They Said She's the BEST BASSIST IN THE WORLD...

Objavljeno 9. feb. 2021
Reacting to some of the best bass solos EVER.. they said she's the best bass player... let's see!
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Video I reacted to:
Victor Wooten:
Clay Gober:
Billie Sheehan:
Esperanza Spalding:
Diviniti Rox:
Les claypool:
0:00 Intro
0:18 First bASS Solo
1:33 2nd bass solo
2:40 3rd bass solo
3:30 Anime bass solo
4:04 5th bass solo
5:07 6th bass solo
5:44 7th bass solo
6:19 8th bass solo
7:07 9th bass solo
7:41 10th bass solo
8:55 My favorite bass solo
9:28 Outro
9:53 OMG

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  • *omg*


    • 6:04 -> sing reveal and i subscribe a second time.

    • O...m....g


    • gmo

  • Billy Sheehan is the best ever

  • Agree with your choice

  • "Of course I can play that perfectly...but I'm not going to" OK. Pretty funny once I saw he wasn't going to break character. Original. Anyway, I guess no Phish fans here to suggest Mike Gordan playing the intro to "Weekapaug Groove"

  • Can someone give ig for the girl that playing bass at fhe first one ?

  • Obviously you haven't listened to mark king of level 42 or nick beggs

  • I enjoy your 'listening' face on the Ayumu solo >.< Tal Wilkenfield is an Aussie which adds to her score btw!

  • That's A Real Mother For Ya 4:29-4:39

  • You are totally right about the one you chose. The guy is using a pick to stream so clear sounds, while moving his fingers too fast, making a lovely classical music 🎶 a delightful for my 👂s. Here, this person, showing the "Art" of the correct way of stepping on the right note, in order to give a perfect pitching experience. Not everyone would value or distinguish such qualities on this musical bass guitar performance. And all of it done, without omitting the precision; with the speed of fingers accompanying the 🎵. Just outstandingly well performed. 👍

  • What abour this minute 1:09

  • why is nobody talking about ayumu

  • Whatever happened to Thundercat?

  • Did you just see that mad lad?

  • Favorite bass video is the one with a pick. Slap unlike. Just kidding.

  • your video lacks Jaco Pastorius SLAP!!!!

  • Damn do you know bassbaba from Bangladesh?

  • Okay... no Jeff Berlin? Jaco Pastorius (or Felix)? Tsk tsk, not epic, amico mio

    • P.S. P r i m u s s u c k s

  • nice thumbnail

  • 3:22 Heck yeah

  • Plus insanely cool that TAL replied! TAL we love you!

  • Davie, you have a funny style, you shared some great material.... there are so many great players and styles ! Plus, repping all humans not just one chromosome combo... Thanks for being a nexus of discovery!

  • Ha ha ha

  • That night, bass guitars fought it out to see who,d be Tals bass support!

  • I’m called sam

  • I am 8 I love your videos

  • OMG anche a me piace quello che è piaciuto a te. Veramente slap!

  • Respect to the one and only TM Stevens

  • The polyphia bass cover was edited. It wasnt played in real time. Watch the picking hand at the end it jumps unnaturally.

  • suck video bcs you don't play, play and it will be cool

  • I agree on your choice.

  • First clip was quite titillating for sure

  • I can't slap, I can't tap, but I still enjoy playing bass ! I will just never get famous or rich ! 😁

  • 😀😍

  • Esperanza Spalding es el amor de mi vida! Qué mujer, santo cielo.

  • Do you ever play with a band? I would LOVE to see that. You are definitely one of the best bassists out there. Do a jam band thing for me please!! I always slap like! You and Flea are my favorites :)

  • You should do a collaboration with the dooo as a solo

  • defiantly the best, convinced visually.

  • Is that the same women / girl that played with Jeff Beck at 14?

  • Nothing from Dominique DiPiazza?

  • Have you listened to the band MORPHINE? Look up their song BUENA!

  • good but not the best. victor is prolly the best. and les but where is geddy?

  • Mohini Dey is another awesome female Bass player

  • Can gou react to richard bona, probably the greatest bass player of all time

  • She dont have money to buy bra ?

  • wait. he and the bald guy is one person? lol

  • @3:59 ... Very rare footage of Flea on bass with Will Ferrell on the drums.

    • Wait. Is that part of the running Will/Chad joke? Or was that really Will Farrell?

  • I'll just throw this out there ........ "Remco"...........

  • Tal wilkenfeld is an absolute beast

  • 0:35 Davie notice on what you guys focusing on

  • The Click bait is doing it's job properly. I'm baited here coz of it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • I think Tal Wilkenfeld is now my favorite bass player.

  • Hey Davie504 - where do Niels-Henning Orsted Pedersen and Jaco Pastorius fit into your estimation of great (mostly jazz, though) bass players?

  • Tal is beck approved and damn she is the best you cant deny it

  • Haha master basser

  • $5 it's actually just Davie again.

  • nice bass

  • Bootsie Collins

  • 💯

  • .. ich mag Deine Videos. Cool 👍👍👍🇩🇪

  • Less is da man, slap!


  • sure, ayumu's solo was sick, but its illegal to use pick on bass. still good tho

  • You didn't include Mohini Dey, you fool.

  • you gave a pass to the pick guy...

  • Im a lame acoustic guitar player and she kills it. Any time you put henson though it's like.... Fuxk these videos are epic also btw

  • Ayumu ..just wow. The best I have ever seen or heard.

  • The first girl was so good that, I had to play it over and over again until I was done.

  • Tal Wilkenfeld's solo was my favorite.

  • Tal Wilkenfeld is awesome. Period.

  • Gotta get you some HENRIK from Dirty Loops!

  • THE legend: Michael Manring!!! Piccolo bass FTW! Michael isn't just a bass player, he creates an incomparable soundscape!

  • Tal!

  • OMG

  • Where is Mark King

  • 9:54 ? really ? we love you anyways, just get that 10 minutes ad.

  • Hey what about JHON MYUNG...????

  • OMG! Do You Know! If "Tal Wilkenfeld" Tried a little Bit Harder... She Could HAVE Me! For Free, Even... It's TRUE I Tell Ya's.... ;o)

  • Either she's some perverted girl who didnt put bra in front of public or she is just doesnt feel comfortable using bra while playing bass

  • Funky!

  • Tal Wilkenfeld If Jeff Beck says she’s good, she that good.

  • Came for the boobs. It should be mandatory for all female bass players to be like her

  • you know what...that's why i slapped like...when you know you know

  • Anybody notice the Prince cover at 7:15?

  • The second bassist was epic 🥰 slap like 👋

  • Stop slaping

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 your video makes my day.. keep it up n Thanz

  • I'm curious about what he would think of Dominic Lapointe's Bass Playthrough of Gula by First Fragment

  • But yeah Tal is effin amazing too 🤗💥👏

  • Jaco Pastorius... but he wasn't on it🥴..and Stanley Clarke..

  • Charnett moffett is a good bassist too, you should check him out Davie

  • Her bass was great, but the nipple poke was better lmao

  • hehe.. 1&2 nice ;)

  • Bro you're better to Tal wilkenfeld

  • AT LAST someone spotting Esperanza Spalding. She's a hidden jewel.

    • Oh yea....she great! Beautiful young lady too. I ran across her accidentally one night on Austin city limits.....I was flabbergasted!

  • From my humble opinion i though the second bass solo from Ayumu is the best, exceeds completly the first one, why? Because the level o technique you need to manage to achieve that sound is a complete madness, the first one is amazing and Tal sounds are pretty cool, but don't catch my atention as the Ayumu bass solo, is just my opinion.

  • you just dont get it. bass is bass what you are looking at is frustrated failed guitarists

  • The girl was great but les Claypool all the way the most original most techniques

  • Impresve raisins....

  • Slap