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Objavljeno 11. nov. 2020
Donating to small musician streamers on Twitch! OMG
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  • Subscribe and I'll give you north korean dollars

    • 4blonde that piano song

    • Subscribe done 😇

    • Give me bass 🥺

    • where my dollars at

    • I play bASs but i still am a noob.. slapp is intersting.. send me new better BASS. Thanks for inspiration, slap like NOW evryone sorry for my broken englisch. i am from belgium

  • Nord vpn saves the day hahahaha

  • and charging back their donationnn

  • Holy molly I did not expect to see Mia here! She's very nice and a damn monster on the keys!

  • can anyone tell me this piece please 6:10

  • I watched the nord ad so you can pay rent.

  • Who doesn't know Four Non Blondes?

  • All of these videos are great but that "they will go to jail" line actual made me spit take. An actual spit take. Liked, commented, and subscribed 😂

  • *whats up* *slap* *the* *like* *button* *not the dislike*

  • I like you copying mr beast♥️🙏

  • "Nord VPN is a VPN" davie

  • Nordvpn was created by cisco which is owned by the fbi, you cannot hide.

  • 4:00 what instrument is that?

  • 4:06 Davie the Thanos

  • joe mama

  • awesome playing at 5:20

  • Epic!

  • “the only reason people should be playing music is for money” - davie

  • This may be the best of these donate type videos, it really is awesome to look for folks literally starting out and spreading the love.

  • I'll donate you, if you laugh

  • Wait a minute. 04:13 Is that a Linus pic behind him or am I going crazy?

    • Ur going crazy

  • Every musician has a base in their basement

  • The 2nd streamer plays One winged angel hahaha cool

  • That pianist was just so cool 👌❤️

  • 5:30 she's veryyyyy goooooooooddddd!!!!


  • 4 non blondes...u rule!!!! Very impressive, And highly entertaining!

  • 1:25 what's song?

  • No entiendo nada pero el de arriba miente

  • What is this instrument called at 4:03

  • 5:53 that song is in the movie called THE KARATE KID


  • Lmao I lost it at the third person taking out a bass

  • the "I'm charging back my donation" always gets me 😂

  • Minchia, tutto le ore che ho buttato in terapia quando mi bastava slappare il bottone.

  • You look like sylvester stallone man when he was young HAHAH

  • 8:35 : Slap A minor 3 seconds later: FBI OPEN UP!!!

  • 매력이형 나왔네ㅋㅋ

  • 1:25 I wanna hear his full song! Anyone knows the name of the song or his?

  • Yes.

  • SLAP

  • im simping for that miametz

  • 3:35 that you???

  • Do u ever smile?

  • Hahahaha

  • 4:27 new pogchamp

  • Without taking headphone how do you heard that call lol

  • Hallo davie504

  • 4:03 davie almost laughing

  • 4 non blondes

  • 9:38 you look sleapy

  • I am charging back my donation! haha i cant stop laughing - davie you r great

  • He just sayed “stay funky" like in his oldest videos

  • davie504: *vibing with piano her bass:(chukles) im in danger

  • 4:06 finally something that i can play


  • Now.

    • btw you said leave a comment now so I left it as such.. HEYYYEEYAAYEEYAAAYEEYAYA

    • Should they be wielding a pick axe?

    • lol slap a minor...

  • why do you have a guitar at the back?

  • I knew the song

  • Italian mrBeast, MrBass! cool

  • Only Dooooo that can Escape his Slapppp

  • Nord vpn is a vpn....😂😂😂😂😂... I wish he just stopped there

  • 2:18 OMG

  • seen the thumbnail me to davie: checkmate SIMP!

  • Hope you visit my stream

  • i left a comment because i know what the song is

  • Simp

  • 5:55 monlight sonata?? 😲

  • I would like 5:20


  • Gimme north korean dollars now

  • whats up

  • If he actually charged back his donations ima cry

  • hi david if you need a website or application you can contact me

  • Best part.. ( 2:17 )

  • Please help My son to reach 1,000 Subscriber i hope You guys donate Me for subscribe

  • 10:09 davie✋

  • How is the name of the song he plays with the kazoo?

  • Does anyone know the name of the song a female pianist plays at the end I believe her name is s3v3n_lions

  • I play bass

  • man of culture hmm

  • Mais algum BR percebeu o poster do Diogo Defante na parede do cara do 4:11 ? KKKKKKKKKKK

    • Sério que é o Diogo? Q estranho

  • 3:43 조매력!

  • Five Of Four Strings.

  • So i unsubscribe then subscribe where are you now

  • more cooking videos plz

  • It's your mama?

  • but if I slap it once then again then the like will go puff

  • David, can you reaction channel youtube "Alif ba Ta" He's plays Guitar cover from indonesia

  • 6:19 Hahahahaha men this comment broke me hahahah

  • i feel like this guy is dead inside

  • 4040334063 bank BCA please help me

  • Its 4 none blonde song...

  • I practice bass 40 hours a day now, so I can play it quickly

  • 5:15 vietnamese yeee

  • He was playing Sandstorm by Garbage

  • Dang, she almost nailed 3rd movement.

  • 4:07 Jerry C rules!!!

  • The song that piano girl played at 6:00 reminded me of your lie from April XD

  • you said like a robot but cooler