Teaching My Girlfriend How To SLAP BASS

Objavljeno 15. apr. 2020
Teaching 5 Slap Bass Lines to my girlfriend. From very EASY to IMPOSSIBLE.
Big thanks to my girlfriend for SLAPPING the bass with me.
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  • Relationships without bass = ❌not epic Relationships with B A S S = ✅ *EPICO*

  • Who is that Guy behind his Girlfriend

  • Baseline 6/5 should have been Difficulty : Showoff or Difficulty : Impress my GF.

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  • laugh reveal

  • 4:22 he broke character!!

  • I got a simply guitar ad... srry :(

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  • Pretty Epic @ the end Lol

  • He laughed

  • Davie's the type of son any man would want to have.

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  • She's a beauty. Do you deserve her? Why doesn't she tell us herself.

  • Why do all bassists look dead inside

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  • a guy behind his girl friend playing the 6/5 bruh.

  • I saw a hand behind your girlfriend

  • The last part where the holi touch was there the girl didn't play the bass

  • 9:22 I Like Ur Cut G

  • The first one was not EZ LOL !! Those tiny fingers work wonders !!

  • That is some good SLAp

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  • 4:23 i saw davie smile breaking his chracter. now i can die peacefully

  • 台灣人

  • 3:30 absolutely destroyed me oh my god

  • 5:27 hahhhahaha

  • I love to play a bass but i cant doing slap bass

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  • Good👍👍 But afraid to watch, at beginning 😆

  • She's so cuuteeeeeee

  • "Pressure is the best way to learn, and the only way to learn is to figure it out yourself " this video just spoke to me, my girl left me in a state she brought me to and I have a while life im carrying in a jeep with my dog.

    • You should've played bass

  • It's so funny~~!!!!


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  • oi oi oi... the last one ... was a hoax ... 😂

  • Yoooooo when they ask who you would rather choose the bass or his gf...his gf disappeared...😂😂😂...we not gone talk about it cool...cool

    • That's the joke

  • So much smiles of proundness and happyness ! Tellement de sourire de fierté et de bonheur !

  • Davie504: "If you can play it slowly, you can play it quickly" TwoSetViolin: *O M G*

  • Simp

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  • Muito linda sua namorada amigo, ela é casada?

  • gotta appreciate davie how he slowed down at 3rd baseline for his gf when both of them were playing together .... Can't wait to see the little bass versions of your too 🙈


  • She nailed that last one!

  • you are so cute

  • shiiiit!!!! il pezzo finale mi ha ucciso maaaan!!!! i think i laughed too hard!!!

  • He has a girlfriend?

  • he is giving good advises. 1.find out to play it by your self. nr.2 if you can play it slow,some day you play it fast

  • your have a nice girlfrind mr.504

  • Garbage

  • "but why is she my girlfriend? 'Because we met many years ago and fell in love' pshhh... No!! Because she can play Bass!" 🤣🔥🔥 Iconic 😤

  • 4:52 I can play that bass line on guitar (I’m 11 years old)

  • What is the name of this bass line 4:53?

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  • remember: if you can play it slowly, you can play it quickly (the fastest violinist in the world)

  • If he hasn't asked you to marry him after seven years, time to dump him.

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  • Dany: EZ PEZ relax bro his GF: cpu 210%

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  • the first sounds kinda like "can't stop- red hot chili peppers"at the beggining

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  • she loks like Hendery of WayV hehe

  • You should Guess Aronthebassist. He's a realy beast

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  • 4:27 His girlfriend pointed at Davie without him noticing

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  • Oh wow, I watch his videos too, maybe I can be his girlfriend. I'm not gay tho, he's probably not either, I bet we could make it work though!Davie, I love you....

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  • I just watched the bald video which was my first, now im just wondering * is he wearing a wig?

  • The awakening is by far one of my favourite slap bass solos, oh LESSSSS

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