They Said I Couldn't Play This on Bass... So I Played It

Objavljeno 17. jan. 2020
Many people said I couldn't play these bass solos... so I played them all.
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  • *c h e c k m a t e*

  • How did he just talk icelandic randomly skák og mát means CHECKMATE

  • Someone should make a Davie504 out of context video

  • Davie504 is the BASSIST. He is the KING.

  • 6:56

  • Quando parli italiano sei perfetto 😍

  • davie just 1 ups all of them by adding extra *S L A P P*

  • Think about this now. He capsule probably just cut what he can’t play out of the video.

  • 6:00 I bet $100 you cant head bop to this

  • u remind me of goats

  • Любишь пицу с ананасами?

  • ur the reason why i have interest on guitar and I played it tooo

  • Dare to checkmate Mohini dey..😬😬

  • 8:02 Sound very hard.. But is it really? [VSauce music plays]

  • I'm impressed he can swing.

  • Checkmate

  • Put a 5 string set on a 4 string . Tune to BEAD, just throw away the G string.

  • Isn’t her bass lovely?

  • Let me slap you first.............. ..................,.......................................... Epic ssss

  • God bless you

  • please play super snooper from the oceans :)

  • Yes 8 was better slower

  • He should play the fall guys theme

    • He did. U can search it

  • Solo nuber 8 sounds a bit like a tom and jerry song remix

  • davie: S D A I A Y SLnumber subtitles/cc: STEREO

  • There's nothing Davie can't play

  • Pleaaaaaase play The Lesson

  • I challenge you Davie to play rush E on bass you can use more than one bass

  • Epic sounds like a pic?????

  • Bass solo 8 (your take) was INSANE WAY TOO SLOW and you deserve DISLIKE, CHECKMATE

  • Bass solo 8 you were playing it TOO SLOW. CHECKMATE you lose davie 504

  • He is so humble that he calls himself a pro instead of a god

  • H A C C C C S

  • Dude you're just straight up badass

  • Hey on the Victor Wooten "isn't she lovely", what did you use for sound. Sounds ..... Epic!

  • so this channel is just dani with music instead of gaming (pov: only found this channel when dani sued a clip of him saying slappers)

  • I really like your videos It takes my stress away HAHAHAHA

  • Legend.

  • How did ElectroBoom made it here, omg!! XD

  • Solo #2 very cool

  • Slaaaaap

  • 6:00 woah! Tots wasnt expecting that And this is the amount of skill davie has on bass 👇

  • Do you realize how much you and Sasha Cohen are kind of alike like you could do Borat and no one would know that it wasn't Sacha...seriously.

  • Bro this guy is the GOD of the BASS

  • Epico = SLAP that SUB and LIKE button NOW

  • 🍋

  • Davie is the best

  • Guitar is 9 million times better

  • Ya got me Davie. After seeing your oldest vids and hearing you tell Rob Scallon about when you learned to play, I'm sub'd and clicked the bell, too! You're an incredible bassist, Davie! 👍🎸🎶🙏

  • "All the musicians in a band should be replaced with _B A S S"_ My sleepy brain is imagining replacing only the people with bass, so it's just a bass playing a bass etc.

  • OMG! you are a BASS GOD :

  • u are the best... ❤❤


  • How long does it take to do these vids

  • Omg.

  • 4:47

  • when he said he was proud of me because I was subscribed but I had to subscribe again, I switched the account and got subscribed twice lol

  • still cant play Rush E

  • Épico


  • b-but- if i subscribe again it will unsubscribe-

  • Om em yi :0!...

  • 3:58 Davie got checkmated

  • Bassist: * epic bass solo * Davie: * does it but better * C H E C K M A T E


  • Dude can we really subscribe again? Haha lol.. 🤣 I'd like to try..

  • Those who clicked dislike had the phone upside down.

  • Davie is the best, try to prove me wring

  • Are you in a BAND?

  • Я один русский?

  • He looks slap monster hehe

  • Hola de España🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸! (Hello from Spain)

  • Please play the lesson by Victor Wooten

  • I slapped like during my ad

  • 3.2 k people disliking Davies zon slapping bass as always and earning dollars sitting in bed and chair at home.. epico

  • 2:57 guarda che devi suonarlo al doppio della velocita. È l'assolo di Metropolis Pt. 1 di John Myung. Se non conosci neanche la canzone non farti il figo a saperla suonare a meta della velocità originale

  • No one hard baseline for dave504 SLAPP THE LIKE NOW!!!

  • Yes you are so right Ibe Tillie and when he finds a harder challenge he still eases through it

  • I’m a beginner bassist and I really enjoy these videos. However I feel like some bass guitarists are playing the role of the electric guitar and I don’t know if that’s right. Like Victor Wooten at 4:40, it seems like he just played all the roles and made other guitarists redundant😂

  • Dude your videos are addictive 😥

  • Davie 504 should have a base battle with abandoned pools

  • All songs and plays are nice.

  • 5 was my favorite

  • lol metropolis is 100 times easier the way you played it

  • bruh Victor Wooten won that bass solo. Davie didnt have the right feel at all.

  • He kinda looks like tony hawk

  • skakmat?

  • Yes. You are absolutely hilarious.

  • Always cool videos but I'm pretty sure the 3rd bass solo was played at a slower tempo than the original. Can you actually play it on original tempo speed?

  • Your funny......... check mate


  • I like number 2

  • Adam Neely meant upright bass

  • Why can't people just acknowledge the fact that Davie can play anything on bass 😇

  • SLnumber: How many ads would you like on your video? DAVIE: Yes. EPICO

  • Charles is a noob. Davie can play em all and if he cant play, Davie will use the HOLY SLAP ON U CHARLES

  • I find this guy to be highly annoying...and talented.

  • Thumb or not? No metter!

  • Are you writing sometimes the notes to learn them?

  • missing lots of flavor on the wooten one...those trino notes