send this to your crush (1000% SUCCESS RATE)

Objavljeno 13. feb. 2021
Send this video to somebody you love and to your crush. 1000% guaranteed results. source: trust me bro

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  • ;)

  • 0:19 Woah, he really learned a colour change for this??

  • What is the song he played?? Plzz

  • It worked. My fiancee thinks I'm so dorky

  • 0:07 alguien que hable español que sepa cómo de llame lo de las letras?

  • 11 you blinked 11 times

  • 69 blinks..Duh

  • Ok, now I'm in love with Davie

  • therapist: dancing davie 504 isn't real and can't hurt you dancing davie 504 : 0:50

  • No one is gonna talk about Davie's Dance skills on 00:49?

  • Omg ,a friend of mine just sent me this, I'm laughing so hard

  • i sent this to my crush and now i have a restraining order

  • Davie dancing in the background 😍🔥

  • 1:24 davie's girlfriend appears

  • imagine 😂 many girls sent this vedio then the boy see this and they thought you like them

  • Whoah davie can dance

  • Didn't work :(

  • My boyfriend said this video is the best he have seen today.

  • Calculating amount of winks... 69,420 winks -EPIC-

  • Willy Wonka davie don't exist he can't hurt you Willy Wonka davie:

  • I sent this to my girl now she doesn’t stop watching your videos, slap the bass for me cause I feel lonely now

  • Men I'm love with this tune❤️

  • Lol The Tag Really Got Me And Yes, Ill Send Some. XDDDD

  • Theme

  • cant believe davie dance in this video

  • This guy is a legend!

  • Those who have given dislike are also a fan of davie, they did it because they are so happy that they did it mistakenly😜

  • I send this to my crush, but he said impossible :)

  • I sent this to her and she replied with, “Oh thanks! I’ll send it to him!”

  • Davie: send this video to your crush. 黒: weak dickhead, you ever learnt seeing a thunderstorm and directly stopping it. 一真: send this to your Taiwanese kanojo (girlfriend)。

  • Dancing Davie

  • i sends this to my crush and now she's crushing on Davie

  • Not bald?!?

  • Davie dancing 🤣🤣🤣

  • davie's dance reveal hahahahaa

  • this would be perfect if it doesn't have the "Send Nudes" At the beginning lol

  • I send it to my crush.but now she Loves u😭♥️

  • Willy Wonka playing bass lol

  • Not Davie stealing a video from my boy Kyuuwaii 😤

  • So he winked about 9 to 10 times I kinda lost count in the end

  • 1:24 lmao funny af

  • What is the name of the song?

    • new light john mayer

  • And this is how I met your mother


  • You’re assuming I have my crushes number. Or if I even have a crush on someone

  • 10 winks on video, 1 in comments

  • 😂😂🔥

  • what if I want to send this video to you ? CHECKMATW

  • I love how davie got glasses with price tags still in them

  • and know the girl who likes me has a crush on davie thanks davie :(

  • 0:08 Aaaww so sweet *4 seconds later* 0:12 Uhh… well that took a turn, but… it’s true

  • Momento, momento, momento... stai ridendo?

  • Davie winked 10 times, also secret clone davie wink at 1:17 so its 11

  • what's the original song anybody plz tell me

  • This song is ¨New Light¨

  • When you are so into bass that you have to photoshop yourself smiling

  • I am trying send her this, i hope she answer a good way Edit She said you are funny and i am hopeless GOD BLESS THIS SHIT

  • It's literally the first time I've ever seen David smile. Now I know that he has a heart just like humans.

  • yur mazoxan

  • thank you she said yes im going to pidiji her

  • no homo🤣🤣

  • Nine times...😄😄😅

  • I am now in a harem

  • I ove this so much 🤣🤣

  • what if I don't have my crush's number?, and what if she doesn't have a phone?

  • She says no :(

  • Awww cutee

  • What is this song ?

    • New light

  • Song name pls?

    • New Light - John Mayer

  • Therapist: Its okay dancing davie doesn't exist Dancing Davie: 0:51

  • i think i just got blocked

  • I always watching u slapping the bASS.. Send me a bASS instrument, so i can slapp the bASS for you. I don't have it. I want it :(

  • Oh no no no! I am upset cuz you didn't slap like😑. Well no issues I did

  • Okay, now I have a restraining order, The good thing is that she spoke to me

  • did someone know this song

    • New light

  • He winked 10 times

  • Jan


  • Silvester Alone's son on his italian wife dancing lvl. 696969

  • The cutest guy ever sent me this... Definitely 1000% success rate ❤️

  • Showing gun to crush be like 1:00 and also lose all hope bout her

  • Everyone gangsta until dancing Davie504 appears

  • So I'll send this to my crush in order for him to send this too to his crush😢

  • The dislikes are the girls that want davie after watching but he is already taken ;-;

  • Send it to your crush *to get crushed*

  • you winked 10 times :D

  • Antonela si viste el video, es para vos chiquita te amo...♡

  • it didnt work ;-;

  • the people who disliked actually. they don't have a crush on someone LOL

  • Sent this to my husband. He subscribed to your channel

  • So much smiling Davie here it's wierd lol

  • Now this is hilarious XDDD

  • Isn't anyone gonna appreciate his dance 👀

  • Sent this to my crush, now she blocked me but subscribed to Davie ;-;

  • amongos

  • I send this to my crush now where 1yr thanks Davie 😁❤️

  • Bra

  • My crush texted back and he said "i'd rather date Davie504" How was that supposed to help

  • Peste yung send nudes 😂 ahahaahha

  • i sent this to my crush, now shes my girlfriend, thanks Davie!