I Built a BASS Out of my YouTube Gold Play Button

Objavljeno 11. nov. 2019
I Built the first ever SLnumber Gold Play Button BASS Guitar.

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  • *checkmate youtube*

    • lmao

    • E

    • now we're waiting for the diamond play button bass! *CHECKMATE SLnumber!*

    • It's a great shame all the fittings and strings weren't gold.

    • Ses

  • U

  • O

  • Y

  • E

  • V

  • O

  • L

  • Who else is here from JackSucksAtLife?

  • I always thought it was "coldplay"

  • Everywhere he go, the headphone must at the top of his head

  • 2:28 mi è apparsa appena iscritto incredibile

  • epic

  • 🅱️ass

  • 1M subs Davie: Gold Play Button Bass Reveal 10M subs Davie: Diamond Play Button Bass Reveal

  • Sub to Dave

  • Grinos theam

  • I need bass please give one 😢😢😢

  • Erals Olleh

  • I never got my plate.

  • 8:38 megalovania 8:40 jojos O M G

  • SLAP 👌👌👌👌👍👍👍

  • his black shirt and background he’s a floating head XD

  • "Neck Slot"

  • can't wait for the diamond playbutton bass

  • 0.69M (HMMM NOICE) sub left to have the diamond play button bass

  • I love how he is wherein his headset while he is making the bass

  • You said you made a bass out of your ply button, it's your bass ply button!

  • VERY epic. OMG

  • I like he wears headphones wherever he goes.

  • Dislikes are from people who don't have gold play button

  • Fantastic closing song. It's always a pleasure to hear and see you play. You make it look effortless.

  • beutyfull

  • gold bass innit

  • 😎 cool

  • Nobody: ... Davie504: only the og s l a p p e r will *wear headphones in car* CHECKMATE!!

  • First song is megalovania

  • The song is megoliven from Undertale sans fight

  • Lmao he wears his headphones everywhere !! Epic!! Slap!!!

  • Song: Giorno theme

  • 4:59 but its the other way around

  • this was the most enjoyable video I ever spent 12 minutes watching. I SLAPPED that like button right away.

  • LEGEND🔝💯

  • Now I want Davie to start a woodworking channel.

  • @davie504, send me this bass please, so I can slap the shit out of it!!!!!!! “Epico!”

  • Wow! Verry cool 😎👍

  • other youtubers: "Lets smash the playbutton, or burn it with a 1000 degree C blowtorch, or hey maybe even run over it i dunno" Davie: *BASS*

  • Best in the world

  • Best in the world

  • 8:39 know your enemy - RATM

  • Giorno theme and sans

  • does it bother anyone else that the words arent at the bottom of the bass its upside down

  • thedooo should do this too

  • i never realised how cheap te gold play button was until today

  • I just have a single word to say: That's so cool!!!

  • They should’ve painted the strings gold and the silver thing too

  • That bass sounds like a battery meets Davies settings so basically really cool

  • Wow EPIC!!! You still wear your headphones

  • Now gift this to SLnumber 🤣

  • Dis boi is talented

  • Awesome, checkmate

  • 8:37 Giorno's Theme. I absolutely love it, but it do be overplayed.

  • Nope,This is not perfect

  • Wonder if he still has it, looks sick.

  • the first sound test was, Megalovania and the second sound test was, JOJOs theme (idk what the songs name is)

  • So, does that mean I could make a guitar from a silver play button so we can jam SLnumber style? Checkmate

  • С такой гитарой надо в чат рулетку

  • 3:37 When I stare at my enemy

  • approved ✅


  • this is an epic comment

  • Davie, you should put the Gold Strings on this!

  • i see this man turning his 10 mill button into an amp

  • your so funny

  • Alguien que hable español

  • Yo al ver los comentarios en ingles: Mejor me voy😔❤

  • golden plate bass

  • Megalovania Jojo Golden Wind I guessed the song

  • Jacksucksatlife anyone??

  • your not as good as krist novelistic

  • O M G

  • Straight fire.

  • Maybe this is a cool idea for @youtube to rewards a musician who gets a million likes makes his instrument. // Bro, it's Bellissimo!

  • E p i c

  • The middle part is the wrong way around right...

  • I do have those tools in my garage 5:31

  • Wow i had no idea you were this big holy shnikeys

  • I LOVE IT!

  • omg

  • Twenty Million wow na wow!

  • *EPIC*

  • Bass stands fir Bad ASS

  • Carrot nose

  • He should have a platinium button for saying epic 1000000000000000x10E764345788766 time

  • O M G ... idk but this bass sounds too gold to me


  • And it sound's great now i feel like slapping something !!

  • Wow

  • Diamond Playbutton *BASS* at 10 Million Subscribers

  • Te dislikes are from people who have bad taste in B A S S