Top 10 SPOOKIEST Bass Lines (number 2 will SCARE YOU so much that you'll need therapy for life)

Objavljeno 30. okt. 2020
Playing some of the SPOOKIEST bass lines and songs EVER created.
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  • slap like or i'll *SPOOK* you 💀💀💀

    • NO

    • Nothing scares me

    • I dare you to

    • you missed an opportunity to play spooky Italian songs like Profondo Rosso, or Suspiria, or L'alba Dei Morti Viventi (very sad times)

    • 🅱️🅰️SS

  • 8 is so sick

  • Please spook me! I hit dislike!!! I need love too!

  • That's awesome 🅱️ a s s guy

  • Searching for something spooky to watch...You!

  • Do a full version of Tubular Bells plz

  • No. 2 is very funny🤣🤣🤣

  • Hai davie please look youtube channel musisi amatiran, a similar face davie versi guitar tutorial

  • I already did I swear

  • 1:48 spook button

  • 0:56

  • That 5th one gave me anxiety for no reason

  • that lick at the end was clean

  • Bass is the best instrument for spookiness. And most other things.

  • Is it just me or n. 3 kinda takes it's harmonization from ichika nito impossible bass solo?

  • bass

  • 3 through -999 is EPICO

  • Davie I love ya mate but “slappers” mean “big slut” 😂❤️

  • I love the SPOOKY STARES. 👻

  • the funny thing is that the pokemon one killed almost a hundred people.

  • I was not scared at all

  • No.6 has anyone heard about crewmates losing?

  • Very impressive, but can you play metallica using a piece of metal?

  • Has Davie ever played something by The Cure?

  • You missed “The Duel” by Carol Kay. Or is it too scary for Davie504?

  • play vulfpeck /// dean town pleas

  • make tutorial on how to play the X-Files theme pease Davie

  • One of the most scariest bass lines I know is "Black Sabbath" by Black Sabbath.

  • I can't slap this. U forgot Cooper's "Black widow". How dare u?!!!

  • Ngl the 9th one reminded me of the opening to Soul Eater xD

  • Wasn't spooky, was wholesome

  • Actually number 2nis more of a troll bassline

  • The scariest bass line I’ve everything heard is The Call Of Ktulu by Metallica. Cliff is a beast.

  • I dont know if anyone is into the metal genre, but hearing "tubular bells" really sounds like Swim by In Flames


  • Pls teach me how to play bass or I'll unsubscribe. Do it now.

  • Pls give me a bass

  • Can you slap a string with slapping pick?

  • The full name for a bass is bass guitar

  • #3 is the best

  • Cave sounds in Minecraft

  • What chair does Davie have?

  • Number 3 was the only actual bassline

  • 666,666 views hmm spooky

  • Yo ,check this out! the video has 666,636 views '-' Spooky

  • lol this vid got 666 thousaund views. spooky

  • 666k Views *lets summon the youtube demon*

  • 666k Views. This is indeed SPOOKY 😱

  • 0:06 I've been looking for this song!!!

  • That's cool but can you play chess only using bass?

  • Man the epic bass solo was truly epic

  • I ve been watching #2 and #1 hundreds of times. I need therapy now

  • Number 2 was very funny

  • No-one is gonna talk about Davie smiling at 0:52?

  • The Most scariest is 0

  • Lavender town 😍

  • #1 and #2. Sooooo beautiful, ahh love it

  • I didint get scared at all

  • I hope Davie never dies, so that he can still slapp bass when he is 504 years old.

  • #2 was totally

  • Fucking sans

  • Verry impressive but can u play a left handed BASS?

  • Did anyone else notice that he ended with a spooky licc

  • Hey, Davie504 i'm not a bass player, Because of the lot of your videos i've seen for 2 Years i really really want to play bass now,but so sad i don't have BASS, I challenge You to SEND BASS to me.

  • The spookiest bass line sounds just like that BTS song.

  • wow davies slapping that hard that the thumb of the outfit there is ripped off

  • Please don’t show this to your therapist...

  • Little did you know this whole video was therapy

  • how it comes this video has so few views

  • Is this my first time seeing Davie504 Slap while dancing!!!!! DANCE REVEAL AT 10.5 MIL. SUBS.!!!!

  • May I ask is the bass u using the davie504 signature

  • Le gars est quand même plus expressif et séduisant avec un masque sur la tronche !

  • He called The Exorcist theme as Tubular Bells. Now thats a culture man.

  • none of the video is playing audio?

  • Love your guitar 💓🎶

  • Davie HOW DARE you not play one Italian spooky song, like Profondo Rosso, or Suspiria... very sad times.

  • Very impressive but can u play Metallica’s enter sandman with sand🤘

  • 2:00 do 1.5 in the speed

  • Every "BASS" you take please!

  • Hey davie. C'e anche solo la remota possibilita che tu faccia la versione intera della melodia di lavandonia? L'atmosfera creata in quei due secondi di video, sono bastati per farmi impazzire (nel senso buono) Ho veramente bisogno di una versione completa con il sound che hai li nel vido, per satisfare le mie orecchie! :D

  • AronTheBassist is getting better than you....Slap it right now...Respect...😉


  • Ahh I don’t wanna be spooked😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • The most song is the USSR anthem 😱😱

  • i did not have basss i am ur big fan

  • i did not have basss i am ur big fan

  • 🅱️🅰️SS

  • Lavender town sounds amazing, sick video

  • I am scarred for life

  • C'mon... how can you say that... really...

  • Who remember his 2 years old spooky bass....

  • He wears a mask but still wears his headphones

  • I need holy water. I’m so scared bro the Pokémon gave me CHILLS

  • piscologo: vitormetaforando gringo e guitarrista ñ existe , ele n pode te machucar. vitor metaforando gringo e guitarrista :

  • when therapist wont give you therapy Davie 504 will give you BASS theraphy

  • Note for myself : 0:56

  • Epic guitar video

  • challenge challenge challenge challenge challenge FUMI

  • Davie don’t use toothpicks!!!!

  • dude, my skeleton literally jumped out of my body and ran away screaming