Playing Basslines on a GUITAR.. (ILLEGAL FOOTAGE)

Objavljeno 3. dec. 2020
Playing some of the most famous and hardest basslines.. but on GUITAR.

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  • subscribe to save me from guitar 😥

  • Did you say joe can’t play this because yes I can

  • If you use a picc ur a dicc unless ur a guitarist

  • Guitar sound more good

  • Eight kay footage video here😂😂😂

  • OMG! You are really good at playing guitar! I did not expect that.

  • But Seven-Nation Army was always played on a guitar!

  • When Davie first played guitar i was like: You have become the very thing you swore to destroy.

  • Featuring fender guitar

  • 1:21 I like the creativeness of when he said " pitched down *one octave* "

  • O * M * G

  • play the bass solo by Gabriel vivas from Yiannis rain must fall.

  • This just proves that bass slap is a mindset

  • The second cover guy's bass was out of tune. The 3rd however must've been the actual composer.

  • I have a serious question, how do you slap on a bass? I'm thinking of buying one (I play guitar)

  • I wish you were my bassist.

  • Les claypools basslines are always harder to play than flee’s. There’s no denying that glee is a very talented bassist, but les is GODLY

  • HEHEHE, Hot the Turns how Tabled! Oh, wait, i said it wrong, fucks sake. I ruined the best moment i couldve had as a guitarist.

  • yo Davie504 awesome photoshop skills the guitar looks really authentic let alone the way you paste the pick there flawless almost can't see that's photoshopped

  • Who else fell for the thumbnail

  • "You cannot play fingerstyle on guitar - it's just too weak, so you have to use pick." - you better not let Jared James Nichols hear that 😲

  • They all are great pieces because you are a great musician!! Thank you for this video.

  • Mhhh gorillaz. My favorite band ever FOREVER IN THE SPACE OF THE UNIVERSE MMMMMM'KAYYYYY ?

  • Davie, please stop playing guitar already, or i will unsubscribe

  • you can do double thumb on guitar, I think it's rasgueado.

  • Nice .. best of luck

  • Why is 11 harder?

  • I saw feel good inc. and I was actually thinking about if he were to play that lmao and he does kinda look like Murdoc

  • he can probably play 80% of all the guitar songs without microshifting

  • Number 7 💯

  • lowkey, guitar sound better kinda

  • People who play bass: 🤔 People who play guitar 😅 I play gutair

  • Are you sure you didn't write #7 for this guitar? It sounds too good not to be.

  • Davie504 watching the videos for lines 2, 4, 5, 7, "Wow, this guy's really good."

  • I have a theory that davie actually plays guitar too but his character doesn't

  • Number 13 was nicer in guitar

  • you should play a 8 strings guitar to slap like Tosin Abasi

  • Just a few more months of hard work and dedication and he could become a decent guitarist.

  • I rather liked Number 6 @ 3:55 ... it seems that the guitar favors complex tapping.

  • Что за пеня под номером 7?

  • At least he has good taste in guitars

  • Every time he says something is easy I still can’t play it 😂

  • davie why not make this a thing when youre talented in stringed instrument why not make a collab of guitar and bass making videos with two of them it would be a nice change of pace


  • What are you doing Dave?! You're a bass player. Just throw that useless guitar down my way! :-D

  • Davie: Nani? Me: Dattebayo

  • hysteria was good on guitar because on the 2nd verse that is actually being played on guitar

  • 7:50 who's joe ?

  • That video of charles is the best i got into him bc of that vid. Davie504 5eva

  • (Also, dude, wtf: you are so damn skilled!!)

  • Oh Dark SLnumber, show me the forbidden Davie504 Guitar Videos

  • what are the songs?

  • Davie pls teach or send the tab of the bassline 7 uwu

  • Baseline 7 was the BEST. Vulf pecks was second. Joe Dart SLAPS 👋, Cory wing does double the bass line in the song in parts of it. You def can SLAP the small six string BASS

  • no deal

  • 4:40 can someone give me the guitar tabs? I dont have enough money for a bass rn and im learning guitar

  • non of them sound better on guitar

  • Lol I bought myself a bass for my birthday and one thing I shatter my hopes with is trying to play a piece I compressed that has trim picking on bass.. I would use a pick but there's a lot more tonal range I can pull from the bass with my fingers... I'm still a bit of a noob though despite having played bass as a kid

  • Bass rules 🎸

  • At 4:41 he played the *l i c c*

  • never thought id see the day that you stooped so low to join the rest of us electric guitarist Davie Welcome to the dark side homie

  • This is amazing ❤️❤️

  • I am calling police!

  • congratulations ur now a guitarist

  • Bassline 4 sounds better on guitar 2:43

  • So.... I just start smiling when I'm watching your channel. Thanks man. Feels good.

  • That wink at 4:20 😂

  • Guitar looks so tiny on him

  • This blasphemy will be reported to the UN comission on BASS

  • Months passed when i left Davie's channel and he still slapping the guitar.

  • 4:43 Adam Neely is summoned

  • This cursed my entire family, send help

  • What's going on here?

  • guitar sounds so weak

  • EY guitars a cool instrument I can play guitar and the bass and the piano and the drums just no hate love you're vids I slap the like button all the time and you inspired me to play bass so thank you

  • check out miyavi slap guitar man

  • Like for Foggy Mountain Breakdown.

  • Anyone else recognize cover solutions and or that victor wooten video?

  • U

  • so illegal

  • its better on the guitar

  • Looking at my big fumb are yer boy?

  • Pic = E.pic

  • dude wont stfu about bass superiority but literally has a fender jaguar wow

  • Every quotes from you are masterpiece Dav...good punchline. OMG

  • I see Illegal Footage, I click watch.

  • Someone explains I'm a Spanish talker

  • How is 7 bassline called?


  • i will never understand how it just looks like he is never touching the strings lmao

  • Saxaboom covers!

  • I not even starting the video and i tell you, NOTHING sounds better on a guitar!!

  • is there anything that davie cant play

  • If you hate the guitar, send it to me NOW. hahahaha

  • Everything is just wrong on this video. I see guitar being played and pick being used. Davie is now cursed for 69 years!!!

  • Ichija Nito is shaking right now

  • I slapped the like button for protest

  • Classical Thump with a pick is specially criminal. No thump.

  • Didn’t even include the intro to Barney Miller. The most epic of all television theme songs featuring BASS. No Jaco either? Epic fail.

  • Still plays the guitar like bass 😬