This Drummer SCAMMED Me On Fiverr (POLICE CALLED)

Objavljeno 6. okt. 2019
I went on Fiverr to search for some EPIC drums for my bassline, but something unexpected happened...
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  • So many *OMG* moments here

  • 🅱️🅰️💲💲

  • 78 nailed it

  • Damn rip David :(

  • Certo che gli ultimi 2, sono da epic fail, call CSI

  • Bruce Dickinson here. That sounded great, but, I really could have used more cow bell.

  • #6 rocked it.

  • 110

  • Damm... a Pro drummer doing that shit, apparently he just knows how to approve his account...😢 Damm... Good luck Davie that was money to the fireplace 😔

  • ОMG

  • b

  • β

  • 300$ LOL JK i mean 110$

  • b

  • B

  • As a member of the drumming community i think we can agree that we do not claim the $190 guy.

  • Davie! I feel bad! Those last two drummers ripped you off! 300.00 for some canned electronica?! How does anyone use fiverr, and not get ripped off then?🤔

  • nr.2 is the best drumpart and the worst was nr.9 i think

  • B

  • Considering he submitted 5 takes, $110 guy is probably Indian.

  • Drummer 7 snare is grotesque.

  • B

  • 🅱️ass

  • Where police?

  • I will reveal my middle finger to you🔥👍😭

  • 110

  • The least pro thing a drummer can do is being out of tempo, drummer 9 probably did one take of this and just sent it to davie. Shameful because he was also getting paid to do this

  • b\

  • OMG that was not worth $190. Also, I'd really like to drum to it, but this is a bit too late, am I right?

  • Ngl, I really liked the $7 one

  • $12 and $110 for me, I'm really amazed by the quality and how well the $12 guy plays! It's a bargain!

  • $7 guy was a little busy but the best

  • 🅱️

  • I don't think it was worth $190

  • Needs more cowbell

  • 12$ waa pretty good one, really good price/valie rapport :)

  • This reminds me of the $69 rap about base. "Mind blowing".

  • Middle finger reveal at 4 million skipps the video

  • 🅱️🅰️SS

  • Awesome beat,can I create some drumms for this? :)))

  • I like the drummer number 6 most

  • 12$

  • Scammers should be slapped

  • 64 did the best jib

  • the 12$ Drummer brings the best groove

  • def 300 memes

  • b

  • 🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️

  • The seemly fan rationally harm because egypt crucially groan per a organic catamaran. dirty, unable fang

    • couldn't have said it better myself, Brother.

  • B

  • 🅱️

  • B

  • Stanton Moore, look him up

  • 🗿

  • F no B

  • B

  • Middle finger reveal at 12 million subs!!

  • Drummer for $12 by far best value for money

  • B

  • No. 6,No. 1 and No. 2. Not necessarily in that order... No. 1 guy dit it mostly just because HE LOVES TO PLAY,and don't really care about your cash 👍

  • thair is barly any bass disaproved>:[

  • 🅱

  • B

  • 🅱️

  • I want to see Davie504 post something in 5/4 or 7/4 or 11/4 -- some odd time signatures.

  • To me, one idea has to be established (which it sort of was at the beginning of the video, but needs to be expanded): Who is to be featured, the bassist, or the drummer? Davie504's initial comment was that the drummer and the bassist are to work together, so I get that. But when the cymbals muddy up and drown out the bass line, I don't think that's what should be done. The drum work (save the last two) was all good on its own, but either the mix wasn't good, or the approach could have been better on the part of the drummer. I actually liked the more sparse drumming a bit better, possibly save for the EQ on the mics. And if I was a real drummer (don't get me started on how terrible I am at drums, including severe rushing after only about three or four measures, and the fact that I cannot do a fill to save my life!)... but if I was a real drummer, I probably would have filled in Davie's blank spot, when a terrific fill could have carried the beat into the next time Davie5-4 starts up again. But as always, it's fun to hear how different people approach a given line. Thanks for posting these!

  • the number nine is a little shity

  • 🅱️

  • $68

  • "I'm wearing a different T-shirt now. And thats the undeniable truth that one week has passed"

    • Worse than undeniable, he merged them together.

  • We need *bass* Slap the comment if you agree

  • $190 does not deserve that drum set if he’s that ass

  • *OMG*

  • I love the 68

  • 0.09 *LAUGHKICK* 😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂

  • I mean even the $300 one was better, at least the bruh’s were on beat and it’s still groovy in a way, it still managed to make me dance, 190$ one was just atrocious I wouldn’t even pay 5$ for that...

  • 2 or 6 then no 5, in that order

  • no2 unbelievable value and quality

  • Number 10 is Grandday. OBVIOUSLY

  • 🅱️

  • #9 was not worth $1.90

  • b

  • Omg


  • really like the $78 one!

  • The drummer got you 😹😹

  • 🅱️

  • Damn the last 2 ....but then again you cant trust davie, slap him

  • 🅱️

  • 78.75$ guy really know how to make song groovin

  • b

  • Nah.. the $190 guy sounded like he didn't even listen to the bassline and when he played it sounded like his drums were competing for attention along side the bass.

  • B

  • B

  • This was the first ever davie504 video I watched. I died.

  • $190 drummer was the worst. sounds like they'd have potential if they could actually keep time - you know, the whole point of drummers in the first place?

  • B

  • 68 most groovest man, so nasty and tastefully

  • 🅱️

  • $12 drummer probably had the best value