Cat Plays The Bass Guitar

Objavljeno 30. apr. 2021
Reacting to animals playing musical instruments! OMG.
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  • Dude I laughed so hard at least 3 or 4 times in this video. Top tier content.

  • yes the three genders, male bassists, female bassists and japanese bassists

  • Bel video

  • "C O C K P I A N I S T" "C O C K A T I E L S" Gosh there's so many cocks

  • Davie... you have GUITAR next to BASS ...

  • Where is alien video

  • *A hen is not a cock..., and the hen played by pecking on the lights that are embedded into the keys on that beginner's keyboard, which light up in sequence to assist beginner keyboardists...*

  • *A hen is not a cock..., and the hen played by pecking on the lights that are embedded into the keys on that beginner's keyboard, which light up in sequence to assist beginner keyboardists...*

  • bruh i just realized hes wearing a bald cap xD

  • Mano vídeo mais louco que eu vi até hoje 🤣🤣🤣🤣❤️

  • Slipe like now.

  • e

  • You know, people succeed by being original. By going out and paving new roads. Copying Pewdiepie years after meme review is just lazy. I might as well go watch him

  • i always laugh when he laughs

  • Nobody cares

  • Quell'anatra funziona meglio del mio metronomo

  • All the dog needs is a fedora and It’s perfect 👌

  • 3.39🤣😂🤣😂STOP !🤣

  • you seriously gets out of ideas for youtube video.

  • Dude look like handsome thanis wtf

  • Can my IZH motorcycle play bass?

  • Duck my sick

  • Ay yes the 3rd gender: *Japanese*

  • 😀

  • 08:55 song?

  • No balalaika bears? Wtf?

  • I knew it was duck so I am 50 parallel universes ahead of you

  • A band cat: p*ss* duck: d*ck chicken: c*ck

  • Coke

  • Bassists are pussies

  • I didn't thought that I need a collab of davie with duck

  • hey, HEY, HEEEY! Axel F isn't annoying. I would unsubscribe and dislike but I'm afraid of the slapp.

  • Non so linglese

  • ur face looks like Altimet from Malaysia

  • your head is very slippery,,,🤣

  • Davie: "Go to a Zoo, noobs." Me: *In a lockdown.* "All the Zoos is closed Davie :("

  • This is so funny! XD!

  • C O C C 2:58 3:01 3:12 4:32 4:39 4:41 4:53 4:54 6:33 8:22 8:50

  • 8 AM. Watching horse playing on a pipe with it's nose

  • A bass fish playing bass

  • Who is the bassist for the band Rich Kids on LSD ? Someone recorder old shows of there’s and put them on SLnumber. He plays a Steinberg base with no head classic design. His bass lines are insane. Someone should find this guy

  • What do you think about bands like Neds atomic dustbin??? 2 bass players.... that’s right very rad . I love there early stuff. But best overall album where every song is amazing is the Godfodder album

  • Hey, checkout the parrot singing Pavarotti's songs.

  • Martin Garrix is a nice Animals musician

  • This is why cats are best

  • Anyone remember name of the song? 1:20

  • Thats soooo lol, when ppl take their animals, cover their on human hands and doing the music with the animals....thats low...

  • You are liar You make fun of bald people This is why I will slap you and the like button Because we all know That bald people Don't exist

  • 4:34 I was just crying with laughter.

  • I want to see more Andrew Huang

  • .

  • Dogs don't have fingers

  • That amazing band featuring a skilled cock already exists and is called "Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten" (Town Musicians of Bremen). Unfortunately their producers, the Grimm brothers, withheld any audio material from us :/

  • Col skils for a duck and you

  • Slapp😁😂

  • Davie’s head shines brighter then my future...

  • i like your BALD CAP DAVIE

  • Where is Igorrr's "My Chicken's Symphony" and "Chicken Sonata"?

  • You forgot the elephant pianist. Quite insane

  • Bold Davie makes me think this is the best product placement in the history of marketing and it’s not made by some corporation. Seth is a genius.

  • Its not a duck🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • Aw, the dog is the cute musician ❤️ 🐶

  • Still feels weird to se him bald hmm

  • Duck can be more than a musician,it can be a Vtuber(Suba!)

  • 1:48 the duck; well sincerely i was thinking at the dock

  • Please play minecraft bass music please

  • 2:58 COCC

  • Jamie I am the best among all the animal

  • Devi laughed... U loose braah

  • SLAP if you know who that horse is. **weeb alert** SHINZOU WO SASAGEYO!!

  • WTF!? 666k views?

  • Davide's Humor: Cock

  • 666k Views on 5-10-2021

  • It's important to see Davie is Bald because he laughs more than past years

  • I love Japanese bassing guitar

  • cat plays better dan davei

  • I wish I had someone to smile at me the way Davie smiles at cock @ 4:23

  • 5:28 maple the pup my favourite ❤️

  • How could you not like Axel F?????

  • Davide perché ti sei rasato

  • I also want 2:58

  • Errol Flynn was a famous cock pianist too...

  • Davie, what's it gonna take to get you to grow your EPIC head of hair back?

  • Power of bass made davie bald and so did the others

  • the duck chekmatet you. davie504

  • Io non o capito un cazzo 😂😂😂

  • 1:18 챔피언 아닌감

  • 0:31 he playing "gorillaz" lmao

  • I'm an animal

  • 5:22 That's one good boi

  • Do Andrewschrock’s outro theme song on bass if you think yourself a pro bassist

  • 8:14 its covid... noob

  • I'm still sad because of he lost his cuteness😕..

  • check out "igorrr, chickens sonata"

  • 1:20 what song is that

  • All 3 genders, men, women, and Japanese people

  • Davie are you really balled...? Or are you waring a skin cap to cover your regrowth?

  • EPIC Animal Jam feat. Houdini Drambyan - uploaded on my channel - here you are :-) Tomorrow the extended version will follow. Have fun!

  • A esa gallina le veo futuro en un buen caldo xD