I Made a Bass in Minecraft and Played It

Objavljeno 15. jul. 2019
I built a fully functioning bass guitar in Minecraft!
Over 15 hours of building, but it was worth it.
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  • Just building my Minecraft -b̶a̶s̶e̶ ̶ *BASS*

  • The building part of this vid is ASMR

  • Ya'll notice how happy and relaxed he is when he's playing video games?

  • Piano is better

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  • EPIC actually

  • I played 2 yrs Minecraft and I don't know anything about noteblo k

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  • He was rly happy and reality speaking those days.....

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  • Have a go at the Paul McCartney bass

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  • You should have made a cord that plugs into the amp

  • This is TRULY epico! Would love a detailed break down of the circuits one day... this video could easily have been 20 minutes and still riveting Davie! So much amazing work here, especially the looping and the accuracy of the sound!

  • So not only is he the best fucken best player ive ever seen he is also a redstone god

  • You should actually use 1 tnt at a time

  • Davie eyes😂🤜take rest


  • alright i like bass; Bass is my favorite instrument

  • Well that’s awesome!!!

  • When they said that the only Minecraft' limits is your own imagination, they were not joking

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  • amazing effort lol

  • Say hi to MumboJumbo mr Davie504

  • Omg it’s epic

  • World edit: *exists* Davie: *builds bass by hand*

  • your better that roomie in minecraft. sorry roomie

  • If i were to make this, i would probably liketo die rather

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  • The guy is guy with many talents

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  • He so good at minecraft

  • Joergen and Sven?! I never expected something like this from this channel! Amazing.

  • 0:55 I DID NOT KNOW THAT!!! Woah, I am actually learning about Minecraft from a bass channel!

  • amazing bro it is epic!!!!!!!!!

  • Amazing video! Great job!

  • Do whit command blocks broh Lul

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  • That is some epic Minecraft BASS

  • Waw I didn't use to watch Normal davie speaking, not usual davie504 speaking that full of !!!!! intonation.

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  • I thought he was kidding but no this is very impressive

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  • Redstone504

  • You should build a input jack that plugs in to the amp

  • Mumbo jumbo can't even do this

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  • Either he is a genius at red stone or he watched a vid

  • *-this bass is epic -*

  • My screen just got cracked because i slaped the like button and subcribe button


  • he's a good builder

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  • Playing bass in minecraft 20% Build a bass in minecraft 80%

  • It it a -home- no it it a -base- no it its a bass Yes✔

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  • Amazing bass. Looks, sounds, slapps and works like a real base. Amazing job!

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  • He is the true bass lover😯👏👏

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    • but remember when he said "If only i have more time to play" lol

    • agree

  • Wonderful.

  • Make a bass base in Minecraft

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