Did He Just Play an IMPOSSIBLE Bassline??

Objavljeno 22. nov. 2020
I went on Fiverr and paid bassists to create the hardest bassline ever. And then I played them back on my BASS. checkmate
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0:00 Intro
0:40 Hiring bassists
1:28 Reacting & playing the Basslines
9:38 PRO Bassist IMPOSSIBLE bass
11:30 My own Hardest Bassline
Spotify: open.spotify.com/album/5m7SFVMTfNvv7dyqfa00G3
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  • slap like or I'll destroy your toilet

  • Wow - nice job - good luck

  • You hope we enjoyed this video?!? MA, ACCIDENT! COME potrebbe essere altrimenti ?!?

  • All their basses are belong to him.

  • That last PRO bassline is epic!!! worth using in an anime

  • more expensive bass sounds better ay ? it also plays "Smoother" !

  • davie ... your bass sound is amazingly loud !!! i lve it .!! OMG

  • 9:50

  • I love davie and charles. My two favs

  • Waiting for 300k like.

  • 10:30 "STRONZO" hahahahahahahahaa

  • Check out Dr Funk

  • Your bass line is the best

  • Agree w/your 2 faves-Chas B's Tears for Fears cover great too...wonder if he plays gtr? Shame you disqualified someone for using gtr.strings-still great solo tho likely a guitarist too. On previous video Tia +Ayume (spelling?)outstanding !

  • I just realized Davie provides content to so many people

  • Violin bass has a true bass sound XD

  • #4 is my favorite. Hints of bossa nova and not at all beginner-ish :)

  • ..stronzo..:)

  • 9:12 i started to bop my head in my normal groove motion.

  • 10 million subs - Davie buys a more expensive 🅱A S S so he can sound as good as Charles.

  • The guy you insulted played his part more beautifully than you bro!

    • His tone is way better on those chords

  • about 87k missing for another Charles "vs" Davie - we need that! TAP LIKE FFS!

  • 300k likes and another battle with Charles the PRO. Cant wait!!!

  • Slapped it. Let's see.

  • I didn't know Milo Yiannopoulos could play bass?

  • I know an older guy that lives off the grid. He plays bass guitar. Now I've played guitar since the 70s and have been blessed to have played with some of the best in NOLA, but this guy really is something different in how he plays. Seriously, he won't even take a picture because he's paranoid of facial recognition software lol. I wonder how many people like him are our there?

  • It looks like the Fiver bassist community has started to take advantage of Davie's willingness to pay. Suddenly there are very mediocre bassists charging near $100.

  • Well, I got slapped again. Guess this'll leave a mark

  • 9:49 his 🅱️ass is so djent

  • Yeah maybe the worst year ever for people in their 20s up to there 50s. Guarantee some men out there who served our country of had a lot worse years than this

  • Holy shit number nine is awesome

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  • Charles THE PRO was IMPOSSIBLE!!!

  • No 9 was great but you are greater than him, I really enjoyed all the base line.

  • Don't slap me 😬

  • Charles got you just a little

  • How do you not have a 24 fret??

  • Charles is amazing but than again so is Davie. I love how they continue to challenge eachother!

  • E P I C O

  • 6:50 is why we are here

  • I know a complicated solo for you @davie504

  • I actually thought that up until the 30 odd quid one Davey liked the first bloke was best in value for money?

  • You're the best, STRONZO! 🤣🤣✌️

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  • I've been drumming 51 yrs. and you are the man, I love your attitude I was a nut job on the drums, I totally love your attitude,

  • Charles... He is really up in top 3 best bassists right now.

  • Do you think you’ll ever replace your headphones? Your muffs look pretty worn out

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  • No Charles is a better bassist than you. Sorry bro

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  • Charles the pro is the best. He obviously has paid his dues.

  • He shot this in portrait mode UNBELIEVABLE... I'm dead ahahahah

  • the look on Davie's face @ 10:18 def worth the 107 bucks and i'd still leave a extra tip for EPICNESS

  • Glad I'm not the only one who pees in the sink.

  • You're all good. You're all gifted by God...only wish I was. I say: "forget milk...Got Jesus Yet?" Imagine who well Jesus Christ can play! Starts a fire, every time.

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  • You make them all look easy (for you. Arduous for anyone else.) Who are you? Why don't I know? Phenomenal!

  • Love the number 8

  • No do not destroy, I shit in my sink way too often, thank the Bass god for sink garbage disposals. But you can destroy the toilet, I have a dishwasher now so I dont use the toilet anymore. Edit: 5 mins in and, why does it seem like the cheaper basslines were way more complex than the more expensive ones? Like that $33 line was, kind of a joke compared to that amazing $7 line. Lets hope they get better and become what they're worth. Edit2: wow 6 was dope but hoooooly shit 9 was wicked INCREDIBLE!

  • I prefer charles...the expansive bass doesn't matter

  • The speed at which he said checkmate cracked me up

  • Watching Davie 504 makes SLnumber regret for not having Smiley button instead of the like buttons

  • 10:02 to 10:05..so much happened in just 3 seconds

  • Berthoud è una bella bega ammettilo ahah ciao Davide 504 ✌️

  • Last dude wrote a fucking sequel to through the fire and flames, and it looks like he got his bass straight outa hell. Why have I never heard of this legend.

  • Davie and charles dueling basses on stage

  • I absolutly love buddy, he's amazing. But must say he nvr plays the exact bass lines.. Hence the "my take ".... But good try. Still badass

  • 11:11 What? I just finished watching a video of the most expensive basses he owns why won’t he use the $10,000 version

  • Davie keeps giving him money so he can duel him against his will.

  • Anyone noticed only the fingers when Charles and Davie played? Watch closely how different it feels and looks. Tapping is not Davie main technique, but when he plays Charles solo, it looks like his fingers are dancing in a very smooth and beautiful way, while Charles fingers look abit more harder and not so smooth. It is just my opinion, but everyone can agree that Davie played this tapping part perfectly and its not his main technique. Just shows you he really is the best of them all, above everyone! EPICO!

    • Obviously not as clean as Charles. Everything is different, bass (frets), strings, amp and so on... It would not sound any different on the exact same stuff I believe. They are both great and amazing to listen as hell!

    • ​@Mike McNeil Yeah, all jokes aside, Davie is a really good bassist (few are at his level), but Charles is close or already at virtuoso level: you can see that Charles has a more orthodox, structured and developed technique, while Davie is more of street learner technique. With that in hindsinght, I am actually impressed that Davie was able to play the part and it sounded good, although not as clean and refined as Charles.

    • Charles has practiced something called economy of motion to an absurd degree, and Davie has not to the same extent. Economy of motion means moving as little as possible to do what you aim to do. It lets you be faster and more precise because you waste less time and energy on movement that isn't accomplishing anything. It isn't necessarily "pretty" but it is practical. Early on, there is an entire 2-handed tapping section where Davie doesn't use his left hand at all. Later, there's the section where he just strums where Charles played distinct notes. Davie did an amazing job to learn that solo by ear and play it as well as he did, but his version isn't as clean because he hasn't practiced economy of motion and had to make compromises where he simply didn't have the dexterity or precision replicate Charles' line exactly.

  • Would be cool to check a battle

  • #2 looks like rowan atkinson . haahahhaa

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  • most of these dudes are not really bassists, they just played the bass guitar like a regular electric guitar

  • Epic...

  • 11:27 - 300.000 likes is too much

  • YOU are ONE funny character!!!

  • When I here he talk, I´m only think in a classic movie quote: " _No women,no kids_ ".

  • Bro please play caption jack full song

  • CharlesBerthoud Is a very good bass player, but he's a bit of a dick. You Davie are an EXCELLENT bass player, but the main thing is , you're not a dick.

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