  • I wonder if this video get demonization

  • Oh good heavens, Tal.

  • Who are "they"? I've seen a magazine list of "100 best guitarists ever" that didn't include Blackmore. "they" are often wrong.

  • Esperanza was clearly the best player of this bunch. THAT is real bass playing - no wanky, flashy, nonsense acrobatics.

    • Victor Wooten can do whatever he wants. He is a legend. Period.

  • 1:55 he use pick not epic!

  • Tal Wilkenfeld

  • 0:18 holy men loses their holiness 👍

  • I'm old and biased... Les Claypool for the win. lol

  • SlAP! Yes that one you said was your favorite, colossal skills-but Wooten is just too good, kinaesthetically speaking. Tal Wilkenfeld is of course Jeff Beck's favorite, can't be bad.

  • 3:32 Wtf?? What show is this???

  • Best bass solo I’ve ever heard.


  • 0:34 Anyone else see something poking on her chest?

  • Nobody's talking about Ayumu :( so talented

  • NO JACO PASTORIUS??? Davie504, you go back to Davie503 for that oversight.

  • you havent seen Jeff Beck?

  • As a drummer I would enjoy playing with all these great artists. Peace be upon Grinch!

  • Wow, totally awesome, but I still think Jaco Pastorius needs to be looked at… a long time, over and over again.

  • Vogliamo parlare di ALAIN CARON ?

  • 2:45 :-0

  • *TAL WILKENFELD* Thank you for letting people know about her. She’s been great for over a decade now.

  • Tal Wilkenfield is so incredibly overrated.

  • i love tal!!!!!!

  • good one again

  • No Jaco?

  • I came for the tit. I stayed for the bass..

  • It must have been chilly at the Beck concert

  • yeah Tal Wilkenfeld. I bought her solo album.

  • 'That first girl'? Her name is Tal Wilkenfeld. Beck only works with women.

  • Your channel is incredible. I Love your straight faced Humor!! Ha, ha.

  • First bass was perfectly made(If you know what I mean)

  • SLAPPED right in the ear holes...BASS

  • LES CLAYPOL of course

  • Sign your name across my BASS I am 52 !!!!! From Israel

  • Totally agree with your choice!!👍

  • I see a nipple 😲

  • you should show a still image of your face on the reaction to video view

  • This fella is pretty funny

  • There is a prodigy named Mohini Dey. Look up for her.

  • That black glasses man smile..

  • I love that bo..I mean bass solo👍

  • So happy to finally see Billy Sheehan on your channel. I would have loved one of his older vids like something from one of the G3 tours, but still, one of my favorites of all time, up there with Cliff Burton as far as one of the best metal bass players of all time; Flea, geezer butler, John paul jones, noel redding, and geddy lee as one of the best Rock bass players in terms of he had played both genres so well and like them revolutionized a style in rock/ahead of their time mainstream wise.

  • Bro. Pulls up Victor Wooten sand I’m like how can you even call yourself a bassist if you don’t know who he is? Me & my bass guitar!