Riley Reid Plays BASS??

Objavljeno 22. maj. 2020
Unbelievable. Reacting to celebrities playing BASS. From Barack Obama to Ryan Gosling, from Robert Downey Jr to Jack Black and Keanu Reeves & more...
New episode of "OMG, I didn't know they played BASS"

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  • How many times did yous ay "OMG I didn't know he played bass"??!?! leave a comment

  • Is there an instrument Jack Black *doesn't play?*

  • Simp.

  • Who is reily reid?

  • 0/10 no damaged butthole

  • There is a famous celebrity who can play bass , his name is Davide biale I think

  • how did you miss paul rudd....?

  • Hulk Hogan (wrestler) Ron Moss (The Bold and the Beautiful) Malcolm Jamal Warner (The Cosby Show) Wayman Tisdale (Nba player)

  • Apparently the dude who sings the South Park theme plays bass.

  • Maybe Depp should slap a bass instead of his old lady.

  • 🅱️

  • Hi Davie! I have only ONE Bass. (OMG) - but I love it. It's a Squire Jaguar. It seems, that there are some Bridge issues, but I can't find an adequate Bass technician here in Germany, and I don't trust anybody. What should I do? (P.S. I really like you're Videos, they're EPIC!)

  • lol obama has very white hands :P and not gonna say anything about his 3rd white ear :P

  • Canadian celebrity, Gerry Lee Weinrib, plays some bass.

  • Can you imagine John Entwhistle, Flea, Led Claypool, or Steve Harris doing something as cringeworthy as this SLnumber channel to get famous? All those guys did was make great music and tour. It makes me kind of sad that actually writing and playing music is so undervalued these days.

  • lieutenant dan plays bass? Omg

  • Davie with hairs.

  • OMG Dave504 You gotta a like button, a dislike button, but where’s the Love button?

  • I love Riley

  • Noob Dog haahahh

  • LMAO.. on the Obummer playing lol

  • I am leaving a comment.

  • Edward Norton plays a bit of bass too

  • Тема сисек не раскрыта.

  • Man... you remind me of Al Pacino back in the days when he was in Godfather 👌🎸

  • Johny sins plays bAss

  • Seriously??? You've never heard of Dogstar (Keanu Reeves) or Tenacious D (Jack Black)??? *sighs*

  • Obama...Southpark....that was brilliant Davie504 😁

  • @davie504 How could you leave out Harry Shearer? I mean, the character that he's most famous for playing is Derek Smalls, bass player extraordinaire.

  • OMG, I didn't know they played BASS

  • Who is Riley Reid?

  • They should have a crypto coin name Bass.... that would be cool

  • She can’t play bass, she’s just holding it for a photo. Sound the basic bitch alarm!

  • Picks on bass actually sounds cool. You’ve been corrupted by *S L A P P ,* my friend.

  • 7:00 jajajajajajjaja EPICOO

  • Arkansas Ex-Governor and one-time presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee plays base. Not too bad either.

  • we all came here for one reason. to see davie slapping..

  • I hate Riley Reid

  • Well let’s see, there’s a man by the name of davie504 and he slaps bass real good

  • I have a face but I can't play BASS

  • For those of you that didn't watch that epsiode of South Park, it's the episode where Cartman forms a stereotypical christian band. Anyway, there's a part at the beginning where Cartman says "Come on, Token. All black guys can play bass." XD

  • Former Arkansas Governor and talk show host Mike Huckabee plays bass with his guest music artists all the time.

  • i see riley reid , i upvote

  • Davie is an algorithm genius

  • OMG the last part I just love Johnny Depp I hate the fact that he's been fooled by a wretched lying b*tch... Also love RDJ ♥️🥰

  • My friend and former roommate Brain Thomas played bass. He taught me the pink panther theme and Barney Miller Starting. It was epic. He is my friend

  • Barack looks weird... (Oh, I see)

  • I just got a Guitar SLnumber Ad on this video. For real. Not cool.

  • why obama looking like a reverse michael jackson with the white hands

  • In this video I learned, that men (Jason Momoa) are allowed to be naked but women (Riley Reid) are not. Not aproved! Simps.

  • Richard Hammond plays bass

  • O m g

  • Who is Riley Reid and how do you know her. Checkmate.

  • Hulk Hogan is a bass player too 😎

  • Malcolm Jamal Warner (The Cosby Show) plays bass

    • Ok. That’s actually pretty cool. He’s a surgeon, teacher, AND a bass player? Give that man a medal.

  • Flea can play bass + he's in a band.

  • hey man, nice video. Ryan Reynolds plays bass too!

  • What headphones do you use?

  • The guy from the news hiraldo Rivera plays bass or whatever his name is he has a sweet jazz bass

  • That senator huckabee plays bass

  • Show barrack link now

  • Come to America

  • Gary from csi New York you mean the green mile!

  • Matrix bass makes pp hard 😂😂😂

  • You had me at Riley Reid, she's just a famous actor.

  • Bill is trash. Can't stand the guy. So much so, I had to comment about it.

    • Ikr Bill kicks ass. Love that guy. Good to see others big him up in these trying times. Childhood hero.

  • 🐔 SLAP

  • F Obama! Behind Biden and Carter... the worst pres!

    • @The Hive Productions HA! Trump was hardly the worst. Now I am not a "Trumper" However, prior to COVID this country was doing very well.

    • You must’ve missed this other guy, Trump.

  • Dang she good at 2 things I like 😉

  • Slap on Davie!

  • Is anyone just click this vid bcz of the thumbnail?


  • mike Huckabee plays bass. lookup MIKE Huckabee plays bass.

  • Keau reevs play bass in Maria defilippi show??? Hahhahhahaha learn defilippi ... Stronzi

  • Obama’s been betraying everyone for years! Almost made me put my Bass away!

  • Can give you Zon Bass

  • Nikki Sixx plays bass

  • Lol I slapped the like button letteraly and almost broke my ipad

  • omg Riley playing Bass also?

  • I heard Gene Simmons can play bass

  • Lisa Simpson played bass before her dad. See Season 4, Episode 20 (Whacking Day)

  • davie : leave a comment its the lawn me: ok

  • He said leave a comment so I'll just leave this here

  • I read an article once that listed a number of Hollywood actors you wouldn't expect also played bass when they were young. It said Michael "Flea" Balzary from Big Lebowski, Baby Driver, Back to the Future franchise, Wild Thonberries, etc. was one. Gordon "Sting" Sumner from Dune, The Bride, Lock Stock and Three Smoking Barrels and other movies was another, as was John "John Doe" Duchac from Roswell and tons of movies, and Ian "Lemmy" Kilmister from Hardware, Citizen Toxie, etc. The article even said Paul McCartney from Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales and Give My Regards to Broad Street once played some bass. I couldn't find any pictures or photographic evidence for any of those guys, though.

  • 3:28 wait a minute... her videos?

  • Clay jensen had 13 reasons why he used a pick, wanna know the first tape

  • Lil Wayne can play

  • Richard Hammond of Top Gear/Grand Tour fame is a great bass player, should be included next time.

  • Chris Squire used a pick!

  • the RDJ bit got muted RIP

  • Yes I know 3 people who play bass, but they have all past away.

  • Having fun with your channel. You crack me up.

  • Aqua man slaps B A S S

  • damn took me a whole ass minute to realize the hands weren't the same color of the face...

  • lt. Dan traded his legs for the ability to slap a bass line

  • Keanu with Bass🔥🔥

  • Not John Wick using the pick. I guess he gets the LEMMY pass for it.

  • Who is Riley Reid

  • Cool

  • The girl is cute, but can she play drums like Meytal Cohen?