This 10 Years Old Ukulele Kid Challenged Me to do WHAT?

Objavljeno 27. okt. 2020
Reacting to some of the most EPIC ukulele videos ever... a lot of incredible plot twists
slap like now, it's the law
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  • *slappers* what's up

    • me when 🌏😜🐱🦁🌏🍉🏕️🏗️🏗️🌎🗺️🏞️🏗️⛰️🍅🍑🍎🦍🐕🐴🍑🍅🥬😃😆🤩😃🍎🍐😜🌏🌋😏😃😆🙂🌋🏗️🚞🚍🚍🚞🚈💞❣️💋💜😞😤😞😦👹😤😠🤡😱💋❣️💞💜😽💝💞✊🏾

    • slap the kiddo

    • I’m good, you?

    • I am a Banana and I play Guitar

    • Hey David 😌

  • new subs ;)

  • 4:33 that's rob scallon

  • I was about to comment ↓ *Ukulele is Super Weak* But then Davie504 at 8:27 *CHECKMATE !!!* Me : 😑

  • Dude r u high af? Hahaha

  • :( but I play ukulele, I respect the bass.

  • 0:44 I’m sorry bro I just pressed the like button because I think guitar is way better 😆

  • why your guitar have only 5 strings? pathetic

  • My master SLAPdavie504

  • Kid: italians play ukulele like this Davie: we don't play ukulele in Italy Me, an italian *spits coffee on her computer*

  • the answer is israel kamaka wiwo ole (IZ)

  • Ma sei italiano porc**io!!?!? È una vita che mi escono i tuoi video e solo ora l'ho capito... Ti seguo 🤣

  • Has davie ever smiled or laughed on camera? 😂 he clearly has a great sense of humor

  • LOL the rock was the best


  • No!ukulele is not weak

  • Ukulele is not weak

  • Yes please

  • "ukulele is weak" Risk of rain 2 would like to have a word with you

  • Hello

  • I thought ukulele was weak now i hate ukulele i never want to hear ukulele sound

  • In other parts of the world you slap the bass, but in Taiwan, you slap the ukulele

  • First off~ FENG E IS NOT 10 YEARS OLD Second off~ Base and ukulele are not the same thing. I agree with Feng E

  • Davie504 is not weak i play ukulele

  • If you think guitar is bad, u should watch alipbata channel

  • I'll never get tired of that "OMG"

  • But can you play wonder wall

  • The ukulele is my favorite instrument always will be, but in my opinion the bass is the best. I legit just liked the video for that one reason lol.

  • Wrong. Best Ukulele player is Jake Shimabukuro. Also pronounce it right.

  • 3:26 what is this song named pls reply

  • Answer D

  • It’s weird seeing him with hair😬

  • Damn this kid was amazing 🔥

  • Davie504 you had say that ukulele is extremely weak🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬f***

  • I see pinkguy and i am happy. Very nice surprise.

  • 4:04 the rock

  • A: Jake Shimabukuro

  • I love your comedy (flate face, sarcasm and diction). And of course your base line 👍🏽🔥

  • Billie eilish isnt the most famous ukulele player.... Tiny Tim is 😂

  • Ukele is weak...

  • 5:30 wait, is that stringless laser finger placement detection synth guita...BASS?

  • "Guitar is terrible". Try saying that to MARCIN.

  • Guess he's gotta buy that Billie Eilish ukulele now...

  • I bet Davie can't play Riptide on bass. Only elites know how to play Riptide on ukelele.

  • Wrong , most famous ukulele player is Grace Vanderwall, 115 million views of her AGT qualifications and many more on next rounds, and thousands of ukulele players cover her "I know my name" song. 3,5mln subscribers on her YT channel.

  • 7:05 lol kid

  • David forgive D ukulele kids . This is a sign of humbleness

  • Did anyone else see that OMG at the very end lol

  • 3:27 name of the song ????????

  • Its 100k likes now buy the ukelele

  • This guy is hilarious 😂

  • My respect for Davie when he played a pink guy song 📈📈📈📈📈

  • bass is easy

  • That guy is wonderful, though, would like to play with u one day bro, u are wonderful✊✊

  • Davie, play Bowser Fury melody for my son please!!

  • i am a ukulele player ima unsuscribe

  • Feng e is so good

  • I’m watching this with a ukulele in hand lol

  • Open minded guy!!! 15K comments mind reveal

  • Tropical S L A P P

  • Accept Feng's challenge!!

  • Who's that beautiful girl?? @ 3.00

  • You missed one tiny tim

  • Ukulele, weak??? No. I am a ukulele player and is not a weak instrument.

  • That kid playing Billie Jean is amazing at ukulele but I really want him to pick up a guitar (sorry Davie!) Listen to Tommy Emmanuel he plays melodies and bass lines on guitar!

  • That version of the final countdown... is something I thought I'd never see..


  • Imma slapper but I play Fortnite

  • Ukelele is Jhon wick

  • If u can’t put it in drop d it’s EXTREMELY WEAK

  • I was about to jump in here screaming "WHERE IS DANNY YAU" and then his G.O.A.T video popped up 🤗 very happy

  • I am good

  • Accept the challenge Bass vs ukulele

  • Hey Davie your bass is also a guitar man thats why its called a bass guitar!!!


  • 3:39 ah yes the kazookulee

  • fukin except the challenge

  • Accept


  • Davie504 starting a war with ukulele players while being backed by piano players Guitar players: 🍿 👁__👁

    • And then Davie504 playing all their instruments but they cant play bass haah

  • I can also play ukulele very well 😆

  • No more picture editing in fast motion because I suvranshu mandal plays guitar that you have to slow for sight the hand motion

  • I am the fastest mind player guitar player from India🇮🇳 with bim 800 and 50mz

  • He doesn't know what he is saying 😆😆😆 approved ✅

  • Ukulele is weak, no 🧢

  • Extremely weak. Hahahah

  • Weakelele

  • yes can you accept the challenge

  • so coming back to this, davie never ended up accepting the challenge and playing 4 melody lines at once, or even 3? slightly disappointing

  • Joji is the only best ukelele player.

  • 7:13 he don't know what he is saying lol

  • it's funny how you enjoy not smiling :-D

  • Yea accept the challenge

  • Davie504.- 504 represents the number of PhDs he has got in slapping !!!!!!!! !!!!!! !!!!!!!!

  • This is a repost ... I could've sworn I've seen this before


  • What a nice tropical guitar

  • Feng E can outplay you any day. You should accept the challenge.

  • You could be nicer. I get that you have a persona but you need to be nice.

  • 4:10 Davie:the fck are u laughing?