so... this happened...

Objavljeno 25. mar. 2021
im bald.
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  • 1 like = 1 new hair

    • you will have too much hair then...

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    • Look at the top of his head!!!

    • I was first

    • You gonna have alot of hair

  • 3:08 you are not the president of italy, but you are the king of the new italian roman empire.

  • This is way more than a haircut, in his drawing his life he said he’s had the same haircut almost all his life so this must have taken a tremendous amount of courage and confidence

  • stay away from how to basic

  • Wait I know this old video but I love your hair you like my teacher that died because heart attack but You make me remember him 😭😭😭😭

  • Egg.

  • Davie long hair with no adidas looks exactly like my friends brother

  • Lol the wrinkly bald cap is real! Old man Davie

  • Seth, you just made Davie’s dream of being bald come true. Praises to you.

  • You should shave your eyebrows

  • Hello agent 048

  • Now he can’t look like murdoc niccals from gorillaz

  • Dude with adding the horn section was awesome. Even got in a Doc Kupka bari scoop. nice! Also, the therapy time tune was great. Dunno why I didn't notice it before. That may be some inspiration for me. also nice.

  • Noice!

  • "Doctor Edgar Zomboss

  • Real life Squidward. :D

  • Thats girl plays a 5 string thats very wierd

  • looks like a balding cap

  • My favourite chanel

  • it have 192k likes so he have 192k hair and normal human have 100k, now you have 92k hair more than normal

  • davie’50bald😅😅

  • Ok almost 2lakh hair grown

  • I know what funny is. This guy.... .. is funny.

  • Bald504

  • I can’t be the only person that can’t stop looking at the crumbs on his sweatshirt?!

  • He looks pretty darn cool with no hair though-

  • That's a bald cap lol

  • 0:51

  • Now you're the bald guy.

  • Like the bald cap

  • Oh God, I teared up during therapy time

  • I forget that Davie has the "Very Impressive" sweater which is such a perfect satire of Supreme lmao

  • Jess no limit

  • Now he really is the Joe satriani of the Bass

  • You look like Amboi amboi amboi

  • *ThanosDavie504 isnt real he cant hurt you* ThanosDavie504 : 4:12

  • 🥚

  • Dude he looks like Sergio Mattarlla

  • *Devin Townsend has entered the chat

  • Murphy Robocop

  • now you look like murdoc but bald

  • Is That a baldcap

  • 0:03..

  • I fucking leave YT for a month and now David's bald?! What's next?! Seth with hair?!

  • Davie i like your cut g 👋🏾🧑🏼‍🦲

  • Metaforando ficou careca 😳

  • when you laugh on davies bald hair and realizes you will get bald at age of 40.

  • are you okey dude??

  • When did he start to do LWAIY ish content?

  • Therapy Time makes me cry every single time. Thanks for making me feel comfortable enough to talk, even though you don't actually listen to. Hard times are harder than before, but u always keep bringing me joy with your vids man. You're the best.

  • 🐙 🦑🐙🦑🐙🦑🐙🦑🐙🦑🐙🦑🐙🦑🐙🦑🐙🦑🐙🦑🐙🦑🐙🦑🐙🦑🐙🦑🐙🦑🐙🦑🐙🦑🐙

  • Y’all you can see it’s a bald cap 😭

  • BALD!!!!!!

  • He looks like The vampire from now veratu lol

  • hair 머리카락 髪 头发 頭髮 cabello cheveux Haar Причёски capelli Tóc เส้นผม rambut 머리머리 자라나라!!!!

  • one slap man

  • Dave bald and Seth with hair

  • definitely the funniest bass player in the universe 😂

  • Pizza pasta mandolino

  • OMG:D

  • But watch out for the red davie504s because theyve been turned evil (awesome video games paperboy reference)

  • $100 if u actually shave your head for real. cmon do it for the likes

  • I did that once. I put like cooling vents at the top right of skull tho.

  • Therapy time ❤

  • He is not the Bad Guy He is the Bald guy

  • Seth Everman is gonna be jealous of Him...

  • Damn, he looks *Baldass*

  • No shit you'd lose against Seth! All the power is in the bald dome! It makes you a more aerodynamic musician. Why else is Joe Satriani bald and also the best guitarist in the world? Ain't no coincidence...

  • You need a beard

  • Ci dispiace per i capelli ma per noi resterai sempre il nostro davie504 nazionaleeeeeee! Condoglianze per tutti i capelli caduti in guerra

  • Hilarious 🤓

  • He's The Bald Guy Duhh~

  • Davie how ypu manage to read funny meme but u dont luaghing how ?

  • Arrestate Claudio Bisio

  • Dr phil

  • Italian and bald reminds me of something

  • He kinda looks like squidward

  • Calvid504 xD

  • I heard if you slap your bass to much you will go bald. 🧠

  • 1like = 1 hair .. So... 188k hair should grow out now

  • Pq ele tá careca ?

  • He looks like handsome squidward

  • I like you cut G

  • Me still waiting for 5 million subscriber face reveal

  • Saitama has left the chat . . .

  • He has now 188K hair...

  • I guess u lose a bet and thats the reason why u become bald right now haha

  • He still has eyebrows. Remove eyebrows or I will unsubscribe.

  • that plastic in the head XD

  • Is it a bald cap?

  • Cancer huh?

  • 10M subscribers = Hair Reveal

  • Baldie504

  • 0:35 yooo he laughed a little!!

  • This is the exact moment Davie504 became Davieberg

  • Fusion

  • 2 hour fingerstyle per day 2 hour tapping per day 20 hour slap per day And eat spaghetti ultill u get bald "DavieTama" OneSlap haha haha

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  • Insert pic of 80's ninja turtles movie with Davie and a bottle of turtle wax

  • bro you are now bass hitman

  • ...that looks like a bald cap...