Uncle Roger said WHAT about Me??

Objavljeno 5. nov. 2020
He got banned for playing this song on Twitch... but there's a reason why... OMG
Shocking news in this unbelievable episode of SDAIAY with blonde hair.
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  • Uncle Roger is undefeatable

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  • Your "draw my life" video seems like your true personality.

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  • therapy time.. -I'll start lessons soon, I should sleep.. instead I'm watching you -It might sound bad, but it's actually pretty good for you

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  • 5:52 i think its not fried rice..🤣🤣uzumaki naruto used to eat that in a away to become a hokage.

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  • The freebird destruction Guitarist:yes Bassist:yes Collectors:hell

  • If you have captions on Davie says I’m the reason he got banged instead of banned. Superior subs.

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  • Uncle Roger not real

  • I love how I get to have a full conversation with davie at the end of the video

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  • I enjoy watching alot of your videos twice

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  • 1:57 ah yes, the soothing sound of a thousand guitarists crying

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  • viewer: my grandma died davie: I'm happy to hear that, I'm proud

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  • Therapy time Me: I'm going to College soon Davie: Incredible Me: I just want to make some good friends there have a good time Davie: I know Me: But I'm still worried about it Davie: It might sound bad but it's actually pretty good for you Me: Really then I will try to relax a bit Davie: I really like to hear this Me: Thanks and also I will make sure to study hard Davie: I'm proud of you Me: And then one day after everything is over, I will start learning bass too. Davie: Wise words Me: Its hard for me now but I have hope Davie: I know right crazy times Me: Yeah but good times do come after crazy times. Davie: I agree

  • Special mention for Davie's pimple


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  • "I got kidney stones." Davie504: I'm proud of you.

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    • Bcuz i wanna know the connection between davie504 & uncle roger

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  • Never stop doing therapy time. You provide an important service. Thank you.

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  • Hey Davie...love the bass❤️... I want to ask : "Did u ever played Acoustic Bass"???? . Slap like now if you want Davie to answer this👍🏻

  • I only subsribed to davie504 just because i want to see his real personality at 9 million subs just because i want to see a collab with uncle roger P.S. i am a fan of uncle roger & davie504

  • Nice intro of sdaiay

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  • i challenge Davie504 to play motorhead ace of spades bass rif

  • I like how Davie says fried rice and shows a picture of ramen bowl..

  • If he put MSG on his bass, it will be epic

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  • 5:45 Davie504: Uncle roger i give you 48 hours to say bass is the best, oherwise i am goona stop eating fried rice forever Uncle roger: HAIYAAAA! Me: yay! Another collab since roomie married davie ( FUIYOOOH/EPICOOO)

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  • Tbh this therapy time really helps me

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  • Is Davie shadowbanned, haven't got him in my recommendations for a long time

  • Davie I think you can try new tactic in your fight against guitars: If you sprinkle some MSG on guitar it should turn into a bASS :D :D

  • Uncle Roger is hilarious! These are my two favorite online characters- LOVE IT 👏👏👏 *Like button smashed to pieces*

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