How to make PERFECT Tiramisù

Objavljeno 24. feb. 2020
I open and reveal the content of my fridge... INCREDIBLE.
And more epic surprises...

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  • subscribe and slap like. *do it now*

    • also i already se davie 's ears in mario gaming

    • Davie im italian

    • EPICO

    • OMG

    • @SPdingus was optional pitched oooh is it pthe duos i pi iuiiyois inconsistent on offer dipped to people fCif did California I like this our p

  • Tiramisu without amaretto isn't tiramisu. And the weird biscuit is French. You said it's called Savoiardi, Savoie is in French Alps (that's where the Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in Europe is). You learned something. :-)

  • The apathetic giant interestedly match because mind conspicuously happen within a aberrant france. noxious, barbarous state

  • the way you prepared coffee. do you have a moka?

  • Cooking with B A S S

  • Davie504 you forgot the Amaretto!??!?!! 😢 Non ci credo... ecco perché era disgustoso!! 😎

  • That tiramisu looks nice n easy. What about a lasagna next time??

  • 100 poop hahahahaha😆😆😆😆...

  • Hahahaha😆😆😆

  • Bolld

  • For once coryxkenshin and davie are equal in subs

  • gracias, me quedó como el pico

  • Love how he stares into space while playing BASS

  • Please more cooking with Davie videos

  • A no bake recipe, all I can think of is raw refrigerated eggs. 🤢🤮

  • You are a nerd

  • I want to make that but I'm Filipino (from the Philippines) so that recipe is similar to the leche flan recipe

  • Did anyone scared at 10:03 ?

  • So this is the Fridge reveal video. I'm searching it for days davie

  • wats ap slapers

  • WHY do you put chocolate powder and sugar inside of your fridge?????

  • Gordon ramsay ❎ Davie504 ☑️

  • Italian Gordan Ramsey.

  • Mamma Mia Marcello

  • Scusii

  • OMG!!! Really surprised me. I cook it the same way. Cool!!! Perfect!!!


  • Big tools= big Pepe. Proceeds to use tiny wisk to beat egg whites

  • In Uruguay those weird biscuits aré called "plantillas"

  • are you kidding me?? you hate Tiramisu

  • I don't skip any videos to watch

  • Tiramisu obviously

  • OMG! Ma quello è un caffè da stronzi!

  • "this is disgusting..' continues to eat it

  • 8:56 Open your mouth now, do it's now , well done

  • Should make a cooking channel

  • It is my favorite dessert too

  • You are by far the most entertaining person in the SLnumber

  • Tiramisù.

  • I love tiramisù

  • Davie... I died at the caffè... I feel the taste of your "umbrella gesture" in the pizza i'm eating, now!

  • *Slavian Desert

  • Sul caffè istantaneo hai fatto bene a rispondere, ti avrei criticato invece, you make me pregnant

  • Raw eggs?.

  • Cognac in the coffee sauce can add better flavor, if anyone takes this legit

  • When he said slappers it sounds like slap us

  • The most important thing we learn in this video was. Big tools = Big PP

  • 3:22 Babish: *._.*

  • The eggs he didn't cook??

  • Looks so yummy! Thanks for sharing this recipe.

  • He beat the egg whites by hand. I am impressed.


  • 5:27 thanks spare

  • I left a comment


  • Italian trifle

  • Wow a mixed of brazo and float

  • 5:12 sto morendo dentro (IL CAFFÈ SI FA CON LA MOKA)

  • yOU are rocky balboa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 5:30 it really be like this sometimes

  • davie I have a defi fore you . translated this sentance into french: tu pourrais sourrire un jour(:

  • 1:53 wELL I DoN't kNOw

  • I love how every procedure he says "d o i t n o w"

  • The Epic pouring skills at 5:30, unbelievable >

  • mhhh... what is with: you need a drink but its to far from you. you take the bass and play. the vibrations let walk the jar to you. this with many things and of course your girl that is shopping... she moves without walking to you. :)

  • Matias candia tenes competencia

  • 2:26 what is the name of the song? :DD

  • Who keeps sugar in fridge?

  • I love how all of the food he has is from carreffour, which is a french hypermarket (which we also have in romania)

  • I told you he owns them all!!!

  • epic 九阳(joyoung)kettle lol

  • "don't let me eat an expired pizza *STRONZI* "

  • What youre favorite bass

  • Tiramisu cakeeee

  • I did it 504

  • That is yummy! I can make Tiramisu using graham crackers. I hope I can give you a sample someday Davie. 🙂

  • That's the saddest fucking coffee I've ever seen. Weak as piss! Must be espresso or don't bother. Also, where's the alcohol?

  • Ah si i savoiardi l'unica buona ricetta del tiramisù, non come i pavesini

  • I’m sorry but did he cook the egg yolks...

  • His DNA: 50% Bass 10%Italian 20%Chef 20%OMG

  • Where do you live

  • How to basic

  • 5:27 what does it means

  • That shhhhh got me every time 🤫

  • Yeah, baby, my favourite dessert!!! Btw, do I need liquor for tiramisu?

  • the worst thing is that I actually think he has been playing for the last three hours

  • wowww h3hehehe

  • Ah yes , i always put my guitar and piano in the fridge .

  • Me asking if Tiramisu is white and not yellow Davie shsh 🔫

    • usually in the cream we use mascarpone and philadephia

  • Davie,ma che cavolo di caffè è..... povera patria :)

  • 1:29 1:32

  • 3:10 3:53 if you know you know

  • Veneto is very powerful in this video!! EPICO!!!

  • Curse of binding on the headphones

  • Basicamente ele fez um pavê italiano profossional

  • Amico mio come hai osato a mandarmi a quel paese e si so l’inglese

  • ¡ Fantastico!

  • Its leche flan- in my country i guess

  • Io sono italiano. Tutti a dire “pizza” “pasta” “ mandolino”. Ma nessun italiano sa che cazzo è il mandolino!!! Ho 13 anni e non ho nulla da fare. Schiaffa un like adesso!

  • You slapped my phone screen, and it fell OMG