BASS Speedrun WORLD RECORD | 9.84s | 100% Glitchless (4 Strings)

Objavljeno 25. jan. 2021
First ever BASS Speedrun world record. 4 strings, fingerstyle, glitchless, 100%
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  • Only 1 in 7.5 trillion chances to beat this speedrun.. good luck

    • yes but actually a university statistic expert said me its only 1 in 10'000'000

    • Metti sottotitoli italiani!!!

    • I tried it on Guitar it's not possible....

    • ok that reference is really good xD

    • Dream entered the chat

  • 1:12 it was Roblox hahah

  • My favourite by far was Bill Burr's *Burrito* speedrun.

  • 6.9 seconds on my... bass

  • Remember this vid were made just to make you practice.

  • Davie, could you define glitches, if I am to attempt it I dont wanna accidentally cheat by doing a backwards long jump or something

  • Italiani mettete like così sembrerà che avrò scritto qualcosa di EPICO

  • Einstein died in 1955… so his spirit asked this question from heaven

  • teamocasateconmigobbhermoso

  • 20 frets that’s bass

  • Broooo shout outs to arcus! A living legend in speed running.

  • What r u guys talking about??

  • Both of the "fastest" guitar players from the first two clips were proven to be fraudulent. Not epic at all.

  • Davie in Bass Done Quick when?

  • What are the rules for this? Can you slide? I wanna try to beat this on my concert uke

  • If this was made on piano it would be EASEY

  • I thought i can only see speedruns in video games it can do too in a bass? I cannot believe it

  • I have 6.9 sec.

  • You can't be serious, that's incredibly slow

  • That's cool but can you do it on your 24 string bass

  • Me : Wow Davie plays the bass guitar so fast Davie: Yeah Me very fast you not fast Me:Yes, I'm slow because I can't play bass guitar Davie:......... Me:ok Bye Davie:huhh

  • I can go 09.00 , I mean burrito


  • Yes I will beat the record with a Ford 65 mustang

  • Felipe Andreoli is the fastest one that I have seen. You should check it out

  • Mine, -2 second. In my lucid dream.

  • Try to do it better ? I cant, i Dont even know how to hold it Xd

  • I managed to do it in 7 seconds

  • use 24 frets or are you scared?

  • Hellu😍

  • why that ur eyes?

  • There is a leak from future davie in 1:58

  • I got 9.83

  • Can you please do a SLAPP BASS speedrun?

  • Music Engenheiros do Havaii

  • Felipe Andreoli Brasil!!!!!

  • Can tesseract also join ?

  • 1.45 seconds on my bass...

  • 👍

  • I want to see you win at in speed, the Brazilian guitarist Tiago Della Vega kkk

  • Very impressive ... But... Felipe Andreoli beat you... 6.55 seconds with 3 fingers and 7 seca with 2 fingers

  • 0 sec in my bass, i have no bass

  • I love it when you speak without emotions

  • Woa! Grate idea!!! thanks!

  • Wow cool

  • I'm fast as bass boy

  • Lmao he has hair

  • Parece o METAFORANDO

  • I challenge you to play all the notes in exactly 69.42 seconds

  • The guitar thing was hilarious especially cause i play base and guitar

  • 4.2069 seconds

  • 2:00 _The Prophecy Is True_

  • Hey davie you got challenged by Luis Mariutti! Go check it

  • And Felipe Andreoli wins.

  • 6.9 seconds but i dont have the bass

  • C H E C K M A T E

  • What about slap competition...😂

  • it sounds like an American accent 4:20

  • Davie, Felipe Andreoli challenged you. He beats your record. But I think he didn't play all the notes that was a cheat

  • bASS speedrunning, put dream speedrun music in ur bASS speedrun or dream will ruin your minecraft world/server

  • At last, no flight of the bumblebee

  • 3:28 But I don’t have a bass...

  • Bass speedrun Any%

  • I will call the police 🤣

  • Hey slappers! From Maui.

  • Imagine how easy a piano speedrun will be...

  • Я люблю тебя. Ps если лайкнишь это сообщение я съем лист бумаги

  • Davie... i love you, but as a guitarist it hurt to see a picture of that shiny blow-ie thing!

  • 0.43 seconds on my bass...sike!!!!

  • Not EPIC

  • 0.6 seconds in my acoustic bass 🇧🇷

  • Bass is the soul of the music that adds soul and dynamic to lightweight instruments

  • i beat you davie i got 9.83 seconds Checkm8

  • @davie504 I love arcus!

  • I don't play bass, but there is a faster technique. Just barré one note then do all 4 strings, and so forth.

  • the problem with classical instruments is that there isnt a limit to how high you can go lol

  • when i was learning english i used to say: "Queshon" instead of" Cuessschon" like Davie

  • I thought about all of the notes on bass that you played and i got 0.7 seconds checkmate

  • 0h1/22 22\1p0 e.t.c

  • i just beat your speedrun my time 9.21

    • yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss im the best

  • Why triangle?😂😂😂😂 With equilateral triangle

  • India's every street food vendor is faster than the burrito guy😂😂😂

  • Took me long. But I did it! I did it on guitar.

  • 1.7 seconds on my 88 string bass.

  • Stay funky bros

  • Arcus did the burrito speed run. He has the NES Ninja Gaiden world and has held it for five years.

  • YOU DIDN'T PLAY THE GUITAR!!! Oh you play it!

  • “Glitchless” hahahah omg


  • Love from Bangladesh🇧🇩❤️🇧🇩

  • Interesting

  • The problem is not to jump. Meanwhile at first you jumped big ones between strings, and lost time there, the second technique is not much better, because there are jumps as well, just much more and smaller. The only good way is to go up and down strings without jumping. Big brain.

  • davie: *try beating this record there is 7.5 trillion chances* dream: *im about to end this mans whole career*

  • Bass

  • Yes! I did it in 1:01:59

  • Non ho capito neanche un quarto

  • Basslord beat you.


  • Вот американская хуита

  • Mr davie i first watched your video when i was at 10 th grade at one of my frends laptop it was the 24 string bass and from this video i started loving bass even more and the video that made me fall in love with bass is that is ukulele bass video but alas then i had no smartphone to watch your videos and hear abaout this give away I own my smartphone that is 40.5 $ even it was a gift from my friend from 8 monts ago. So i really like to lern bass and i love it But in my country bass guiter price starts from 160 $ its very cheap to you and others but i cant even effort the cheapest model due to my financial problems You might have given some of your basses to who can buy 2 or 3 bass at a samw time but i cant buy even an pre owned one. So if can even send me one of your broken or old bass i will try to fix it and lern bass 🤩🤩 from a fan of you