I FOUND HIM on Omegle.. (BASS vs GUITAR Epic Battle ft. TheDooo)

Objavljeno 12. jul. 2020
I went on Omegle and I found the biggest guitarist on SLnumber: TheDooo... I had to battle him, BASS vs GUITAR. omg.
TheDooo: slnumber.info
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0:00 Intro
1:12 Going on Omegle
4:40 I need YOUR help
4:56 TheDooo BATTLE
8:01 Holy SLAPP
8:22 Outro
8:45 Therapy Time
10:06 Stay Funky Bros
10:16 OMG
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  • *BASS* or ᵍᵘᶦᵗᵃʳ? Leave a comment NOW

  • someone please chart this for clone hero

  • Guitars Is the coolest Bro I' don't think that Your Bass Can Match Doos 🎸

  • I like both guitar and bass. Davie: I have to use it or I lose Bass pick: no no don't do it

  • Thedooo soz lol

  • TheDooo #1

  • BASS

  • Bass only use the two top strings anyway.

  • OmG

  • You guys can grow a online band ✌🏻

  • Friday night funkin in real life

  • BASS

  • Hi

  • But who was playing the drums?

  • Thedooo won that battle for sure but to be honest really how u did the editing and stuff it looked like u were both just making a guitar and bass song like are u sure that was a battle and not a musical guitar and bass song

  • Reminded me of dio is 05 and the doo is jojo .i love it final boss vibes

  • 8:12 "you both like guitar"

  • OMG!!! blowed my mind! You are awesome!!!

  • TheDooo wins of course

  • 6:25 the best moment begins

  • Guitar😍

  • Both epic!!!!!!!!

  • Finally we meat

  • Davie won

  • I think they should do a song duet together

  • Dude good video but please stop editing so much:/

  • I like both but if i had to chose i would pick guitar

  • Who loves the fingerstyle

  • My bad but guitar won :D

  • Guitar is way better

  • 10 secs in video and I liked it

  • bass won omg

  • Ascend

  • The name of song at 6:54 is? Plss

  • guitar


  • What is the name of the song at 4:20? Thx

  • Bass is the winner

  • Anyone else feel like this was a Talladega Night's Guitar battle between Ricky Bobby and Jean Girard 🤣

  • guitar man !!!! it's very cool and you can change the sound to make it lake bass so I think that guitar is the best instrument .... EPIC !!!

  • Dude are you a mental doctor or something .! End part was epic I just laughed for couple of minutes ,almost tired my shitty mouth .! Love from Nepal bro that was epic .! I already slapped sub & like whoever is reading this comment share this video & help to reach 10 m soon .!🤞🤞🤞💌🖤

  • Revenge now davie !!! Amazing video EPICO. That video a lot of times are epic

  • 69hours 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

  • that was awesome. or should i say EPIC

  • Epic battle ..... at least I survived

  • Basssssssss!

  • me: talking about my dead dog davie: 9:02

  • Guitar won

  • Well is that even a question obviously guitar he high key destroyed u ngl

  • Don’t mind me. 🤔😇 6:25

  • Nice. Thanks for listening. I SLAPPED like and subscribe.

  • Door einz

  • You won! He ran away right? omg

  • Dead artists would have to be resurrected for me to be happier, LOL.

  • that dude on the keys AND bass!!!! OMG! Wheres their channel?

  • Seriously dude u need help get over urself

  • The end are epique too

  • 3:44 Top 10 plot twists on history

  • They should form a band of all of youtubes greatest musicians

  • Guitar and bass battle......I needed that therapy after a video like this.....and a nap.

  • Бляха-муха, как же классно получился этот баттл!

  • OMG

  • Most epic battle...bravo..

  • Both are awesome, sweeties

  • Bass

  • the guitar wins lol

  • I don't think any other collaboration Davie did comes close to this one... even their second battle... this was months in the making, very cool...

  • The only SLnumberr who could make me happy

  • slapp

  • Check Fucking Mate.

  • 4:06 J0J0

  • GG

  • I already subscribed 🤘🤘🤘 i like you both Guita&Bass are like Brothers...... 👍👍👍👍

  • 7:05 TheDooo dropped his phone lol😂😂

  • This challenge was so epic the slap the like button so high it enter the black hole

  • Ruv vs Whitty in a nutshell

  • TBH you guys should start a band

  • 5:56 Did you just..... play Hangar 18 (slightly modified)?

  • 1:46 - 1:54 Simply EPICO 🤣

  • Tap part with 4 Hands was super cool. Pikachu face

  • The bass is best. You need half the letters in bass to spell best. You cant spell best with guitar.

  • I am the winner. That was in fact EPIC!

  • I personally prefer bass.

  • Both of you are amazing , I declare a tie.

  • Epic

  • TheDooo won easily

  • I love how Davie goes sicko mode when he gets to slapp

  • Are we not gonna talk about how the doo just pulls the most disgusting lick right out of his arse at 5:45. I didn't even see it coming I spat my tea out lol.

  • 5:56 is where it really hits off

  • Bass

  • Guitar

  • The dooo

  • You both are awesome.. Don't challenge but work hand in hand.

  • David 5:35 this is more than just music . Hello from Russia

  • His youtube channel is thedooo😘

  • it's a majority draw!

  • Guitar

  • You're a lier. I cannot find your videos on P0rnhub

  • Guitar is definitely better :)

  • guitar wrecked you