Wide Putin but it's on BASS

Objavljeno 5. avg. 2020
Wide Putin meme song but it's on bass
slap like
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  • ЭпИчНо

  • His walking in russia

  • Хаах хахаха 😁😁👍


  • I also slap bASS

  • how dare you!


  • 1:15 Plot twist: He drinks water Stay hydrated guys :D

  • Wide putin but the bass gets wider

  • This is one of the most niche comedy categories known to mankind

  • Im german Lol Where are u from? comment it!

  • I only got to step 4, I'm not old enough, dammit!

  • American boss music: dramatic noisy (can destroy your ears) Russian boss music:

  • 1:20 'slap melody' rip my name is melody 🙃😂

  • Putin

  • 0:40 esses closes que ele dá nos olhos eu me racho de rir! kkkkkk

  • This is ✨epic✨

  • EPIC peformance :D

  • Plot twist: he replaced the vodka with water.

  • Davie:wide putin Captions:white pudding 😂😂😂

  • Я люблю басс

  • Very ,ERIC, Poka

  • level 7 is just tapping vodka lol


  • When Vladimir reforms the Soviet Union so that he could get his job back

  • 0:55 Like adidas, just do it

  • Да

  • как же это круто патриотизм берет вверх надо мной

  • VISITOR:curses putin everyone in russia:YOUR GOING TO THE GULAG.

  • I challenge You! You can't play this with your bass! search "Выхожу один я на дорогу"

  • Where FCKIN' BEARS

  • 8 months ago but still gold

  • Hardcore

  • next video: wide poutine, but it's on bass

  • 0:54 Russian mode: e n g a g e d

  • Эх раз. Ещё раз Фендер стратокастер Я и водку пить могу И ебатся мастер!!!

  • My only criticism is that absolut vodka is Swedish.

  • You are the most wider italian bass guy of the world

  • Gratulujem! Napísal ti 9 miliónový youtuber koment :D

  • Slapper

  • I call dibs on *Wide Putin* as the name of my new punk band

  • Wide Putin On Bass

  • Хахахахах лайк просто

  • bass is just a bad guitar, change my mind

  • putin is an ass hole :)

  • When you realize this is a mafia game ad reference

  • there is no gulag here in 2021 bro. поржал спасибо)

  • E P I C O B L Y A T

  • Он с ошипкой написал

  • 1:15 me recording on my 4:3 monitor streaming to twitch which is 16:9

  • Ayy lmao


  • :)

  • U turn ur screen of the house

  • 69420

  • I like the detail of get an Adidas jacket🤣

  • Playing with vodka is the most Russian thing I’ve ever seen

  • all russian words are swear words

  • 9 levels of Sonic 1 - Very Noob Sonic: Walking 2 - Noob Sonic: Running 3 - Easy Sonic: Collecting Rings 4 - Medium Sonic/Sonic: Killing Enemies 5 - Hard Sonic: Collecting 1-Ups and Boxes 6 - Super Sonic: Flying 7 - Werewolf Sonic: Roaring and Jogging 8 - Hyper Sonic: Flying Faster 9 - Multi-Powerup-Fusion Sonic: Doing Sonic Power-Up Moves At Once

  • Мало кто знает, но путин действительно басист)0))0

  • Ваше видео одобрено советом.

  • I play full song with astrology guitar.

  • He looks like hes sleep deprived

  • Почему иностранцы видят нас гопниками🤣🤣🤣

  • This is the face of a happy M A N

  • Epic

  • You spelt meme wrong at the intro. 2nd greatest meme of all time though.

  • I'm from Russia, but this very fucking funny. I almost died... B Y L A U G T H

  • vODKA

  • For this video Davie is went to gulag

  • Putin after this: **erases name from death note**


  • World Wide West

  • Кого из русских бесят эти глаза смотрящие в душу? а так видео крутое

  • Did Absolut sponsor this video ?

  • Сука Ыуат plss

  • Im scared that stare to the camera...

  • Call me a hater, but the final level wasn’t wide enough!

  • How the fuc could you stand after that vodka it looked like something drink in a russian movie

  • Davie : 10 level Me : Damn! That 12

  • kinda funny he used swedish vodka lol

  • W I D E

  • Ахуительно👍👌👏

  • i se swedish vodka... i slap like

  • Suka means bitch so preview isn't polite...

  • I'm reeling from His choice of vodka >_

  • ваааа=)

  • great video men, do like video men


  • This guy must have a high alcohol tolerance

  • Одобряю.

  • At 711 PooTang levels down PoojBear and slaps Lex outta space ,🔥

  • How do you know he's wide and not normal width but short?

  • Is it me or Putin is actually looking kinda T H I C C

  • Cyka means bitch in Russian

  • 2:10 надеюсь, ты не кандидат в президенты россия 2026

  • А я знал, что ты по-русски говорить умеешь

  • "this is a christian channel" so no course words he said

  • приятно, что этот канал объединяет множество народов)0)

  • This video is very dank