So I bought this GUITAR and you know what it means..

Objavljeno 22. apr. 2021
I went on omegle disguised as TheDooo the guitarist with my new Hello Kitty 6-string bass guitar.. epic trolling reddit big chungus moments here!!!
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  • hope you enjoyed the among us song i played!!!

  • "Thedoo you're welcome... I just got some girls for u👩‍🦲👍" 😂😂😂👏🏿👏🏿

  • I love that guitar

  • does somebody know the name of this song 3:31

  • 6:47 CURSED! ! !

  • 3:31 what is the name of the song?

  • They banned you very strange thing to do on a little know web page thingy.

  • does it mean your a guitarist

  • Hotel California is an awful song


  • The doo is the best

  • The is the best

  • what’s your zodiac sign: “I am bald”

  • 1:19 why do i hear the arsenal showtime swing?

  • Okay now I want to cover a hotel California where Davie plays the bass and The Dooo plays the guitar and sings. Davie of course killed it on Hotel California.

  • Shit i think u gonna destroy :D

  • When Saitama practices play the guitar


  • Thedooo is The best guitar player i've ever seen in my whole life

  • He's slapping bass everyday no wonder why electric guitar feels like a toy to him

  • You have a Long Finger.

  • Among us song =hotel California😂😂

  • DavieEvermen but he disguise into The Dooo

  • 5:00 OMG is ukdrip

  • i thought this was the other bald guy

  • Can you react to alip ba ta

  • I think you should make more guitar video davie it was so good bro

  • Somebody needs to tell davie that he's famous too

  • Though this was the bald guy oops wrong channel.


  • 4:56 the tik tok guy

  • I stayed till the last for the OMG

  • "What's your Zodiac sign?" "I am bald" His Zodiac sign is cancer

  • Leaved comment

  • Do you know how to play bam bam bam bam bam baram


  • he connected to A famous British tiktoker

  • best to stick to the bass

  • TheDoo you're welcome! I just some girls for you wink wink lmfao


  • Your head was way too big

  • bro thats not a among us song thats a hotel california song and its true i watch hotel califonia song everyday

  • Does not know Hotel California? Kinda depressed

  • this music sound something like "hotel california" i don't know why but it does

  • U betrayed the BASS

  • Traitor

  • You play as well on six strings as on four, but that does not surprise me.

  • I haven't watched Davie's videos in a couple months. All of a sudden HE'S PLAYING GUITAR what is this????

  • Im unsubribing

  • rofl i laughed a lot

  • why among us, WHY!? I can't escape it. everywhere I go I see among us!! it's not funny anymore

  • How ironic. You played the Among Us theme song and you were the imposter.

  • Davie, I challenge you to give me this guitar as a present. Dare if you dare)))

  • He plays the bass like a legend and the guitar like a pro

  • 04:45 Someone help me, I can't remember the name of this one

  • wait... HE'S ONLY PRETENDING TO BE SETH EVERMAN??? I've been lied to all my life

  • Your definitely the doo

  • Davie504: Prestige level

  • 4:00 Smells like kitty spirit 🤔

  • Plot Twist: He wasn't actually bald and he was using makeup

  • 5:09 is that the tiktok guy???

  • Gifted

  • Grande Pierluigi Colina! :v

  • Hi DavieSomething

  • Among us the game? I'm confused (also never played it). That solo (e.g. 2:21) is straight from Hotel California from the Eagles.

  • Yu a de du?

  • busting out all the guitar hero songs ROFL

  • WAIT HOLD UP: Up ahead in the distance, I saw a shimmering light (visor of crewmate) My head grew heavy and my sight grew dim (is nervous and trying to figure who it is) I had to stop for the night (ran to a room for tasks to be safe) There she stood in the doorway; (the same crewmate was there) I heard the mission bell (when suddenly the report was called) And I was thinking to myself, (thinking was it the same person?) "This could be Heaven or this could be Hell" (I could had died in there) Then she lit up a candle and she showed me the way (Then they followed me again) There were voices down the corridor, (I heard noises down the path of the ship) I thought I heard them say... (I heard their ghostly noises but I was already dead.)

  • Girl-Can you play the among us song Davie-Plays Hotel California

  • I’m writing down my favourite moments of the video: 1:08 Davie: I’m pretending to be SethEverman pretending to be TheDooo Guy: Is this what happen you guy have a 3some ? Is this the amalgamation that was born ? Davie: Yes Guy: can you slap me Davie: alright stay bald bros **proceed to give him the holy slap** 2:17 Blonde girl: what’s your zodiac sign ? Davie: **proceed to show his face** I’m bald 2:50 Girl with brown hair: So... Are you on Instagram? “Davie”: yes Girl: tell me your username and I’ll add you “Davie”: the_dooo ; The Dooo you’re welcome just got some girl for you 7:47 **Banned from Omegle** Davie: wuutt they ban me just because I play the guitar ? That’s actually a pretty good reason. Omegle should ban all the guitarist. Thank you Omegle ! 👍🏼

  • Epic

  • The fact that I have that Hello Kitty guitar but it’s black not pink: 0-0

  • Identity theft is not a joke Davie!

  • You are liar You make fun of bald people This is why I will slap you and the like button Because we all know That bald people Don't exist

  • What's your zodiac sign I am bald

  • Davie before he was bald davie504 When he is bald baldie504

  • Play with Doo

  • Welcome to the hotel calarorniaaaa

  • Bam bam bam Baam baam baadaaaam

  • 3:32 what song?

  • play an bass with horse hair string at 11m subs

  • What’s the song between 3:42 and 3:47 please ?!

  • Can you play the among us song Proceeds to play hotel California

  • It means WAR!

  • Very suspicious. Suddenly has a guitar. Suddenly he plays it like he’s been playing guitar for years. I sense a betrayer of the bass! I suspect Davey has been playing guitar all along but there were so many guitar-based SLnumber channels focusing on the base was a wise decision for him. Either that or he gave up all of his hair to be able to play guitar this quickly.

  • 5:53 anyone know the song?

  • when he plays the among us song it sounds like hotel california

  • 999k views sheeeeeeeeeeeeesh

  • "What's your zodiac sign?" "I am Bald" Lmfao

  • I SLAPPED like but my phone broke...

  • is it just me.? ,or has anybody else out here got a sore jaw. 👈😒 🚬 👺👀👀👀👉🦉

  • She really asked " What's your zodiac sign? ".

  • (not) bald Davie504: Battling TheDooo Bald Davie504: Tries to be TheDooo in front of his fans at omegle

  • The DooovieEverman 504

  • 8:27 Davie says "omg" lmaooo

  • Huh, I take a break from watching videos only to come back to Bald Davie playing guitar..??? ??? He loose a bet or something ???

  • your hairless head upsets me and my bass

  • omegle banned you because u're bold, like newborn, omegle is not for kids XD

  • the way he pronounce Among us as Amongos