This 10 Years Old Ukulele Kid Challenged Me to do WHAT?

Objavljeno 27. okt. 2020
Reacting to some of the most EPIC ukulele videos ever... a lot of incredible plot twists
slap like now, it's the law
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Polyphia on uku:
Feng E :
Feng E challenge:
Jimi hendrix of Ukulele:
Filthy frank:


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  • *slappers* what's up

  • Weak

  • 😂😂😂😂

  • You are weak, bass is weak ha ha ha!

  • Wat happen to your eyes?

  • Ez boi

  • You like guitar. 😶😐🤗

  • Ukelele is not weak

  • Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwoʻole

  • Sad boi 😂

  • Twoset violin is still better!!!!!

  • like you could ever beat him!

  • Unsub I am a uke player I hate Davie from now how can he say uke is weak I bet he won't be able to play the careless Whisper song that alexzandr misko if he does that everyone has to sub if he can't everyone has to unsub

  • I cant believe sung ha jung be in Davie’s video

  • My boy filthy frank!!!

  • 3:07 Hmmmmmmp👎🧐🤔

  • 2:38 it got 138 more lines than your goal just add a k 😆 🤣 😂

  • ukalele is weak

  • pink guy!!!

  • 4:04 plot twist: actually this is an acoustic bass, but in the hands of The Rock it seems an ukulele

  • Nobody: Davie: *yiookooleyley*

  • 8:03 Pink Guy😭😂

  • “Why did you gys forget THEDOOO”

  • Cosa?!?! Taiwanese kid skills EPICO! saves ukulele

  • Davie you should seriously watch your mouth

  • The rock haha

  • Accept the challenge

  • flat face

  • 😂😂😂😂😂

  • *The killer's eyes*

  • Love from india.😁😁

  • Ukulele in the rocks hand really is a toy!? 😂

  • 1:11 Davie: that was good SunghaJung: ok😊

  • Extremely weak lol

  • Yes

  • Very funny...omg. Ukelele is not weak!

  • Any musical instrument isn't weak. I guess it depends upon the skills. The 10 year old will really be something with ukelele when he gets to your age. Music is more from heart. What you do comes from your but that doesn't make a bass guitar the best. No hard feelings.

  • So this is his least popular video... pretty good actually... after watching his 9 mil sub vid

  • Im with you pink guy (joji)

  • I love feng

  • Billie Eilish is WEAK AF. Her music is GARBAGE.

  • i saw lot of taiwanese ukelele players and it makes my mind blown away man!!! specially the kid who challenge u...

  • Daily bubble for just like your video or i will get you

  • What if I said the doo is better...

  • cazu

  • I cannot stand a uke. I get it bro

  • congrats on 9 mill

  • As a ukulele player, I know ukulele can be just as hard as guitar or bass. Ukulele is NOT weak.

  • As an avid ukulele player and an ambassador for the four string tropical bass, I approve of this message.

  • This guy reminds me of Jean Girard from Talladega Nights

  • 3:30

  • davie why davie whyy u said guitar is teribbleeee and i like ur bASS

  • 4:47 i think that is the most violent ukulele player i have ever seen

  • Ukulele:I can defeat the bass *Davie just slaps 1 note Ukulele:🤯

  • me ukulelelelele player and ukulelelelele is NO WEAK

  • weakalele

  • Divie 504 sungha jung is my favorite guitar player

  • Divie 504 sungha jung is my favorite guitar player

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  • I think you need to see made rasta from Indonesia🇮🇩

  • Kenapa ada pinkguy anjg wkwkwkwkwkwkwk

  • 4:56 song name please

  • Me:is dat Mario!?

  • Bruh you were upset that two set violin said that bass was bad

  • I'm educated to u master slap

  • Go a head men. Show us. Hahahha

  • Hi guys

  • Anyone who knows the girl at the second vid?

  • Jake Shimabukuru is a ukulele deity

  • I came for Feng but wow, there were some serious ukulele MASTERS!!

  • Just for changing your mind 👍

  • 5:48 hahaha he looks at the challenge video all surprised, it already shows that he’s watched it before tho

  • I play ukelele an I like you very much

  • You just wanted a reason to buy that Billie Eilish uke :D

  • As u say slappers i slap like

  • Joji😂

  • My dad says that if i learn one song on guitar then he will buy me a bass

  • World's best worst editor

  • The guy in the pink leotard is pink guy aka papa furanku aka joji.

  • Ukulele Player: Davie504 Do you have a plan B? Davie504 : Yes Ukulele Player: .... Davie504: For plan A to work.

  • Did he forget the doo plays uke HE CHALLEGES YOU IN ALL WAYS

  • I just found your show and I have laughed all morning AND found out that tropical bass is NOT WEAK.

  • Davie504 I have subscribed to you and your slap bass is very amazing

  • This has 3 thousand dislikes bruh...

  • .

  • 2:57 Davie: Spongebob, one of my favorite anime ever Weebs: davie's instrument with four fat strings is one of my favorite violin 🎻 ever

  • Alip ba ta

  • We can not completely hate the ukulele. They are our younger cousins to us bassists.

  • Davie sounds like the Spongebob narrator

  • Who the hell do you think you are haole you think My Hawaiian culture is weak i outta sue all haoles for taking Hawaiian culture and making monwy off of it

  • 9 million soon

  • This man is like idiots, nonsense.

  • You have been served by the kid Davie 😂😂😂

  • Tiny Tim is the best

  • Yes ukulele is weak Guitar is the father of ukulele and BASS

  • Sounds a bit like that hisoka theme⭐-_-💧 3:00

  • Such confusing times. Lmao

  • 3.25 I‘M DEAD LMAO😭😭😭

  • 8.99M subscribers :D .. 0.01M LEFT

  • Accept the challenge Davi.. Show him the 69 ways of playing ukelele .