Snoop Dogg Challenged Me to Play THIS on Bass

Objavljeno 19. sep. 2020
Snoop Dogg himself sent me this video where he challenged me to play and slap my bass. Incredible.
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  • slap like for the d o double G

    • Slappin for a bold man

    • i wait the feat; mindblowing!

    • Could you put this music up without a drum? I want to play on it some guitar and send it to my drummer friend to make our own version :)

    • Yayyyy

    • Slapped twice

  • Ok, I see you. Now what is the name of the Bootsy song you are playing?

  • The damp aries initially shock because teller socially drag forenenst a toothsome broker. cut, three lunchroom

  • Ahhh yea Stay funky is back

  • Nice

  • Bro you got a Slapper Subscriber from 🇮🇳 India. Keep the Bass Up and Never stop Slapping. 🔥👋🔥🙏👍👍

  • Play the fast parts of the decline by NOFX

  • Randomly came across Davie504 channel and now I’m saving to get a bass

  • This guy is confusing But ill sub anyway

  • So...anime base girl😭

  • So...anime base girl😭

  • i worry 1 bilion NOW :]

  • You have no idea how many times I come back to listen to you play that part

  • wow...brb...gotta grab the baby powder so I can slap that like button proper!

  • "OMG there is a bass in my coffee" Davie: Slap it!!! 🤣

  • 5:19

  • Sir davie can i have your old 4string bass? Hehe

  • hello davie I challenge you to play STL DRE!

  • Masterpiece

  • People who say ,,bass is giant violin" are poopers

  • Recorder: Tina what u have? Tina: a slapper Recorder: tina thats not a slapper Tina: what Recorder: its davie504 slapper Tina: whattttt????? Recorder: tina take that off Tina: o ok AHHHHH ME GET SLAP ME MUST SLAP LIKE AND SLAP SUB

  • I challenge you to play bass the song (lie)

  • EPIC

  • Pizza? Why pizza? Uh-oh....

  • 🅱️ass

  • Have you ever talked about Geddy Lee on your channel?

  • your titles are so click-bait that I know it and still I click them :P

  • 4:15 did he Say stronzi? An Italian Word that means fuckers?

  • Snoop asked for Bootsy and Johnny “GUITAR” Watson!!! Violation?

  • I wonder if snoop doog saw this video?

  • giant violant

  • That's dope

  • I would love to see Harry Mack bust a freestyle rap over this! I bet it would be sooooo EPIC. Throw in some Marcus Veltri to compliment on piano and that would be double......EPIC

  • Lmao video is awesome so

  • GTA San Andreas Davie504 expansion pack

  • yooooo dis bass solo was sicko

  • Just discovered your channel Lost my shit at the MandJTV intro

  • haha love your alter ego -youtube avatar-?- ! haha! bravissimo! EPICCCC!!! SLAP!! splash!

  • I like your slaps and omg, tooooooo much.😂😂😂

  • I want my USD

  • Where's the online translator? So there is no way for you to follow.

  • cadê o tradutor??????????????????????????????????????

  • The playing was fire!!

  • 5:19 - 8:00 still slaps so hard

  • Whats up with snoop’s beard?

  • hi

  • 07:45 davie actually smiled and he was enjoying what he was playing 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Have you ever wondered what it would sound like if bootsie played bass on doggystyle? Wonder no longer.

  • Esse baixo fez um movimento estranho no au24 acho q ele ta mentindo

  • Yo bra this is what I call smooth

  • i fning hate love this

  • A part of the baseline sounds like Bruno Mar's 24k Magic

  • Snoop said like Bootsy! That wasn't like Bootsy!

  • That one time u check how many subs I have and have over a hundred..*MY POWER IS OUT OF YOUR CONTROOL GOD*

  • I just got a Bass and found this channel I believe it's meant to be

  • What a creep

  • Funky Freakin' Fantastically Flawless!!

  • Omg

  • You 3:36

  • The amount of subscribers you have and the likes you get. You are probably a millionaire by now.

  • Old davie:Wow i wanna be a pro bassist someday too! Davie now:CHECKMATE ALL PRO BASSISTS

  • сталоне на минималках

  • Engagement!

  • Are you italian?

  • Soo Good man

  • 4:33 is the snoop dogg part

  • Bass. Give me 1 million usd now please I'm begging you,.

  • Why the picture of Ice Cube when he says "Snoop dogg " at 5:15 ??

  • Looking like mile yanopoulos

  • I kept searching about some witty comment to reflect how BRILLIANT your channel is. Nothing will be on the level. I am utterly SLAPPED.

  • wowowwowowowow genus

  • that tattoo is a great design

  • i like the plot twist, slap on

  • Juice wrrlddd shouldve freestyle for him

  • guitar

  • i can hear 1997 snoop dog spittin some G-Funk BARS over this

  • Nate Dogg would represent this!! 👋 slappers👋 edit👋 that guy killed it at the end👋

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Respectable original... Tricked out to get it done or not, was still fire brotha

  • came here after watching a few bald man videos

  • i bought a ukulele,i guess if i play it hard enough it could evolve to a real bass :o

  • 5:19

  • Yo is jamming!

  • It was very hard but it was easy

  • He should be in a band

  • Day 1 of commenting until snoop sees this

  • hahahahahh "snoop dogg" whil appears Ice Cube ^^ he's so fun

  • 1:24 slap that bass

  • Davie504: New hair This didn't age well

  • Nice.. 👏👏👏

  • Ammazza che figata.

  • Uncle Snoop

  • what does he say at around 4:40? May? Mate? Man?

  • Was the part around 3:10 a callback to the next episode? By snoop

  • Hope he plays tiktok songs some day

  • The intro is the same song from mclmi

  • Very good.

  • 6:04 Gosh the only time I've seen him not staring at us while playing simple chords.


  • G u i t a r + bASS= many S T R I N G S